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  1. wizade

    Tv options today

    It looks like fubotv carries bein sports and has a free trial period.
  2. wizade

    ESPN 3 already having problems

    I restarted the app on my Fire TV and it's there now ...
  3. wizade

    ESPN 3 already having problems

    The game doesn't show up on WatchESPN via my TV .. I can get it through my computer, however. Not sure what's going on - it's like they have it blacked out of the app for some people / areas.
  4. I always say North Texas... especially outside this area.
  5. wizade

    Sat. (March 25) Practice Time??

    I wonder how many tickets they sold
  6. wizade

    ACUs Construction Progressing

    Looks just like Allen's HS stadium.
  7. wizade

    Dear Seth Littrell

    My favorite player since I've been watching North Texas football .. (2003ish) Such a difference maker.
  8. wizade

    Dear Seth Littrell

    My all time favorite - had confidence in success every time he touched the ball.
  9. Not a fan of the idea ... I'd rather see the current playoff expanded to always include the G5 conference champions or at least 2 of the highest ranked G5 conference champs. All the G5's are spending and working to become big time or they wouldn't be in FBS ... this change would permanently and quickly relegate all G5's to irrelevance (see FCS). In today's world, it's not optimal with respect to the national championship chances for a G5, but at least a G5 can make a lot of noise and get to a top bowl (Boise or Houston as an example). The FCS national championship game has been in Frisco for several years and 98/100 people you ask in DFW would have no idea it's being played in our back yard.
  10. wizade

    HOD Tickets Almost Gone?!!!

    36-40k total attendance is my guess .. good weather.
  11. wizade

    HOD Tickets

    It's just really weird that there are no 2 seats together available via the HOD site on the UNT side as of today ... end zone or ARMY corner sections only. Seems like they would sell at least the first 10 rows on the top deck on the UNT side? Given this, my guess is that a bunch of UNT fans not buying through the ticket office (which is a lot) will be sitting on the ARMY side.
  12. wizade

    HOD Tickets

    I think the crowd will be pretty good - there are only 12 individual seats left to buy via the HOD bowl website's ticket chooser on the UNT side. The rest are part of UNT's allotment or first responders. Still surprised they haven't opened the second deck to give more seat options for people not buying through the university. If you were showing up on their website today looking for tickets on the UNT side, you don't have many options except endzone or Army side. Seems like they are trying to fill the lower bowl and not open the top.
  13. wizade

    HOD Tickets

    I wonder why aren't they selling tickets on the second deck on the UNT side via the heart of dallas bowl website .. assuming the UNT allotment gets fully sold (i'm sure those are marked unavailable), there really aren't too many seats left on the lower level UNT side .. maybe 100-200. Seems like they would be selling some on level 2 like they did last time. ARMY side has more available on their side ...
  14. wizade

    Any word on ticket sales?

    Got 3 yesterday =)