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  1. 3 minutes ago, Ben Gooding said:

    I don't hide anywhere. Ever. If they feel threatened by my comments and they contact me to discuss, I will more than happy go wherever to discuss. But calling people to tell them they're sucking it up is pointless...and of course childish. 

    And I don't need people to agree with a single thing I say. I mean, they are facts after all. To not see what I'm saying is to argue that the sky isn't blue. 

    And for the record, I wouldn't be going over these basic facts over and over and over if sheeple wouldn't keep trying to dispute them as untrue. I post a fact like we are not recruiting well and 10 people want to argue it as if it's just not true when it is factually accurate. So, I'm going to respond to it. Because, for some reason, people think our current recruiting is going to amount to a turnaround. Or they at least post like it. 

    Next insult/question? 

    So how many sheeple's minds have you changed and what positive affect has it had on anything?

    If you want to be an argumentative little female, then go ahead.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Ben Gooding said:

    It creates conversation among the most unwavering fans about the lack of success in the most important aspect of collegiate sports. That's what it does. For the people that don't want to hear it,  like yourself, obviously wants to dip their head in the sand like it's made up, make believe propaganda to discredit this coaching staff. 

    Calling this coaching staff or AD and telling them what they already know will do no good whatsoever. It's beyond dumb, and even childish to suggest. 

    Whats childish is having the same conversation, over and over, same point, over and over and actually believe that you are creating anything. It's like you have to nag people to death to either agree with you or stop coming to the board. I don't put my head in the sand for anything but I also realize that bitching about the same subject countless times does absolutely no good. In fact it is kind of coward like to hide behind a keyboard and complain about the coaches performance.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Ben Gooding said:

    Wth is this going to do? 

    What is your constant bitching on this board going to do? Calling and talking to coaches might not have any affect on recruiting but bitching on a fan board absolutely won't solve anything.

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  4. 49 minutes ago, Ben Gooding said:

    Yeah. I understand it. And I'm sorry for it. 

    I can't take people tooting the horn of this staff for our 6 commits with exactly 6 total FBS offers. All because we're currently "6th" in CUSA ranking, which is a tremendously misleading ranking. When that changes, the conversation will be dropped. By at least me that is. If it continues, I will keep beating the drum. 

    what do you expect to accomplish on this board by beating your drum. If you really feel this strongly about recruiting, get on the horn with coaches, recruiters, WB etc. Sitting here spouting the same crap over and over, straight from the UNT90 playbook, will do absolutely no good. At some point, it just becomes senseless, annoying bitching.

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  5. 35 minutes ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    The food truck wouldn't compete with our products. Its things that we don't have, and they could even be pre/post game things as well. We may not think that they are a "fan experience" but I'm sure plenty of parents would bring kids and plenty of familes and individuals would enjoy something new.


    Hell, we can't even get fans to come to games due to the horrendous traffic on 35 because of the inconvenience, now we are expecting them to walk a little further to get food? Not gonna happen. 

  6. 10 hours ago, Ben Gooding said:

    This is my concern. These are literal made up positions seemingly in a way for WB to get his boys on board. Would anything be worse without them? Is anything really any better with them? What is their value? What have they done that holds substance? I think I would be hard pressed to get anyone to give a legitimate answer to these questions, including WB. If not, cut the excess overhead. This AD doesn't need it. 

    you could ask this of probably 90% of positions in any organization. I don't believe from a business standpoint, WB would bring on dead weight just to give his buddies a job. After all, the entire health of the AD falls on his shoulders. If he can't manage his department from a P&L standpoint, he won't be able to do it at a P5.

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  7. 1 minute ago, KRAM1 said:

    Yes...and it has never been an issue between athletics and the Alumni Association (in spite of what some folks would like to think). The issue lies with the University and within the area that "rules over" UNT's logos, colors, etc. with a fairly iron fist.

    RV was upset not at the Alumni Assiciation...at all...but with "other" folks with the University. I have first hand knowledge of this issue.

    But, on the other hand, lots of workable designs to choose from.

    I agree. I remember a few years back Lids did offer a few hats with the interlocked NT. I didn't get one, they were a little too gangsta style for me.

  8. 19 minutes ago, oldguystudent said:

     Paraplegic University for the Mentally Incapacitated Blind.


    Their keg parties are da bomb!!

    The cream will rise to the top (or buy themselves there) and the top 18 will get tired of the bottom 18 being dregs and will want to separate and become the  super duper elite league.

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  9. 14 minutes ago, Aldo said:

    Nope that wasn't my point. That statement is distancing oneself from the crux of the problem.

    People have asked to stop being called that, both directly to the team, and to some of society. This has nothing to do with liking the team. So why not stop after being asked by the group?

    What is there to address in your unarguable statement?

    This has nothing to do with feelings police or being a weak cupcake. There is no PC involved.

    My point is one and only one: if someone asks you to stop calling them something, stop calling them something. Or referring them by something, which is what your argument is based on.

    Referring to a team as a name is NOT calling someone that name. If you call Notre Dame the Fighting Irish, are you calling ME a fighting Irishman? No. If I ask you to not refer to Notre Dame as their true mascot, would you? I hope not. I think that you are entirely wrong, this is a total political stunt. We have guys that scream because they are called he or him, girls that scream when they are called her or she. Sorry but I'm not giving into this mentally screwed up way of thinking.

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  10. 46 minutes ago, Aldo said:

    I think you are manufacturing an argument that justifies calling a group (which consists of individuals) whatever you want, even after that group (that consists of individuals) has asked you to stop.

    This isn't about being politically correct. Someone has asked you to stop calling them something. Be a decent person and stop calling them that something. This shouldn't be difficult.

    So you believe that saying "I like the Washington Redskins" is calling someone a name? It's not. It's not targeting, it's not hurtful, it's not offensive. Again, and you have never addressed this, people chose to get offended by any and everything, it's not societies responsibility to be the feelings police.

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  11. 24 minutes ago, Aldo said:

    Someone asks you to stop calling them something, what do *you* do? 

    I'm sure they'd (the school) also face a public backlash. 

    Damn, this shouldn't be difficult. When you are talking about the a Washington Redskins, you are referring to an entity, not calling an individual a name. If someone still gets upset you set them down and explain how good life can be when you aren't a weak cupcake.

  12. 1 hour ago, All About UNT said:

    Look I know you are proud of your Italian heritage and everything but not everyone sees things the way you do

    Doesn't matter what ones heritage, simple names cant possibly hurt ones feelings. People can't go through life so soft and fragile. Plus, I am not a greaser:)

    1 hour ago, Aldo said:

    Semantics with "targeted". The group a word is being aimed at. Whatever. That's not the point.

    Who gives a crap how many people, or majority or this or that.

    One person tells you to stop calling them something. Do you stop calling them that? 

    And explain to me what the agenda is about not wanting to be called "Redskin"?

    Calling a team the Redskins isn't focused at one single person so in your example above, you didn't call them anything in the first place. 

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