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  1. He wasn’t just accused. Charges were brought up and he was arrested. DA’s don’t usually press charges in a case of he said, she said when they can’t actually prove something. I’m not saying he was guilty. That’s for a jury to decide after hearing all evidence, which won’t happen. I’m just pointing out that it wasn’t as simple as just saying he was accused. Charges have been dropped so he’s no longer being punished. He’s free to find employment anywhere he would like. Since a jury won’t be hearing all the evidence, and none of us know all the evidence either, I’d prefer he find his employment somewhere else.
  2. Because charges like this get dropped all the time due to technicalities. Or because a victim chooses not to testify. If another program wants to take him on, fine. Good luck to him unless they’re playing us. I just think there has to be equally or better qualified people out there to fill the spot than him. And without the baggage.
  3. Agreed. Came back from a major injury and didn’t do much. He's not getting drafted.
  4. Cowboys gave up 10. Moved back to 12 and got a 3rd rounder for it. With that 3rd round pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Jaelon Darden, Wide Receiver, North Texas. You heard it here first!
  5. Well, you put this poll in the football forum and you didn't put it in the basketball forum. I think that about says enough.
  6. They’re projecting herd immunity by June or July now. So I would imagine we’ll be good to go for August.
  7. I got my email today but some people I sit with did not get theirs yet. Have you gotten yours yet?
  8. I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Animal several times as an undergrad when he came around for SigEp alumni events. Then I got to see him more as I got involved with the alumni group. A truly great guy who bled Mean Green. His larger than life presence will be missed as he is now gone far too soon from this earth. RIP Animal.
  9. "Chesty" Lions, huh? 🤔
  10. The name of the YouTube channel that posted this video is Forgotten Places. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Another grad transfer? I'll take it!! Seth likes 'em old. 🤣
  12. Well that is an impressive staff... impressively bad for a SEC school.
  13. What I’m gathering here is that we talked to Stoops. We got shot down. I believe we also targeted someone else either before or after Stoops, I’m not sure which. So then SL called his old buddy Bennett to get some other possible leads because he was out of ideas and would like to keep his job. Then Bennett was open to the idea of coming here so we targeted him. You’re playing coy here, so I don’t expect you to confirm. But I suppose you could deny it. This is just what I’ve gathered from other sources, your posts and Bennett’s podcast interview. PB may have been the third person to contact about the job, but that was probably before SL knew he was even open to returning to coaching. I imagine if SL knew that PB was open to returning to coaching, he would have been #1.
  14. Was nice to hear him talk about the hiring process and what helped bring him out of retirement. We can say we have a commitment to winning, but to hear him talk about the university’s commitment to winning is great to hear. My only concern is the extent of his “list of things” he briefly dances around about 3 ½ mins in. One thing he mentions is that when he’s not in season, he wants to be at home. I hope this isn’t a 1 foot in, 1 foot out kind of situation.
  15. If we can pay them enough, which I’m not sure we can. Bringing a dude out of retirement is one thing. Hiring position coaches away from P5 schools to serve the same role at a G5 is a whole other challenge.
  16. IF Seth lasts longer than this year, I think Bennett will be here for 2, maybe 3 years, then re-retire.
  17. I like this hire a lot! The more I read about this guy, the more excited I get. So much more exciting than the Bowen hire ever was. And the best part is that it wasn’t my worst case scenario... an Ek promotion.
  18. Now how many of those players leave the portal and decide to stay?
  19. I like how they put the pic of SL between 2 schools not named UNT.
  20. The longer this goes on, the more I also have this sinking feeling. Hoping for the best though.
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