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  1. 3 hours ago, SilverEagle said:

    I thought I was musing/wondering/suggesting rather than bitching. Are you one of those overly sensitive millennials that starts shouting "hater" every time someone offers a critical assessment aka critique? As someone who attended an institution of higher learning, you should have learned the difference.

    Yeah, I'm a real bitcher. That's why the young man who called me from the Ticket office a month ago couldn't stay on script because he was too busy laughing at my (self deprecating) comments.

    Aaannnd that's the last time I'll do any sort of explaining of myself to you.......or anyone else for that matter.

    A millennial? What an old fart. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, Ben Gooding said:

    I mean, uh, from a financial investment standpoint...Is he wrong? 

    You would have to know how many were  giving and how many stopped giving, something your daddy wouldn't have a clue about. However, that won't stop him from running his pie hole about it.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Ben Gooding said:

    Ok, I hear you. And I keep hearing all the same things about "behind the scenes." Would a company tell its investors, "Oh, you'll just have to wait and see. It's all happening behind the scenes." 

    Also, honest question, would or would not this athletic department be in the EXACT current setup WITHOUT bringing on big overhead salaries in Mosley and Grant? If the answer is yes, vamoose. 

    Then the inevitable, easily predicted moving of the start of an athletic facility. One that just doesn't need to happen to begin with. People in the camp of wanting these 2 upgrades are ALSO in the camp of not wanting to bring baseball back because of the 0 revenue it may or may not bring in. Uhhh...but track and women's soccer are the big ticket upgrades we really need to be worrying about?

    Then, of course, the God foresaken Liberty fiasco.

    Then holding the super duper secret negotiatons close to the vest to get a big ticket opponent into Apogee...then, uh, Houston is announced. 

    Canceling a good amount of the Army series. Seems like a great idea..."Hey, let's cut away our losing program that struggles with attendance from a service academy." 

    Walking on eggshells for whatever reason to wait and fire Benford. We were put further behind the 8 ball by 365 days, at least, because of a wait and see approach athletic director. 

    The indirect refusal to cut away from some of RV's right hand men. Keeping them on....Then hiring two more big overhead personnel (already mentioned). 

    Not communicating to its constituents of MGC goals, memberships, etc. 

    Allowing the locker room (even after a 'remodel') to continue to look worse than nearby high schools. 

    Then now hearing the IPF won't get rolling until 2019 (Idea: immediately discontinue the track and soccer facility upgrades. Allot said money to the new IPF). 

    The Good...

    1. The Flag

    2. Free tix to recent grads

    3. I guess talking about facility upgrades...

    4. Tech home and home, with return game in 2048. 

    5. People will say the new bball hire, but why? He's won 0 games at UNT. I don't care what he did in 1 year at the D1 level. 

    I'm in the camp of it's more of the same until it's not. There has been an infusion of a little innovation. Outside of that, a lot of barking with minimal bites. I know a lot of people are battered and bruised due to the previous regime. So people get REALLY high on the high's and do everything at all cost to look past the lows. I'm not looking past those. Now, hit me with those -1's. 



    I bet if you started a new position at a different company and was replacing a total dolt, you wouldn't want to be considered a dolt as well just because you are in his old role. You constantly griping about the same things shows me again you don't have a grasp on what a mess WB walked into. Maybe 5k more post will convince WB what a failure he is.

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Ben Gooding said:

    That is absolutely none of your business. Creep. 

    Let's not make everything about me. You like doing that. Let's make it about concrete goals for North Texas athletics. Anyone can word anything in their favor. Especially talking in percentages when referring to athletic department improvements given our history. Talk in hard numbers or don't talk about it at all. It creates 0 accountability from the top all the way to the bottom. That is where the Rick reference steps in. Outside of some hard numbered goals that were put out very early in his tenure, he exclusively talked in percentages from there on out. WB, to my knowledge, has put out 0 hard goals. Does he need 2 years to evaluate before this happens?  

    I was asking because you don't seem to have a grasp at all for the business world. Hope you never decide to talk to a financial advisor, you will be sorely disappointed. Plus personally, I don't give a rats ass about your loud mouth and silly antics.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Ben Gooding said:

    We can talk about initiatives and projects all day, everyday, 365 days of the year. 

    I don't care about percentages either. That's the same bull Rick tried to pull. Put out concrete numbers with concrete goals while tying concrete solutions to them. Otherwise, it's literally more of the same. I'm not going to stand for an ovation until improvement actually takes place. 

    Oh, and I'm not going to get giddy about track and/or women's soccer..not never. 




    What do you do for a living?

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  6. 1 hour ago, DallasGreen said:

    I object to ANYONE frat or not remaining outside the stadium after kickoff. Should be charged with trespassing , disorderly conduct, public intoxication, minor possess /consumption or anything else that applies. This is a football game not a beer pong. Grow up or hit the road the hill is for pre/post game. During the game it should be off limits!!!!!

    Now you just greatly reduced the crowd for tailgating.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Ben Gooding said:

    Doing what we've always done hasn't worked. Branding included. 

    One poster said changing our branding infers that I'm ashamed of who we are...To that I say, that poster is damn straight, athletically speaking. I'm damn shamed. And anything and everything that can rid the old and create a new perception, I'm all for. We need any kind of boost we can get, in any way. 

    To add.. in the UNT @ UF game I rewatched...One of the announcers referred to us as the screaming eagles on national television. 

    Maybe North Texas is ashamed they ever let you in? 

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  8. On 7/13/2017 at 11:30 PM, Ben Gooding said:

    Commercials show the newest and most modern buildings on campus? Wow, who knew. 

    Not sure how long ago it was you went to school, but UNT is liberal as fuuuuuu. From the professors to the students to the recently graduated alum. Which is fine and dandy, it makes me no difference. But, this particular demographic would far more likely be found at a hookah lounge than at a football game on a Saturday evening. Not even sure why you're arguing this point. I didn't pull it out of thin air. We aren't referred to as little Austin just for shits and giggles. 

    The business and engineering departments are the 2 largest dept on campus. Why the F would you want NT to be known as a liberal college anyway?

  9. 18 hours ago, KRAM1 said:

    I used to be right there with you on this...until I saw what happened to attendance after our first HOD Bowl win when our attendance declined. For me this "win and they will come" concept just doesn't work for UNT.  I am just going to have to be proven wrong...and I hope I am because it would mean we are winning.

    I don't believe you can use one winning season as the gauge for increasing attendance, especially when we have had some many losing seasons before that. If, however, we have several winning seasons in a row and attendance is still sparse, then we definitely have a problem.

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  10. 1 hour ago, KRAM1 said:

    How familiar are you with their academics? I have worked with several Liberty grads and they were excellent...professional, knowledgeable, spoke and wrote well, showed up and stayed late, volunteered to do the little extra things around the office, did not take "days off" to take their pets to the vet like some of our employees and left their religion and philosophy at the door.  I would be more than happy to hire their grads as my experience with them was noting but positive.  Have you been to the campus?  I have...not to tour or anything., but just to walk around (I like college campuses)...pretty impressive and much larger than I expected.  And, no one tried to preach or "convert" us heathen Episcopalians while we were on the campus, but several did say hello in passing.

    but the all important measuring stick for a college campus. Was their hotties and fatties readily available?


  11. 22 hours ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    I'll check tomorrow when I'm on campus. 

    Hopefully he replies back... They took a photo as well of Wilson running in for a TD at the HoD game that I wish that they would have for sale as well. 


    Apogee should look like this every single week, regardless of the weather, time of day or opponent.

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