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  1. Pair them with the throwback pants and it'll be perfect.
  2. The only permanent solution for textures and patterns is Hydro Graphics, and on a number of their helmets the team logo is a decal. Until/unless we have the funds, Wednesday's carbon fiber wrap on a black shell looked great.
  3. One of the first things I noticed after the "Wear Green or Black" slide. They made one of the team pics black/white, but kept the green helmets and the green in Coach Mac's shirt. I'm ok with the black jerseys, since they'll be legit this time. I hope they go with the white pants, but our green is light enough that the green pants could work.
  4. http://www.meangreensports.com/beyondthegreen/ has parts one and two of the fourth episode.
  5. Keep the classic throwback template, update the green to kelly green, put "Mean Green" on the front of the home jersey and "North Texas" on the away (like baseball does), add shoulder numbers and names, and slap the diving eagle on the helmet. Have a white and green helmet for variety, but only white pants. Then leave it alone.
  6. Something tells me that with how bland our current uniforms are, I'll wish this mashup uniform was our regular one.
  7. All I'd like are uniforms that are closer to the basketball green (but not shiny, obvs), outline the numbers in black, white ringer cuffs on the green jersey to match the green ringer cuffs on the white jersey, and either use a white SoW outlined in black on the helmet, or put it on the jersey sleeve facing forward. Basically, steal Marshall's jersey templates (and possibly their green). Oh, and a State of Texas outline sticker on the back of the helmet with a SoW or star centered over Denton, like UT and SMU have (can't tell if it's a logo or a dot or star or what), or a white Texas with a UNT wordmark inside like A&M has a maroon state with a white aTm logo inside.
  8. So far today, I'd rather have Jonathan Moxon after the strip club bender back there.
  9. Maybe for the Pro Combat uniform we'll never have, but sure as hell not for every game.
  10. http://cowboyszone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=235689 They've been following the Cowboys FA signings. Looks like Darrell Scott's the only other FA RB so far. He sounds more like a blocking/pounding guy, as opposed to the quickness and agility that Lance has.
  11. Don't kick yourself just yet; the feed still isn't available.
  12. They're not assigned. Just like at Fouts, they show up early enough to stake their claim.
  13. As much as I've hated on our new uniforms*, the green/white combo was sharp. Under our lights, the green looks really nice. Even though the team captains choose the uni for the week, I'm voting for this combo as the main home uniform and last week's white/green as the main away combo. Also, Jim Vilk over on UniWatch selected last week's Alabama/NT game #1 in his 5/1 uni match-up recap. Reading today's comments, he probably would have chosen yesterday's IU/NT game if he saw a photo before submitting this weeks. *We still need a black outline around the helmet wordmark and numbers, and white SoWs on the sleeves.
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