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  1. I agree the mid-week timing of the bowl is bad for many; but for the ones who "could" go and don't because they are protesting New Orleans or DD is just pitiful. mad.gif

    I agree completely. I think there are a lot more alum that would/could go if it were on a Fri/Sat. I know its not and whining won't do any good so you fans that can make it, be sure to make enough noise for the ones that would love to be there but can't.


  2. Yes, not enough good fans support it by going to the Bowl when they could.

    there are a lot of good fans that have jobs that absolutely can not get off that time of the year. I wish I could take off for the NO Bowl but being a Sr. Business Analyst keeps me from doing so. Its not always the fans, its the time slot that keeps us from going.

  3. KNTU beats that trash put out by ClearChannel. I mean, only with ClearChannel can you hear the same song twice on two stations within 5 minutes of each other. I'll take KNTU over a majority of Dallas radio any day,

    KNTU is a great station if you love jazz, the ordinary college student doesn't like jazz (or that's my opinion). Music students might like jazz but they make up a small % of the whole 32K enrollment. The Bone would make a great college radio format.

  4. Yeah, I understand the city didn't like drunks packed in like sardines

    If you've lived in or around Denton long enough you'll come to realize that they don't like anything but being a small quite town. Denton doesn't even like to watch a Div 1 college game in its own backyard.

  5. As soon as you write that check, oh, and a check for the Womens sport so we stay in Title IX compliance...

    Thats the only thing holding us back.

    I wrote checks to UNT for 6 semesters of undergraduate school, 4 semesters of grad school, and for dozens upon dozens of traffic violations. Am I close to funding a baseball yet?

  6. I've seen numerous pictures of the fight and to me it looks like a bunch of girls throwing punches. Usually the guys that talk the most smack are the ones jumping people when its 2 on 1 or more. Several of these guys look like wusses in a cat fight.

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  7. Only 246 out of 700 have the energy to fill out a form. That is almost as pathetic as student involvment in athletics. Maybe the students learn their laziness or unwillingness to participate from the faculty. I think Pohl ought to lay the hammer down and tell some of these dinosaurs we call faculty members to support their employer or go teach somewhere else. Damn sure wouldn't be hard to replace some of the deadheads.

  8. Well one of the things so great about the country is people has the right to protest.  As disrespectful as it is to turn your back to the flag, it IS a form of protest. 

    Hell it's every bit as valid as marching in the streets or just hanging out with signs protesting war(both of which have been done here recently).  Do I like it?  No, but they have every right to it....it's part of what makes the USA such a great country.

    Come on CMJ, you know the little jerkwad wasn't doing it as a form of protest, he was doing it to be a little dick. Most people that protest things don't do it because they feel strongly for the cause, they do it because the little wusses didn't get enough attention from mommy at home, therefore, they need attention now. I've got a suggestion for the little bastard, go protest by defending Saddam from the impending doom that is about to be bestowed upon his royal arse.

    God bless America!!

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