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  1. 44 minutes ago, UNT90 said:

    No, I said it's a sign of covering your ass for liability purposes. 

    Of course, facts never matter to you. Rah rah rah, sis book ba. Nothing to see here, folks. 

    Maybe you would like to reissue the AD party line of what a clean program Benford ran. 


    45 minutes ago, UNT90 said:

    No, I said it's a sign of covering your ass for liability purposes. 

    Of course, facts never matter to you. Rah rah rah, sis book ba. Nothing to see here, folks. 

    Maybe you would like to reissue the AD party line of what a clean program Benford ran. 

    This is all schtick. No way somebody can be a totally ass about EVERYTHING on accident.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, EagleMBA said:

    Where I grew up there were large neighborhoods of people of predominantly Italian, Irish, Belgian, German, Hungarian and Polish heritage. The "Polish Hour" was a regular radio show on Sundays, in Polish, with lively polka music. Brave Combo always brings back memories for me when they crank out a little "nuclear polka". Those red octagonal street signs you see at intersections were said to really mean "Stop Teasing Our Polacks".

    When you used the word "hunky" in those days it referred to someone of Hungarian heritage...my how times have changed!

    Know what? We all got along just fine, there was good-natured banter, and no one really got pissed off.

    People don't get upset today, they just want attention so they have to act like something bothers them. I am a white dude with  Irish/Scottish decent. You  can call me every name in the book, make fun of my heritage, even rib me for being freakishly endowed, wouldn't bother me one damn bit.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Arkstfan said:

    You are correct.

    Grant violated his contract with Arkansas State by not delivering payment on time which in the worst case would lead to lawsuit judgment, fees, costs, and interest but doesn't involve UNT.

    Presumably, UNT's contract with McCasland requires that UNT tender the payment on his behalf. The failure to do so just means he could walk from his contract and be due whatever damages the contract provides for UNT breaching.

    That's the whole sum of it.


    Look I don't care if 8.7 million people drive by your stadium every day if they don't stop and enter when there is a game, and I don't care how wealthy the DFW area is if you don't honor your obligation to your coach and pay up as required by the contract. Maybe you sophisticates think hillbilly jokes show how superior you are but we pay our coaches.

    How come I hear dueling banjos while reading all your post?

    1 hour ago, OsageJ said:

    You do know our coaches are successful unlike the dips you guys hire....You know out of high school and stuff....Lol...Love ya....btw when you look for your coach he is about waiste high to your shortest guy.  Take care of the little fella.  I figure he will be about as successful as your others.  Hey maybe it's not the coaches.  Ever think of that......

    You guys from Deliverance U are amazing!


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  4. 5 hours ago, Eagle-96 said:

    I know naming rights are important and bring in much needed revenue to a school that really needs all the money it can get it's hands on. I wouldn't mind seeing it named the Haynes-King Indoor Practice Facility.

    Greenmachine IPF at Greenmachine Stadium at The Greenmachine University. Sounds perfect!

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  5. 28 minutes ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    Well the position rooms from what we have seem to be very small (The videos with the QBs and LBs), and they also seem to have to use the team meeting room to watch film as well. I know its a not a major problem (Since the recent upgrades) but if we are going to going to be stepping up our facilities, we need to be aiming to be far and away the #1 in C-USA not just competing to match up with the #1. 

    And people say that WB been doing nothing the entire time he has been here. 

    But I agree 100%, would love to keep WB, SL, and GM around for a long time

    I am waiting for a few certain people to admit they were wrong about WB.

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  6. 4 hours ago, UNT Fan 92 said:

    Mr Vito 

    I am calling you out on this article. I am tired of your biased opinions in your articles ,however when you are lying I will call you out. I was at the scrimmage today and did not see what you saw. The offense did have a bad day but there were good things that we can build upon. The 7 out of 8 plays from the 3 yard line we scored on. I believe the offensive running backs had 4 TDs rushing, Mr Shanbour had 2 TD passing , 1 TD run and 1 incompletion. No other QBs took snaps in this drill. 

    Mr Shanbour did not have a interception credited to him as the pick that you are referring to was called back for defensive pass interference. The receiver was held as the ball was released and therefore he was not in the area where the ball was thrown. 

    I love our coaches and our players and have kept silent about your bias opinions in your article, but when you start misreporting  the truth, I am going to call you out especially when it involves a young man who is a member of the team. . 

    Whatever Mr Shanbour may have done to you or why you don't like him we will never know. SilverEagle has called you out and now I'm calling you out. If you can't be a responsible journalist then you should quit covering UNT football . 

    I only want the best players playing and our coaches will make sure that happens and you need to report the facts and stop downgrading a player that you don't like. I have read your articles and can not remember another player that you dislike so much that you continue to needle him in your articles. From his size to his weight to his running ability and to his arm you have continued to downgrade this QB. 

    Please keep to the facts and take out your biased opinions in the future. 


    Unfortunately, this problem of biased reporting is a nationwide epidemic.

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  7. 14 hours ago, SilverEagle said:

    That doesn't make any sense. I used to assess/screen applicants for the state. The background check was always done as part of the application process. The offer/approval came after the background check was complete.......with no issues. And the applicant always knew that.

    Not in the mortgage industry.

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