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  1. 21 points on turnovers all inside our 20? Pretty hard to compete in a game when you do that.
  2. Gonna be a long game FAU style if they keep this up.
  3. Problem I have with the NOLA Bowl is timing. Graduation and Christmas. I’m tied up with family and won’t get to go! I think a lot of folks will be in same boat. Otherwise, I’d be there!
  4. This. Defense seemed about on par with the year against this caliber of team. Offense left them on the field a lot and it could have been much worse. Offense was kept in check and they’re supposed to be our strength.
  5. TCU just got dispatched by OU with same score. Thy seem pretty relevant.
  6. They came out in the second half throwing deep. They obviously knew that was our weakness and it worked. It is the only plays that kept them alive. It's the only plays they were successful. It seemed our D stopped just about everything ran short. We seemed to get good pressure, but if the play extended too long with their QB running about, someone deep burned us and big. And almost all their throws were to that Lisa guy. Every single third and long, I thought to myself they're going deep. Yep. Every.Single.Time.
  7. @UNTLifer and thank you and everyone else on this board for thinking about us. It is appreciated.
  8. Yes sir. I just saw this, been a little busy! My family was lucky. We didn't flood. But many of my first responder family did while out working. I was on a rescue boat about 5 days straight. Felt like I was in the movie Forest Gump when he is talking about all the different kinds of rain. What an experience. Very reminiscent of my Katrina deployment.
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