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  1. risinggreen

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Painful loss. Thought we were going to pull it out, but that's what sometimes happens when you take it close to the wire. On to Rice.
  2. risinggreen

    Zach Simmons

    Yep. The aggression from those two is crucial. Particularly on D.
  3. risinggreen

    Week 10 Polls

    Ah, I think Top 25 is more attainable in the near term than some think. At least in the Coaches Poll with only one loss. We shall hopefully find out later this month.
  4. risinggreen

    UNT Fandom Poll

    I've always pretty much just liked MG basketball. Whether we're good or not.
  5. risinggreen

    NT vs NDSU Bring Them Down

    I'm not too enthusiastic about playing the best program in the country that's not FBS. Rather play a Rutgers.
  6. risinggreen

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Yes, at 17-1 I think we'll come home playing for Top 25. It'll be hard to keep us out if we can hit 19-1.
  7. risinggreen

    Super Pit thoughts

    We could be maroons, and go the maroon route too. Maybe half and half.
  8. risinggreen

    Southern Mississippi (1/5/19)

    Scary again, but this team closes well. Nice win.
  9. We're usually talking about 15 wins in mid-February if we're lucky. Think this one is worth missing out on a little of the Cowboy's game to see in person.
  10. risinggreen

    Name the New North Texas Basketball Venue

    Mean Green Baseball Field.
  11. risinggreen

    UNT Poll Updates

    Yes, it's their way of calling us punks.
  12. risinggreen

    Frisco Bowl

    Why not move the Frisco/Denton Bowl to Apogee. About the right capacity for a lower level bowl, and easy access from the north during bowl season.
  13. risinggreen

    Doggett Leaving The Team

    Doggone it!
  14. risinggreen

    Arkansas Pine Bluff (12/20/18)

    Win this, beat Rice, and come back and win at home against La Tech and So. Mississippi to go 15-1. We'll be getting way up high on the Top 25 waiting list if we can pull that off.
  15. risinggreen

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

    I'm fine with it too, at least until we become a consistent national powerhouse of course. I guess there's still an improvement or two to be made, but The Super Pit can get plenty loud when only half full.