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  1. It is. For now. But not for long if they're paying the American that, unless Time Warner really wants to blow millions broadcasting an SMU-UCONN game on Thursday at 6.
  2. It's the right question. We've had our first test case in the post ESPN-Fox merger world, and the AAC got an interesting deal. Good money, no grant of rights. First some basic information: Conference/revenue per school/rightsholder. How many years the deal is for isn't included because no conference will actually see the end of the current deals. AAC: $6.9 million (ESPN) C-USA: $400,000 (CBS/Stadium/ESPN/Facebook) MAC: $670,000 (ESPN) Mountain West: $1.1 million (CBS/ESPN) Sun Belt: $350,000 (ESPN) The new agreements for AAC and the Sun Belt, minus a game a week, is all about ESPN+. ESPN has already indicated it's going to charge much more for the service in the very near future, and that contract is an indication of that. A question for the ESPN-only conferences is how will a paywall affect viewership and exposure for their programs. AAC gets to be the guinea pig now that the Sun Belt showed the technology worked. So far, re-negotiations have generally increased the payout 3-5x, with the C-USA being the one outlier because of how fragmented it is. So far streaming has lead to a marked increase in the fees paid to schools. What happens next is out of any conference's hands - does ESPN try to lock down a monopoly? Does Stadium decide to start growing by pursuing the Mountain and C-USA? But the biggest question is Facebook. If it came between more money and a paywall vs. less money and a place on everyone's news feed... I would be tempted to go with the latter. So the answer to the questions are: will people pay at least $14.99/mo for games? Will Facebook decide to go all-in? What is Stadium's model? The AAC and the C-USA may both end up being guinea pigs for the two sides of this debate.
  3. Unlike the schools that didn't belong in the SWC to begin with, we're far more careful about what we buy.
  4. I'd by into Houston as an academic institution if they finally realized that being located at the corner of MLK and Calhoun is... inappropriate.
  5. Some are in decent shape, but both have programs which, even getting $7 a year, are barely sustainable. Near us, Tulane and Tulsa are examples of this.
  6. Absolutely, the AAC has some great programs but name alone isn't anything in the G5 anymore. Just ask UCF or Boise - it's winning and potential. We need to recognize the entirety of the G5 for what it is - a collection of programs equally screwed, yet insist on eating each other instead of fixing the problem. Local rivalries, away games which people can get to, names that people know regionally if not nationally - those are the way forward for now. Mountain to Belt, everyone needs to have a come to Jesus about that with the exception of the MAC, which is a stable conference for a reason. The P4 need realignment. The G5 need implosion. The future of the market presages the outcome. What can UNT do to prepare for the future - very little, we're in pretty good shape. The only thing that needs to happen is the replacement of our Southland game with a Texas State series. But the most important task is keeping our series with Houston and SMU. It's no coincidence that Wren extended SMU and scheduled Houston, and it's good news that they seem happy to play us every year.
  7. It's a good - if somewhat risky - result for Houston. Not having to sign a Grant of Rights is a huge deal, worth far more than the money (although that helps with a program that's bleeding cash). Houston now has the flexibility to move, assuming that the Big XII survives the coming apocalypse in a recognizable form. There is, however, a downside here. AAC is now tied to the fate of ESPN+. When they raise prices, how many people will pay a monthly fee? How negatively will the lack of exposure effect recruiting and income? Is this merely the best paid of the mid majors, now that the AAC is consigned to the same package that CUSA, MAC and Sun Belt have? A growing dynamic that concerns ESPN is Stadium/Facebook/Twitter. Will advertisers prefer a gated game over one accessible to all? Will people log on, check facebook, and settle on the game that's on their feed? Tough questions we'll find out about soon. Another potential downside is betting on the Big XII. If there's no XII left or just a few stragglers, Houston will get left at the altar. That means staying in a conference where you're giving up several million dollars a year so that you can have... Tulane, Tulsa and ECU in the conference. No matter the outcome, I've Coogs in my immediate family, so GO COOGS except for a few hours in September.
  8. What's telling isn't necessarily the numbers, but the lack of a Grant of Rights. AAC was expected to get between 6-10 million/team/year, and had to take the low end to avoid it. That means that a few schools expect to have... other options soon enough. If I'm not Cincy, Houston, Navy or UCF, I'm very happy with the money but already sizing up potential programs to date, because I know my time is limited.
  10. Given the current situation in Frisco, time to warm up Ye Olde Offseason Thread. Who’s ready to GET INCARNATED!
  11. Not totally - this is only an upgrade for the 2nd-4th quarters.
  12. Great facility. Given the growing popularity of the MLS, the diminishing popularity of the MLB, and the fact that we've got a brand-spankin' new soccer facility, I think the next step is obvious.
  13. Being from El Paso, I am quite happy. Having gone to UNT, I'm ecstatic about telling anyone with an SMU degree that they should go to graduate school at a real university like UTD if they want to get into our PhD programs.
  14. This ignores, of course, that the P5s have some pretty big splits within themselves. The teams that have the most to lose from P5s splitting off are P5 teams who aren't in the special 24 that would leave. There will then be opportunities for consolidation and some departures for the remaining P5s. This will undoubtedly sweep up some G5s, but by then everything will be burning already. The last round of realignment was about inventory, but with less money to spend and with inventory assured, the next round will be about optimization and efficiency. In this, Wren is well ahead of the ball and doing a great job. You can safely assume that Texas, Oklahoma and A&M will be part of the "optimization," so building ties with the have-beens is incredibly important right now. Wren sees this efficiency trend coming, which is why adding Houston and Baylor to our schedule to make us an Texas-centered program is so important. UNT's aim should always be to be in the conference with the most Texas teams. That guarantees exposure, enhances attendance, and provides some viewership buy in which doesn't fully exist now. While we're a ways from the promised land, a certain number of programs leaving the NCAA is to our benefit. If the 24 model is what happens, for example, it leaves the XII in very precarious shape. In that case, it's up to Tech, Houston and us to get everybody wrangled into one SWC. It's a pipe dream now, but every G5's efforts in the state should be driven towards an ultimate goal of a reborn SWC with some combination of Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, TCU, Texas State, Texas Tech, UNT, UTEP, and UTSA, with the possible addition of LATech, NM, NMSU, OSU, Tulsa, and Louisiana.
  15. Yeah, but he went to Jesuit which means he's one of "those" guys. No I don't know what I mean, either.
  16. Good hire by USC, but who's gonna be their OC for the other three quarters?
  17. There's totally not someone around here in discussions to take over while he's getting sorted.
  18. I have confirmed through my sources that Rhule is gone and that SL is leaving to become an assistant investigator for the Special Prosecutor's Office in a complicated trade which involves bears (the animal), bears (humans), a keg of Brunch Money, Patrick Stewart, the New York Jets, the FBI, a pinecone, and lubricant. IT'S OFF-SEASON HOORAY! Other off-season news: - The AAC is breaking up, and in order to avoid being in a conference with any team they "don't like," SMU is joining the Hokkaido American Football Association. - UTSA is being split between the Texas, North Texas and San Antonio College systems, and is now NTUTSAC. - In order to add stability, the Sun Belt is adding St. Mary's University and Texas Wesleyan. - Dabo is actually the religious alt-universe Nick Saban. - Lee Corso is starting a convention that travels with Gameday named "Furry Silver Fanz" and full fursuits are required. More on these developments as they occur to me.
  19. This says less about the entirety of FBS and much more about the fact that the P5 itself is splitting, with BiG, ACC and SEC on one side and PAC 12 and Big XII on the other. We're barely into January, and the XII has already lost coaching competitions to the AAC and CUSA. There's trouble afoot.
  20. My first time back in the Super Pit for a year. It may be lipstick on a pig, but it's damned fine lipstick. The Hyper Pit will come, but right now we've already got a fine facility. Teams couldn't buy, beg or (in UNT's case) literally steal baskets in the first 5. And it wasn't that some of the shots weren't close - plenty of of in & outs. Then the winds changed and all of a sudden THWOCK every dozen seconds. I normally cringe when teams start throwing a stack of 3s. It's nice not to have to do that for once.
  21. Ah it's the usual everyone is out to get us worry. It hasn't been true for years - splitting the DFW and Houston markets has made more sense for ESPN and FOX than for the schools themselves. The fact that two of the teams mentioned are perfectly happy to spend a rare OOC slot to play us home and home also gives proof to the lie. If you offered an equivalent payout, you'd have every non-P5 Texas team in the same conference. Unfortunately, that'd be terrible business for ESPN back during the last GoR period. The G5 has 3 top-heavy conferences (MWC, AAC and SBC) and 2 parity conferences (CUSA and MAC). There's pluses and minuses to both approaches. Ultimately it dooms the teams in both from getting into a playoff - if UCF had played Boise, UAB or Appy their argument would be much stronger. But the AAC's design means that even undefeated teams won't have a chance because they spend half of the year beating up on children.
  22. So should we start with realignment, uniforms, band griping, hating on SMU and UTSA, critiquing architectural drawings, or something else this year?
  23. I'ma just frame this and send it to SMU's booster. He'll love it #CJK5H
  24. Wait I just remembered it’s not 2004 and we’re supposed to be excited about playing Utah State. Sorry I forgot which decade.
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