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  1. MeanGreenBuzz

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    2002 season opener against UT. I had just enrolled at UNT so this was my first experience as a fan. We may have lost but watching Booger have his way with the UT O-line was a treat (I was never a fan of the shorthorns to begin with). This was a talent loaded team that was fun to watch give a lot of bigger name schools hell.
  2. MeanGreenBuzz

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    Looks like a big crowd! Wish I could be there. Any size guess?
  3. MeanGreenBuzz

    Mobile or desktop VPNs for potential ESPN3 blackout tomorrow?

    Aloha mobile browser has built in VPN. Open the he browser and start the VPN. Then switch over to ESPN app and enjoy the game.
  4. MeanGreenBuzz

    The fumble touchdown

    From the TV explanation he broke the plain before the fumble. Otherwise I believe we had clear recovery on the fumble.
  5. MeanGreenBuzz

    Zac Orr

    Unfortunately Olawale has all but disowned NT. Thank you prior coaching staff. Last MNF game during lineups I think he said his HS or CC not NT.
  6. MeanGreenBuzz

    Official 2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl Thread

    Heck of a good turnout for a Tuesday mid-day game on a non-holiday. Very proud of our turnout.
  7. MeanGreenBuzz

    Official 2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl Thread

    Any word on attendance today? Looks good on TV. Monster TD just now. Looked like Dez last night!
  8. MeanGreenBuzz

    Lance Dunbar bigger role tonight?

    He is definitely not as explosive as pre-injury. Same thing on his receptions out of the backfield. That initial quickness that caused mismatches is gone.
  9. I would hope after a 12 year hiatus the NOB would want us back. We travelled well and had some of their best crowds minus in-state schools.
  10. If they hire Littrell I say we hire Strong and get him to agree to $1 a season to stick it to the shorthorns ? They still owe him $10.8m only reduced by what he makes at his next job.
  11. MeanGreenBuzz

    Charlie Strong

    This was a bad firing on UTs part after the Mack Brown mess. 3 to rebuild and 4th to show the talent (his first group of recruits being seniors). The talent is clearly there and they had some good wins. I get the bad losses. If the Cowboys gave up on Landry or Garrett after their first 3 seasons...
  12. MeanGreenBuzz

    La Tech

    College football is a strange place. La Tech crushes us and UTSA then gets handed a loss by USM which NT and UTSA beat...
  13. MeanGreenBuzz


    Every time I watch him play makes me hate Mac even more.... ? Very happy Jamize made a career for himself in the NFL.
  14. MeanGreenBuzz

    CUSA Refs

    We brought them with us from the Sun Belt. Package deal.
  15. MeanGreenBuzz

    Elijah McIntyre

    I had to look him up as well. Couldn't find much on him other than his first playing time this season. Came through on some clutch plays.