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  1. Thanks SUMG-But the question I was really asking is, were we out of players ? There some rule I'm not familar with ? Or did our Coach just not count correctly ? Did somebody screw up ? GO MEAN GREEN
  2. Lucy -- 'splain this to me . How is it that we only had FOUR players on the floor after the timeout ?
  3. I just looked (12-29-04 12:06 pm) and we're # 52. GO MEAN GREEN
  4. I hate it when I invite someone to go to Fouts to watch NT. "Who are they palying ?" What difference does it make. Come and see NT play. If someone CAN'T go to New Orleans, well then they can't. But if they can and DON'T, well we've already got plenty of those kind of "fans." GO TO NEW ORLEANS GO MEAN GREEN
  5. Your season basketball tickets are included with your season football tickets. Uh, you DID get season football tickets didn't you ? GO MEAN GREEN
  6. Too bad he didn't learn to spell "alma mater" while he was here. My freshman English prof. Dr. Burns would have whipped our ass if we had made such a mistake. I was afraid of that woman from the first day of class, but I can spell. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. I closed the store early to get to the game on time. As I was leaving, a couple came in and asked for a repair I chose to do on the spot. Now, in more of a hurry, I left forgetting the 12 inch wrench I had stuck in my pocket. And I didn't think about it until I heard "no outside water" in line to get in Fouts. I stuck my bottle in my pocket, only to find that wrench. No one said a word. Now it was a wrench and not a gun, but I couldn't help but laugh that people were being asked to dispose of water when I brought in a hunk of steel. On a side note, I was able to adjust the gears on RV's bicycle at halftime. GO MEAN GREEN and hurry
  8. I don't care one way or the other, but I saw Michael Irvin at the Orlando Airport this weekend. He had on the most ridiculous outfit I've ever seen. GO MEAN GREEN
  9. Very nice, Rick. I'd love to see history re-written in France. And make those guys have to read "Lance Armstrong-USA" for ever. GO LANCE. GO MEAN GREEN
  10. I saw all but 2 home games and did not attend any out of town. I feel we're still about .500.
  11. Last night was my first ever Collegiate softball game. I had a blast. For those of you GMG friends that were like me, come out Friday. We play HARVARD at 3:00pm. GO MEAN GREEN
  12. Is Jimmy Tubbs (Oklahoma) a relation to Billy Tubbs ?
  13. Was Michael DeGrate's 88 ft shot against New Orleans the greatest shot in NT Basketball history ? I've seen lots of NT games in the Super Pit and a good many in the old Men's Gym (a gym for old men ?) and I can't even come close to s shot like that. Guard Pat Hicks hit a jumper as time ran out to beat Texas back in the early eightys, but that was more impressive as to who we beat as it was a fine shot. I'm not even sure the three point shot existed back then. So what's your favorite MEAN GREEN bucket ?
  14. Headline: Harry seen in dress and heels-------------------------------------Former Blondie singer Deborah Harry was seen today walking down ...........
  15. Forgive me for not saying so sooner, but I thought the chorus (men only I think) that sang the National Anthem before the last home game was as good and as inspiring as any I've heard at any sporting event ever. No country and western tricked up freestyle stuff, just a dignified Anthem saluting our great country. I hope they can return often.
  16. We're watching the TODAY show this morning when they do a story on the "not ready for prime time" male dance team that performs at the Chicago Bulls games. They're called The Matadores. My wife says, "that would be fun to do at the NT basketball games." They had about a dozen crazy guys wearing 'Bulls attire doing a dance routine to music. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the NT Dancers, but perhaps this would be another gimmick at the BB games that might bring in more fans. I hate to ask this, but, well, what do you think ?
  17. Thanks Zeke. We beat a very good LA-LA team tonight. And we did it with a tremendous second half. Good turnout from the Cheerleaders too. I've seen as many North Texas Basketball games as anyone, and I have a tip for everyone. Be on time. And NEVER leave early. Go Mean Green.
  18. 6 Cheerleaders at the game tonight. I thought they did a good job. I'm sure they contributed to what was an incredible win. Could we do the NORTH-TEXAS cheer in both halves ?
  19. How many in attendance at Denver?
  20. The cheerleaders spell it out loud and clear. Football is king. But we have a huge committment to basketball (ie. the super pit) and the notion that basketball is there to keep football and spring football from bumping into each other is crazy.I can't comment on the situation with the Mean Green donors as I get to the games just before tip off and stay in my seat for halftime. By the way, I've got the answer to basketball halftime--The UNT Dancers abd Frizby-Dogs. Please don't read anything into that. I like pretty girls and dogs that can fly!!
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