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  1. The Blue Lot RV spots do not have any type of utility connections. There are seven new RV parking spots next to the practice field on the sound end of the stadium that have electric, but those require a season parking pass. The lot opens at 5PM Friday. Not sure how long you can stay, but there are usually a few that leave Sunday morning.
  2. Now that we are in first place in the West and control our own destiny, I am curious if anyone that voted they would rather beat SMU than UTSA has changed their opinion. Had we beaten SMU and lost to UTSA, we would be a half game back of UTSA right now, tied with UAB and USM for 2nd with a tiebraker against both. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. Beating SMU doesn't help us get to the CUSA championship game. Beating UTSA does.
  4. Many of those spots are reserved for RVers with season tickets. Be sure you call the ticket office early in the season and get an RV specific parking pass for the game you want. I usually come up Friday night and have only needed one pass, but I do not move my truck after I am set up.
  5. Per Mike Smith, RV parking on the west side of the Red/Blue lot is no longer permitted and RV's parked there will be towed at the owner's expense.
  6. The lot opens at 5 PM on Friday. All RV parking is on the far east side of the Red/Blue lots. We typically stay Friday and Saturday night.
  7. So many to choose from. I'd start with the entire 2001 season. I attended every game that year with a good friend of mine. Started 0-5 with road trips to Norman, Tampa & Monroe My first trip to Norman and first time to see Big XII football in person. My friend had a connection that helped us get a beach front condo in Tampa the week of the USF game. Turns out the week before we stayed there President Bush had stayed in the same condo. Resort staff was still moving furnishings back in that secret service had removed. Took the bus trip from hell to Monroe with many on this board. Watched Necessary Roughness on the way out, got super pumped then lost to a team I was sure we would beat. Bus ride home was a beating. To this day I refuse to watch Necessary Roughness on game days. At this point in the season I see no reason for hope. Next week we shock the Conference favorites, MTSU, in Denton. Late in the game with NT leading 21-0, GreenJoe, who has seats close to mine, yells "When does the North Texas game start!" I am shocked, but still don't expect much from the rest of the season. Following a victory over Arkansas State, we travel to Las Cruces. We had a good crowd. Security kept moving our fans out of the good seats (even though they were empty) and into the corner of the end zone. IIRC, Emmitt actually walks to the ticket booth and buys tickets in the section we were removed from and security still makes him move. NMSU students start chanting "F$%k North Texas" from the student section. We win in a miracle comeback. The legend of "The Miracle in the Desert" is born. NMSU turns off the stadium lights as soon as the game clock ticks to 0.00. We tailgate in the parking lot for hours after the game. I start to think the impossible may happen. We beat the Cajuns then travel to Idaho. Go to a sports bar in Moscow the night before the game. On the menu I find a "Mean Green Burger". No joke. Not many NT fans in the stands. Brad Olson is there in their version of a suite and promises to throw some pretzels to me in the cheap seats. He doesn't. My friend and I are interviewed by the NT Daily and get on the front page the following week. We win big and secure a berth in the New Orleans Bowl. We travel to Troy to play the Trojans and secure a .500 record. We lose. Damn. MTSU fans begin an epic meltdown over being snubbed for a 5-7 North Texas. New Orleans baby! So much fun on Bourbon Street. Game is a disappointment, but I had a fantastic time.
  8. Todd, I should be there. Thanks for organizing these watching parties. GO MEAN GREEN!!
  9. McCarney is listed twice, once under Platinum and again under Emerald. Also, Rick is listed twice, once under Gold and again under Bronze. C. Dan Smith is also listed twice.
  10. According to meangreensports.com... EAGLE AMBASSADOR SHUTTLE - A shuttle runs between Apogee Stadium Gate 2, Gate 3, the Victory Hall entrance and the Victory Hall bus stop on home game days. The shuttle begins two hours prior to kickoff and runs approximately every 15 minutes until the end of the first quarter, then resumes at the beginning of the fourth quarter until approximately 30 minutes after the end of the game. The locations are highlighted in purple in the map in this link: http://www.meangreenmap.com/apogeeparking.html
  11. ​Why would you buy tickets from the SMU ticket office?
  12. Yes, as long as you renew by the deadline, which I believe is June 30th.
  13. I expect the following two things from the Athletic department: 1. Create an environment where student athletes can achieve their academic goals 2. Act in a manner that reflects the highest level of integrity in all endeavors I expect the same from the University as a whole.
  14. meangreensports.com lists the kickoff time as 11:00 AM
  15. According to KRAM1 in another thread: Not quite the same...admission will be free, but beer and spirits will cost starting this year...no dinners, but hors d'oeuvres will be served. Looks like since beer is now being sold in the Super Pit, they cannot give it away in the Green Room.
  16. Is anyone planning to attend the official tailgate? Tailgate at Rice on 10/25 The Mean Green Club and North Texas Alumni Association invite you to a pre-game tailgate and pep rally in Houston before the Mean Green vs. Rice football game. Tailgate is at 9-10:30am and kickoff is at 11am. $15 pre-sale for members of the Mean Green Club and Alumni Association before 10/23. $20 for non-members and day of admission. Please click HERE to purchase tickets now! Promo code is:gomeangreen. Or you can call the ticket office at 940-565-2527. See tailgate map attached.
  17. Business owners have the right to operate their businesses in whatever (legal) manner they choose. That's how the free market works. The availability of other options is irrelevant. The fact that some people don’t care for the store’s appearance is irrelevant. The fact that some people don’t think Sack n Save is as cheap as other options is irrelevant. If Sack n Save wasn't making money it would go out of business...apparently that is not the case. I think that corner is an eyesore as well and I hope the University and the owners of Sack n Save can come to an agreement, but using Eminent Domain is not justified in my opinion.
  18. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/DC-Decoder/2014/1002/Despite-new-Ebola-case-US-has-good-track-record-stopping-pandemics-video "Moreover, CDC Director Tom Frieden’s assurances that the US will stop Ebola “in its tracks” is based on a strong track record by public health systems in the US and beyond. Not only have similar viruses to Ebola arrived in the US before and been successfully contained, but four US health care workers diagnosed with Ebola all survived after receiving treatment in the US." "Nigeria was under threat of an outbreak when a Liberian man diagnosed with the disease traveled to Lagos earlier this summer. With inadequate and fragile infrastructure, Lagos – Africa’s most populous city – was seen as vulnerable to an outbreak. Yet “swift action, including tracing nearly all exposed people and creating facilities to isolate them during the needed 21-day monitoring period, stopped the virus cold,” writes Michael Smith, a correspondent for MedPage Today."
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