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  1. I listened to last weeks game via an app called FStream. It streams radio stations over the internet. The game was broadcast on KNTU. And the best part is that the app is free
  2. You might be surprised how far people will go to attend a post season college football game. Although, I think the CUSA is a shoe-in for this game. And their attendance will dominate over most Big East, ACC, or Mountain West teams.
  3. Moobs


    Don't be surprised to see them crack the top ten today with all the other upsets. Although I think they are more likely to land around 11 or 12.
  4. Don't come down on the Mean Green too bad. If you would have said at the begining of the year that we would start 1-3, I think most of us would have taken that with enthusiasm. Understandably, beating Ball State in game 1 built a lot of confidence in the fans. We can't lose that so quickly. But you can't possibly tell me that there are only 2 teams left on the schedule that we can beat. I see 3 teams that we SHOULD still beat. 1 team that we should lose to. And 4 teams that we can compete with and could come out either way. This team could/should still finish .500 or better.
  5. Damn redzone turnovers killing us Riley!
  6. But how does the D look? Besides the 10 points.
  7. ESPN's Gamecast is doing the play-by-play of the game. It's better than nothing!
  8. I also think we stand a better chance next year. One nice thing we don't have to worry about that most other big programs do, is players leaving early to go pro. Our talent will tend to stick around a little longer. That is, of course, if they weren't a JuCo transfer.
  9. Lots of upsets today in college football. Way more than a normal week and it's only 4 pm. Hopefully the Mean Green will add another one to the list of upsets this week! GMG!!!
  10. This website doesn't have DVD's for ANY other school in Texas. Only North Texas. That's crazy!
  11. We are 6.5 point underdogs. NT - 31 MT - 17
  12. No idea. But I heard he barbacks sometimes too.
  13. Thanks sports1 for bringing the subject matter back to topic. And LOL at the rest of you!
  14. I like Nick Saban a lot and am rooting for him in the SEC. Roll Tide!
  15. Thanks! Harris just got me all worked out. I like how my Join date is January of 08. That's when I initially tried to join but gave up. 1 1/2 years later I can start posting! Yay!
  16. I wouldn't quite call him a household name, yet. But I hope he does become one. He's a really nice guy and deserves everything he gets. I once had a Golf summer school class with him.
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