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  1. MeanGreenBuzz

    Jeff Wilson Update

    With Brieda injured in the 1st and Morris inactive today Wilson is it the rest of the way for the 49ers. Too bad you can only watch him with Sunday Ticket.
  2. MeanGreenBuzz

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Just announced Brieda is out. Wilson gets the start next week!
  3. MeanGreenBuzz

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    It was really a non-fumble DBC but video angles were too bad to overturn. Shannahan even commented that he though JW was down. Was a great game for him overall and definitely makes a case for him staying on the active roster next year.
  5. Kentucky gets the other. ASU has a shot if they win as does SDSU and Iowa. Does TCU drop out after the 2 straight losses? You could make the argument for TxT as well.
  6. MeanGreenBuzz

    What Station In San Antonio

    You pay $4.99/month for espn+ but get stuff like SECN, etc with it
  7. MeanGreenBuzz

    Just how dominant has UNT been in the first 3 games?

    Please someone make sure ESPN sees this.
  8. Something I think all these reporters have left out that is very important is that Mason had yet to play more than 3 quarters in a game this season and is still putting up these huge numbers. Not because he was injured, etc but because we have thoroughly crushed our opponents. Imagine his numbers of these were closer games and he had that extra quarter to pad his stats.
  9. Awesome story. So much detail went into designing and executing this play.
  10. MeanGreenBuzz

    ESPN: Arkansas to start Storey against the Tigers

    Morris didn’t play Storey because the game was already out of hand. I would bet he already planned to start Storey this week after Kelly’s performance. Why get him beat up in a game that was already decided, where your O-Line had quit, and the opposing D had been swarming all day. Get the young guys some reps. If it was 17-10 or even 24-10 when Kelly threw his 4th INT you would have seen Storey.
  11. MeanGreenBuzz

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    Last weeks Power 5 Power Rankings on ESPN. I wonder what it will say after this week...
  12. MeanGreenBuzz

    Keegan Brewer Punt Return

    This return is lighting up social media and the national outlets. I was laughing my ass off when I figured out what happened. Bleacher Report linked the video so you can watch it over and over.
  13. MeanGreenBuzz

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    I think this is what pisses them off so much and makes me the happiest. SL called off the dogs at half time and they still couldn’t be competitive “with SEC talent.” My hope is by the end of the season they will look back at this game with us playing in a New Years Six game and be not as pissed of by being beat by North Texas.
  14. MeanGreenBuzz


    The D came up BIG today. Definitely the most improved unit and dare I say better than the offense this year. And this is a very good offense.
  15. MeanGreenBuzz

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    Who’d have thought after Mac’s 1-11 season we’d be icing a game against a big name P5 team in 3 years.