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  1. Just now, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Well, one of those is a proper name of a Native American Nation.   The other is a derogatory reference to those Native Americans.

    Names like "Seminoles", "Illini", "Utes", "Chippewas", etc... are not offensive, if anything they're empowering.   "Redskins", "Savages", and to a much lesser extent "Indians" are not empowering at all.  They're generalizing, if not flat-out offensive terms towards these same people.

    No they aren't. People can't be that big of p*****s can they? It's only offensive if you are weak and insecure and let it offend you. Personally, I will never give anyone that power.

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  2. 50 minutes ago, Aldo said:

    But when a group of people who is being targeted by that name asks you not to do that, why would you keep calling them that?

    Being targeted? Seriously? So I guess Notre Dame is "targeting" me with their mascot? No they aren't, not at all. If 10 out of a group of 100 ask you to quit using a generic name  and the other 90 thinks it's absolutely ridiculous to get butt hurt over it, you use common sense. 10 years ago people weren't offended by every little thing, I still believe there is an agenda behind all the people being offended. It's politics as always.

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  3. 44 minutes ago, Aldo said:

    My question wasn't rhetorical. I haven't been keeping up with this since I have no kids in a school in this kind of situation, so I was wondering if the government (local or otherwise) was going around forcing schools' hands.

    But since yours is: When a group of people asks me to stop calling them something, what do I do?

    When a very small minority asks one thing and the huge majority don't give a crap, you do what you feel is right. I personally don't think that Redskin, Seminole or any name like that offends anybody. The media tells people they should be offended and they magically become offended.

  4. 10 hours ago, Wag Tag said:

    Not only have we spent the $$ on head coaches, but maybe more important UNT has spent the $$ on Assistant Coaches. We have people in place that possibly could be head coaching material. We have also done the same thing with the Assistant AD. When we do loose somebody I hope we have the talent to promote from within. This is how you maintain continuity! GMG

    If we lose them, we just tighten them back up!

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  5. 14 hours ago, Caw Caw said:

    I don't fall under the "democracy is the only political system" group. And maybe there will be a vacuum for the time, but we can't both desire to be isolationist and world police. They are opposite ideas. We either care about the world at large or we only care about America. We seem unable to make up our mind on this issue lol.

    We can still care about the world at large but put America's interest first. It doesn't have to be an either/or ultimatum.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Caw Caw said:

    If you ask me, it's naive to think that the external disruption of the Middle East isn't a long term side-effect of the Cold War and other external involvement in regional affairs. At this point it's cyclical, regime takes power, US and or Russia backs opposition with arms and financial support, regime gets toppled, supported party turns on its supporter, US and/or Russia back some to topple, rinse repeat. Just really need to pull out of the region. 

    I don't agree with you often but I believe you are spot on. Pull out of the region completely and let them duke it out on their own.

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  7. On ‎5‎/‎31‎/‎2017 at 7:00 PM, GTWT said:

    I like Coach Littrell.  I really do.  But no college coach should be getting this kind of money - not at UNT, not at Alabama.  Somethings wrong when a football coach is the highest paid employee on campus. 

    supply and demand. Also, gotta consider what he brings to the P&L.

    On ‎6‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 3:07 PM, GTWT said:

    Naw, I'm fine Rick.  I just need to have my pump primed - to borrow a term coined by our president.

    Or your cigar smoked, happened with Slick Willy.

  8. 12 hours ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    The article says that it was delayed so that they wouldn't rush, that isn't a real reason. There is a reason to slow down the pace and that's isn't because all of a sudden they want the right fit. If that's the reason then what changed or why did they settle on the wrong fit at the start? This new stadium was the start of a new wave of sense of investment into the entire sports program but now they are having 2nd thoughts on what they had originally designed/agreed on.

    We have a track program that can not make 1 penny, nor can it even have a "home" track meet. The AD Office told coaches/ players/ recruits and students that it would completed by a certain time and now it won't be. 

    And again the reason that was given "we don't wanna rush" isn't valid. UNT announced it and promised things, and now they showed they can not follow through or they showed how poorly they plan things with them announcing before it's really done.

    That most certainly is a valid reason, just because you don't like it doesn't make it not. If you look at the original timeline, it was very short and would been almost impossible to do all the countless things, from start to finish, to get completed on time. I am glad they are taking their time to get it right.

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  9. 6 hours ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    The biggest negative to baseball is that a sport that averages about a 2 million negative to the AD Budget. I think it would be great if UNT had it, because of the distance between denton and Arlington. Also, the local schools would be allow for cheaper options in terms of travel...

    My question is, with the success of teams in CUSA, does it lead to schools sharing winnings, similar to what CUSA does with bowl games? 


    I doubt it will be delayed that long, but it's worrisome that we still have not heard anything about it the IPF. Someone had brought it up, that it was close to being announced before the spring game and still nothing.

    Not saying WB isn't doing anything, but it's very very worrisome to me that the soccer/track stadium has been announced and now it's delayed for unknown reasons when it seemed like everything was in place and a major overhaul to the football program is taking a lot of time as well. I understand getting it right the first time, but you don't announce something when it's not complete, nor do you inform the coaches that it will be ready for the next season and then delay it.

    Delayed for unknown reasons? The article was very specific on the delay.

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  10. 3 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

     Can I say the fact that UNT 90 is not posting as often 😙


    Just joking 😀

    Emmitt  I think you bring up a great point. If these young men produce  the way they possibly could it would add a very powerful  option this coming season.  If we have receivers that are able to spread the field this could be really helpful for our quarterbacks 

    They say there is a little truth in every joke.

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  11. 7 hours ago, Caw Caw said:

    I agree it is in character... but shouldn't we hold the president to the standards of other presidents before him? I disagree on the evidence part too, I think things like this don't tumble with one piece of evidence. This is the type of thing that would take some serious data to back up if you're going to go after the POTUS. More released today that will give this train enough steam to at least run its course. It bothers me the most that we're so busing cheering on our team (Read party) that people don't hold people on their side of the aisle to the same standard. If any of this would have happened in Obamas term he would have been crucified, in my opinion.

    That being said, I don't think Donald Trump is malicious. But, ignorance of the law isn't an excuse to break it. I think he's playing a game he doesn't know the rules of. Honestly, Flynn is the key to all of this. His information is pretty much out in the open, he offered to roll over on the others for immunity. The investigative group(s) must have something more concrete than a former generals testimony if they didn't sign him to a deal to fry bigger fish. It could all be nothing, but the white house isn't acting like a group that has nothing to be scared of, in my opinion.

    Also, i appreciate the thoughtful and polite discourse, cheers.

    Obama would have been crucified? Certainly not by the media. No President ever was handled with kid gloves like Barry.

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