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  1. It just means that the invitation will be extended if they hit the 6 win mark.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I was confused which was which. It makes sense now.
  3. As much as the K-State Wildcat logo is a cat? Horrible comparison. At least when I look at the KState logo, I'm thinking cat. Take it to any 20-somethin year old sitting in a coffee shop that knows nothing about NCAA athletics and they'll see the cat. Show them that SOW and I'm not really sure what they'd guess. We're totally together on everything else you just mentioned: something stylized, "leaning" forward, and simplistic sounds very cool. I can actually imagine myself getting attached to this because it is so unique, and I think someone has mentioned in the past that GGII designed it years ago, or at least had a part in it. On second thought, I'm just not sure what I think about it. Do I think it's unique and would I support it if implemented? Yes, but I'd hope it wouldn't be in jest or have some underlying humor about it. Additionally, kudos for it being as revered as it has become. But I still stand by my perception that it is - at best - a remote representation of an Eagle. PS: This is probably just The Dude in me speaking, but am I the only one that thinks the head of the SOW is too vaginal? Anyone?
  4. I never understood this. I am not going to argue about it, just contribute my own perceptions. 1) The attachment only makes sense to me if you like to be unique. That thing is surely unique. But don't kid yourself, it looks nothing like an eagle... 2)...it looks like a smelly turd playing a balancing act on a log. And I'm not trying to be funny. That's my first thought after seeing it. Ok, so it looks like a "Flying Worm". or "Son of Flying Worm". That's cool. I can see that, too. But now why do so many Mean Green Eagles fans want a logo that looks like a super-hero earthworm? Is this what we had during the winning Fry era? Is this really the logo you want the mass media to identify with after we grow into a 1A football power?
  5. You're preachin' to the choir here; but it's just common football lingo that the RBs, WRs, and QBs are the skill positions. Actually, not to be left out is the secondary. I think they traditionally fall in that label, too. Not sure about the LBs. All positions - inluding the trenches - require study, practice, and on-the-fly decision making. In that sense, all require skill.
  6. You don't know that. And neither do I, but my first inclination was that the positive effect could be immense. Telling a kid that you can be his coach for the entire 5 year stay if he comes to your school would be a big deal to me if I were the recruit, or his parents. Again, we really just don't know for sure either way. Another thing to keep in mind (and I don't really know how all this works) are buy-out clauses and such. It'd be fantastic (imo, feel free to disagree) to get him on a 4 or 5 year contract with some kind of clause that says he has to pay US a large amount if he leaves early for another job, and a small amount for HIM if we terminate it. Either way, 1 year isn't enough, and 3 years just seems, well, odd...
  7. How are we at forward? Maybe he reasoned he had a better opportunity to play right away at NO.
  8. Thanks for the reply, but I was actually thinking long-term. I'm not surprised that he can't make the first one. Just wishfull thinking that he might make plans for it in the future. That would be cool.
  9. I think there are some visible clues that we're dealing with a different animal here. JJ is much more eloquent and a gem to hear speak. He preaches about the potential of this program and has never spoken once in line with "woe is me" or "it's us against the fans". There's no such thing as a bad conference winning streak. Even DD's. If JJ takes us to consecutive titles and is hired away to a higher profile program, all the power to him. Thanks for what he's given us. If he doesn't do anything with the tourney trip, flops with next year's team (which he won't), and gives us consecutive losing years so that we'd have to let him go, I feel he's too much the gentlemen to break out the black jerseys (literally or figuratively).
  10. Why not spring bud?! Absolutely love what we've done with our place. The variety is slap-dash, and we should try all the shades of green before we're done here. Agree w/Grey: people who confuse a Phili fan with those that wear SOW are retarded. This thread needs to go away. or die. or something.
  11. That would be painful to see him drain a winning shot AGAINST us in conference play.
  12. I wonder how hard it'll be for him to return to form after a year off. Will the Titans allow him to use the facilities to train? Or even practice to some extent? They'll have to give his replacement this year first priority.
  13. people would find a way to b*!ch about the black uniforms. Are you trying to make a statement, or something?
  14. What's their record against those same teams since 1995? The Hogs haven't been to the Final Four since that year, a year after they won their last championship. The kids they're recruiting today were, what, 7 years old back then? My memory is starting to fail me on my high school years, let alone what was going on in sports when I was 7. After 1995, Hogs have average an NCAA tourney bid every other year and only made it past the 1st round 3 times. Great by our own standards, but how does that compare to LSU, OU, and UT? Not sure, but my own personal perception and those of my friends is that UA IS overshadowed by UT, OU, and LSU. Not trying to knock on the Hogs; just playing some devil's advocate.
  15. It's not true. Everything FoxSports reports is a lie.
  16. I saw it last night and did not get that impression at all, but I can see where you're coming from. Perhaps there's some favoritism towards UT because it's IN AUSTIN. Where has it been held in previous years? Was the website different before?
  17. Good poll. I'm pretty biased being born in El Paso and going to grad school here at UTEP, but Don Haskins gets my vote. I missed his better years, but saw some pretty good performances during the last decade of his tenure. He always seemed to have health issues in my young memory. Having said that, there's a reason that some of the others on your list confide in him, and even some younger coaches today (Nebraskas Doc Sadler and now-Kentucky coach Gillespie) call him almost daily. A defensive genius, and great teacher. Still...I'd be curious about some of the others and how they perceived the game and their players.
  18. I wish he'd find that burst again. That was a sight to see! Best of luck to him; hope this is a 1000 yard year for the starter.
  19. I think he did the same thing at UTEP: agreed to a contract extension but didn't sign it. I don't particularly care, but if you visit the UTEP board there is absolutely no mercy shown on that man. It'll be interesting to see how Aggieland reacts.
  20. No, not showing you're age. I remember playing it in very primitive forms with classmates during elementary and junior high. Just for fun... from the wiki article about the game.
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