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  1. On 5/25/2022 at 11:53 AM, Jonnyeagle said:

    And of course here with Littrell everything is top secret and closed like they were going over nuclear codes so very little access given anyway. 

    Not that it’s helped. Perhaps he should try something new?

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  2. Hope he’s all that we’re hyping him up to be. If Seth keeps calling the ultra predictable first down run up the middle and putting ourselves in 2nd and long situations, we’re going to need his talent… a lot. 

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  3. I saw a lot of the same from him at the spring practice. There were a few nicely thrown balls. But I saw a lot of receivers slowing down to catch his balls too. And this isn’t much different than we saw last season. He always has a few flashes to give you some hope he could be good and a lot of underthrown balls that made you say, “WTF?”


    I won’t believe any positive reporting about Aune until I can see it in games. I’m not falling for that crap again. Been fooled by it too many times before. 

    I’m still hoping someone else steps up and gets a chance.

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  4. 15 hours ago, Cr1028 said:

    I wish he had a green shirt that I could wear to the game. White would be ok but would rather have green to help fill the stadium with our primary color.

    Yeah, seems like a real missed opportunity in marketing his line.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, WanderingEagle said:

    According to Roach's twitter, UTEP is his only other FBS offer at the moment. 

    Are you aware that our 2022 class ranks ahead of only FIU, FAU and UTEP in CUSA on 247's system? Our 247 average class rating is at an 82.01. Lower than every FBS school in Texas except for UTEP. 

    You'll forgive me for being trite but this is really frustrating that we are seemingly the best option for a lot of D2-level guys while the rest of FBS collects transfers from each other. 

    Not sure I even want to know how this compares to the AAC. 😬

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  6. 2 hours ago, MeanGreenPatriot said:

    Line was Miami Ohio -3

    we were supposed to be competitive, we weren’t.


    I disagree. We had a legitimate chance until about 9 minutes left in the game when we turned it over on downs on their 4 yard line.

    Even after that, one could argue that we still had a chance. I wouldn’t disagree with someone trying to make that argument. But I also won’t stand up to make that argument. 😂  But someone could make that argument. 

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