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  1. I am sure that if you and Emeril buy the same ingredients at the store his dish is going to taste better.
  2. It was a really go showing from us... and big props to this guy who was in the student section the whole time dropping the claw....
  3. I am completely stoked. I hope he makes it.
  4. Because there is more places to stay in Texas. When my family began to make preps to leave, they had a ton of trouble getting anything in MS or Bama. But thanks having a welcoming heart for fellow Americans in a time of need.
  5. First let me say that I am not a lawyer.... That said, attribution, although important, is not the same as having the permission of the copyright holder to republish their information. For example, look at what is written on most of the big sites such as CNN: Copyright 2005 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Reuters content may not be stored except for personal, non-commercial use. Republication and redissemination of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. I only point this out because I'd hate to see GMG get in trouble. That would kill my lurking abilities.
  6. Yeah, but what he is saying is basically the same thing I am saying except that I am saying they have been sitting on their asses for a few weeks now. Just look at the scoring stats for their last handful of games and it there is clearly a difference in the amount of focus compared to the first half of the season. And as stated before, i do think this is Wade Phillips style of coaching is to blame. Last 3 regular season games: Sun 12/16 Philadelphia L 6-10 Sat 12/22 at Carolina W 20-13 Sun 12/30 at Washington L 6-27 Yeah, they have been going through the motions for a while now.
  7. I just don't know if I buy vacation as the reason for the loss. What did Manning do when his team was told to take time off... he stayed at home and watched game film. How did that work out for him? Every team takes time off. Blame the coaches for letting the team start to relax since about 7 weeks ago and I think you are headed in the right direction.
  8. I'll chime in but I may be in a unique situation because I came from a town with only one sports team. I am from New Orleans and so first and foremost I am a Saints fan. All other teams can burn in you know where when in comparison to the Saints. That said, I have always been obsessed with hockey. Down in New Orleans, the only hockey we ever saw was the playoffs. Back in '91, I watched the Redwings for the first time and watched them till they lost in the playoffs. I picked them as my team back then because I was as familiar with them as one could be. Then played video games using them and watched when I could (tv coverage grew back then). I moved to Dallas in 94 right when the Stars came but I guess the New Orleans-esq loyalty just wouldn't let me root for the Stars even through I tried. I don't watch must basketball but my grandmother and mom were fans of the Lakers since before I was born b/c my mom went to UCLA and we didn't have a pro team. That said, even now my mom roots for the Lakers even though the Hornets are there. I could really care less, but in the same token I don't care about the Mavericks that much. I could care less about baseball. When I was little I watched the Atlanta Braves since they were on TBS so much. I don't find anything wrong with people being fans of other teams as long as they are through and through fans and not people who bail out on the team at the first sign of losing. Obviously I don't have that problem... I am Saints fan
  9. Sorry guys, I don't know if this was posted but the Saints - Fins game is on right now on NFL Network. Watching Cobbs run right now and he looks good. The announcers from NOLA are giving him some praise. Good day, watch my saints, watch PC, watch UNT tonight. Replay for this game is: Tuesday at 6:00 AM
  10. Section D - Row 21, seats 1 & 2 - Me and the wife
  11. The intensity you heard was from the Saints fans that are there in the city and surrounding areas. I still don't think it's a football city either. They had to give tickets away to those games to make up the difference from those saints season ticket holders who drove there.
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