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  1. He was friends with my parents and I met him a few times. Rip.
  2. Pretty depressing loss. It's like we have a losing disease when we play big conference schools in both major sports. The coaching staff deserves plenty of responsibility for this loss.
  3. I live nearby and will be heading over there after dinner. Don't really know either team very well, other than our retturnees from last season. Time to get into basketball.
  4. Didn't Bean run a 10.3 at State? I recall seeing some of that speed in his HS finale.
  5. Damn, the whole season I thought that Woolridge was a Sophomore and had more time to develop his game. Sure hope he sticks around regardless
  6. I like our schedule, and am optimistic about beating Berkeley. Some school in their conference pops up occasionally, but for the most part, I don't have much respect for their conference as far as big boys go. Hope to make that game.
  7. Naw. I've already shifted into MG hibernation mode for the next five months. Other than the spring game of course.
  8. You certainly can get away with a couple of major contributors around six feet or so, but it's still a big man's game unless you've got a bunch of Currys throwing up threes out there. Oh well, we had a nice early run, and we'll see if Grant can bring in what we need.
  9. We don't match up well with them. At least we probably don't have to worry about losing our coach. I think.
  10. The only feasible way, would be to rob everyone down to at least the lowest level millionaires, and when that doesn't cover the bills, they would basically have to shutdown the military and close the criminal justice system. Of course the remaining balance would be paid for by simply printing money, or so says Ocasio.
  11. She says we'll all be dead in 11.9 years anyway, so there's really not much need to just worry about the children. We're supposedly all going down. 😢
  12. Biggest collapse that I can recall.
  13. That, in a nutshell. Our opponents have us scouted out pretty well at this point of the season, and they're doing a good job of exploiting our weaknesses. No easy answers.
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