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  1. Section 204 row 9 seats 4-8 asking 150.00.
  2. Ole Green Guts

    Watching Party San Antonio

    How can the game be seen?
  3. Ole Green Guts

    NCAA Significantly Changes Kickoff Rules

    It would be like an intentional walk....
  4. Ole Green Guts

    Call for Help from a UNT Film Student

    Should have taken FFRick up on his option. Trust me, you wouldn't have been disappointed.
  5. Ole Green Guts

    Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Its as simple as supply and demand. I drove my family of five to Denton for 4 home games and held season tickets for the first time this year. The cost of travel and the increase will likely prevent me from being a season ticket holder in the coming year. I do understand the thinking by the athletic department but I believe its a bit premature. IMO it makes a lot of sense to do this next year if the seasons goes as planned.
  6. Ole Green Guts

    Dickey to SMU rumor

    With Ramon Flanagin there pulling strings, I see this as a strong possibility. Ramon is the Director of Former Player Relations and probably has some pull. I wish the best for Dickey.
  7. Ole Green Guts

    Post Game Thoughts (R-E-L-A-X)

    The reactions on the board and social media are definitely knee jerk..... the sky is falling. What did you really expect to happen vs a team that totally blew us out earlier in the season. Only chance we could have had was to play FAU at home. Face it, Evernote wants to post a “HOT TAKE” to be the one who said it first. Come me back to reality. This was a great regular season and we should ALL BE PROUD of the team, coaches and athletic department. We are well on our way to being a relevant program.
  8. Ole Green Guts

    Final Week Bowl Projections

    Everyone needs to really refelct on the position we’re in. We actually have some say in what bowl we’re going to. I LOVE IT!
  9. Ole Green Guts

    North Texas Chant

    I think that band does a pretty decent job throughout the night. There needs to be a way for them to print the NORTH-TEXAS chant. It would be great for them to get a couple of other fan involved chants as well.
  10. Ole Green Guts

    Tix to Army Game

    I Have 5 and a pass
  11. Ole Green Guts

    CUSA West Tiebreaker

    Just win BABY!
  12. Ole Green Guts

    Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

  13. I sent you my # in messenger.
  14. Ole Green Guts


    The play by play isn’t bad but the commentary is HORRIBLE. This guy reminds me of Chris Spillman.
  15. Ole Green Guts


    The defense is VERY PASSIVE. We are catching them and trying to react. We have to ATTACK!