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  1. We’ve dropped off the predictions lists for a bowl game. Rice should be a gimme. Can we pull off the upset at LaTech or UAB to slip into a bowl?
  2. With at least 5 teams struggling with poor kicking I’m surprised no one has picked him up yet. Solid pre-season. 1 more bad game and Indy calls Cole up.
  3. Good to see English out there. Moves quick for a big man!
  4. This is why I’m confident we’ll win against Cal. I think it will be fairly low scoring something like 24-13 in our favor. Mason > Cal defense.
  5. IF he clears waivers they’ve said he’ll be signed to the practice squad.
  6. If Arkansas loses this does Morris wake up as coach tomorrow?
  7. It’s looking like Georgia State is going to whoop Tennessee!
  8. It surely didn’t 😂
  9. I’m going with 70-21 Mason out after 2Q. ACU scores the 3 TDs late.
  10. UNI, USA, and UL are all giving bigger names opponents hell through the first half. Unfortunately none are CUSA...
  11. I think it’s clear they were only successful bc of Briles. Look at how Briles has his new team going.
  12. Hopefully the Cowboys will pick him up. He had a better preseason than both of our jokers.
  13. With them already keeping 3 QBs I don’t see them rostering 4 RB & a FB. They won’t cut Breida or Coleman so it comes down to Mostert and if they can slip him or Wilson through waivers easier. I have a feeling Wilson gets cut and quickly claimed off waivers by another team. Unfortunately/fortunately Houston looks like a likely option. I expect the Colts to cut Hedlund as well and he will get picked up too. Too bad the Cowboys didn’t have some foresight and sign him after the draft. He’s far better than the 2 they currently have kicking...
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