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  1. Naw. I've already shifted into MG hibernation mode for the next five months. Other than the spring game of course.
  2. You certainly can get away with a couple of major contributors around six feet or so, but it's still a big man's game unless you've got a bunch of Currys throwing up threes out there. Oh well, we had a nice early run, and we'll see if Grant can bring in what we need.
  3. We don't match up well with them. At least we probably don't have to worry about losing our coach. I think.
  4. The only feasible way, would be to rob everyone down to at least the lowest level millionaires, and when that doesn't cover the bills, they would basically have to shutdown the military and close the criminal justice system. Of course the remaining balance would be paid for by simply printing money, or so says Ocasio.
  5. She says we'll all be dead in 11.9 years anyway, so there's really not much need to just worry about the children. We're supposedly all going down. 😢
  6. Biggest collapse that I can recall.
  7. That, in a nutshell. Our opponents have us scouted out pretty well at this point of the season, and they're doing a good job of exploiting our weaknesses. No easy answers.
  8. A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that many of their old glory day boosters from the 50's and early 60's have passed on. The new power brokers don't quite have the enthusiasm that the older guys had of even keeping the program going. At least that's what I've been told by someone close to the program.
  9. Hard to win with probably two of our three most important players out. Get healthy.
  10. Yes, there have been some great teams that have gotten by without much size, but when you have a team that regularly has four or five guards on the floor, when those guards are six "twoish" or less, things can get pretty difficult on both ends of the floor. Hopefully we can get healthy quickly and come up with some answers.
  11. I think they're getting ready to start Little League.
  12. How many threes from Smart go in and out according to our radio guys? Seems like half.
  13. Yes, he is special, but as a PG he needs to bump his FT percentage up by 25% plus. He's good at attacking the bucket, and getting to the line and hitting should be a big part of his game.
  14. Yep. Didn't see it, but definitely something wrong there.
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