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  1. Was it this Wednesday or next Wednesday???

  2. Serious Question: If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by?

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    2. Quoner



    3. Mean Green Matt

      Mean Green Matt

      Maybe that wasn't Michelle Branch...

    4. Green P1

      Green P1

      No... But your assertion rings true.

  3. The greatest golfer of all time has passed from this world. STAY HARD KJI.

    1. Green Mean

      Green Mean

      I'd like to think he's a much better singer than a golfer.

    2. TheTastyGreek


      The only man I've ever heard of who could shoot a 16 on a full round of golf.

    3. Army of Dad

      Army of Dad

      Well once rigor sets in he will be stiff, that hard enough?

  4. Hates it when threads get deleated when he's right in the middle of a hard hitting reply.

    1. Green P1
    2. NT03


      That thread is a quitter

    3. GreenBat


      When has Green P1 ever had a hard hitting opinion?

  5. 5 rows up behind the foul pole, caught Mike Napoli's first bomb jacked as a Texas Ranger.

    1. NT03
    2. Green P1

      Green P1


    3. TheTastyGreek


      Obvious photoshop. Thumbs down.

  6. Needs more status updates to judge.

    1. Shuke-D


      I own both a glass house construction company and a rock farm. Am I morally conflicted or a savvy entrepreneur?

    2. Censored by Laurie
  7. wants Ray to come home.

  8. has Tuned out.

    1. SteaminWillieBeamin


      Heartless. You jinxed Tune.

    2. Green P1

      Green P1

      Now I'm getting all Rile(y)d up...

    3. SteaminWillieBeamin


      This weekend the Baine of your existence.

  9. Continues to whine and whine

  10. You might have the most baddest ass name in the history of internet.

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