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  1. I beg to differ...my dad won the trip for football to FIU
  2. Rice averages 81pts a game and scored 87 vs us (in 2 games)
  3. We need UAB to win every game but 2 the rest of the way.
  4. Add another possibility: The Maniacs are going to be out for more sports than just basketball….
  5. Technically we don’t have any sophomores in the rotation
  6. While losing mac could hurt, i dont think we will go back to the basement. We were here before and yes 1 bad hire certainly set us back, but I trust in Wren to keep this train on the track.
  7. I’d like to see the transfer rules stay in place, with one LARGE exception. Once you take NIL $$$ you lose your 1 free transfer
  8. I am on the side of Covid taking a big chunk of fans out of the equation. look at the games right before covid hit. There was over 8k for that WKU game…
  9. Those of you in the know on NET rankings. This is a Q2 win on the road correct? Which is a very good win for our rankings i do believe.
  10. I know you can’t. But eliminate the first 4 min of the first half, and the first min of the second half, and we win 54-30 without our best offense player.
  11. Stone definitely saw minutes at the end of the half
  12. early answer from my sources says it is a hip, not to believe to be serious, was not able to return but should be ready for next weekend.
  13. OK State at the Pit in '07 Tex Tech at the Pit in '11 Winning the Sun Belt in Hot Springs CBI Championship Last years CUSA Championship game Hard to choose from those 5 for me
  14. If im not mistaken, this will be the first game we played on natural grass all year, and the first time since Sep of 2019 when we played at Cal.
  15. First one was New Years Day and second was during the week between Christmas and New Years. New Years Day obviously most are not working week between a lot of people already have off, this making that extend an extra day before Christmas this year, is what is proving to be difficult for some.
  16. They need to move it up, not push it back. Move the early sign up to aug 1. Keep the early Feb date for after the season. Problem solved
  17. If this was a night game, I would 100% be disappointed. Being a day game there are plenty of us that just can’t swing an extra day off around the holidays on short notice.
  18. Very similar to many on this board about Grahm Harrell
  19. Didn't we restructure his deal going into this season, making it more favorable to UNT?
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