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  1. According to http://streamingtvguides.com/ it's on beIN sports. Which is part of the Sling Orange "Sports Extra" package. Edit: I can confirm that it is available via Sling. If you've never signed up before you can do a free trial (just make sure to include the Sports Extra package). Quality is pretty good.
  2. Definitely not a legitimate stream.. but if you're willing to live on the wild side.. http://stablelivestream.com/army-west-point-vs-north-texas/
  3. Decent game against a bottom of the league team. p.s. Wasn't a bad holding call imo.
  4. Great idea...what about the Omni? Isn't the Omni the hotel with all of the LED windows that can display all kinds of things on the side of their hotel?
  5. Pretty good deal, thought you guys might enjoy. http://www.finishline.com/store/shop/_/N-/Ntt-north+texas
  6. So is this game not being streamed on mean green premium? I don't see it listed anywhere...
  7. I figured this would be the right thread to post this is, the UNT game had one of the most active conversations of the day on Reddit /r/cfb http://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/1muaoy/game_thread_north_texas_georgia_1220pm_edt/
  8. It is worth saying that if you park your car in the main lot to be sure you have your parking tag visible since they do start towing students cars Friday night.
  9. Has anyone else noticed how negative Tony Benford's body language is? All I see him do is shrug his shoulders and throw his hands up in the air..maybe the guy truely is clueless?
  10. Don't worry guys, Terrance Broadway can't throw in the month of October. PROOF! Time to stack the box =)
  11. It's justified in that ULL is 4-1 and we're 2-4, ULL has won the last 5 meetings, and has out performed us so far this year. The public is all over ULL (in vegas betting), but I still like our chances in this game. Edit: In case you were asking why isn't the line higher (hopefully you weren't), ULL's starter Blaine Gartier is out for today's game.
  12. Saw this on Twitter today...I now have the sudden urge to buy their candy. This post has been promoted to an article
  13. Saw this on Twitter today...I now have the sudden urge to buy their candy.
  14. Unfortunately you aren't going to have any luck watching the game on your iPhone unless you had a PC setup to stream it for you. Edit: Actually if you can find a stream on Justin.tv you could download the Justin.tv app and stream it. Edit #2: If you download the Skyfire browser you should be able to view the FirstRow stream. See: http://www.firstrowsports.eu/mobile/
  15. No reason why it shouldn't work on a Mac... Just make sure you have your flash up to date.
  16. Ugh, that makes two weeks in a row that I forget to make one of my gmg.com picks
  17. Thanks Harry, I've been looking for a website with at least decent write-ups for Sun Belt games. FWIW, the line opened up at -4 North Texas and has moved to -6.5
  18. Yes, but he said back to back road games, which in my mind doesn't count home losses in between. If you go by that logic we won 3 road games in a row @ FAU, @WKU, and @MTSU in 2010 as Texas Stranger noted. Otherwise you'd have to go back all the way to 2004 (two or more road wins with no losses in between) when we won @Utah State, @ULL, and @Ark State.
  19. Thanks Harry, having a lot of fun with this pick'em league. Think we could do something similar for CBB, or would that be too many games?
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