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  1. green_goblin

    Jeff Wilson headed to NFL Combine

    Very proud of him!!!
  2. green_goblin

    Team Hotel

    Scuba and I are going but not sure who else.
  3. green_goblin

    Team Hotel

    Who else is going from the old crew?
  4. Count me in, had a great time the last time I was there..
  5. Anyone has 2 extra tickets for the UTSA game? Have to admit, haven't posted in quite a while and I know I can easily get tickets at the ticket office but wanted to see if anyone has 2 extra tickets available. Thanks.
  6. green_goblin

    Two tickets to UTSA

    Check your pm.
  7. green_goblin

    Tailgating plans for SMU game? Train?

    Arriving from Denver on Friday and meeting up with friends on Saturday morning.
  8. All, Looking to buy 1 club ticket for the Rice game.... Thanks, GG
  9. green_goblin

    UT - Arlington (11/22/11)

    That makes 2 of us, never been there but I hear it's a pretty weird place to watch/play a basketball game...
  10. green_goblin

    UTA Prediction Thread

    Mean Green 78 Mavs 64
  11. green_goblin

    Roll Call for the Stage Finale

    I'll be there +1.
  12. green_goblin

    UNT vs Tech on FSN

    Channel 787/184 on Time Warner Cable!
  13. green_goblin

    8Th Annual Bowl

    Green Goblin Shirt: Medium Height: 5'7 (on a good day) Weight: Trying to loose the beer fat Age: Mid-30's Former soccer player that can run all over the field but not like the old days.
  14. green_goblin

    8Th Annual Bowl

    Yep, count me in.