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  1. 2 hours ago, TheTastyGreek said:

    Sad if anyone felt that way, but obviously not. Destruction of property is terrible under all circumstances, and anyone who would focus on this incident and the death of this woman just because it happened a day and a half ago and it's the specific subject of the thread is a jerk or a fool.

    When lefty protestors damage property because of their extremist views, we need to hold them accountable. That's why I'm hoping the authorities make a few more arrests in Charlottesville and give proper consequences to those responsible for damage to this poor guy's car. 

    That guy's Dodge is probably totaled. Obviously, the dead woman is going to get away scott free, though hopefully they can sue her relatives or something to recover some of the replacement cost. But, for the other 19 (or however many) people that wrecked his bumper, his hood, his windshield, or what have you? Cuff them to their hospital beds and throw the book at them. Ideally, at a part of their body that didn't already get hit by a car. Otherwise, it'll just give them something else to whine about. 

    It's easy to look at a gathering of Nazis, Klansmen, and such, and get distracted by a few crybabies whining about a couple dozen people getting intentionally mauled with a car or beaten with metal pipes. We need to make sure we don't lose perspective on what really matters, which is damaged property, whether now or from months ago.

    Neither side is innocent. Hold everyone responsible. Because the only thing worse than a liberal bleeding heart is a literal bleeding heart that ruins the paint job on someone's sweet Challenger. 

    You said so yourself in your previous post and in this post. Maybe you should  stop trying to be a funny guy (You are not funny) and injecting humor into serious subjects. You find this humorous as well?


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  2. 2 hours ago, TheTastyGreek said:

    I hadn't heard about that "Berkley" situation... Presumably because whatever property got destroyed wasn't run over by a car with a corpse in its grille and two dozen injured human beings getting dragged along behind it. 

    Still, though, I think it's important right now that we denounce ALL extremism, not focus on the neo-Nazis and Confederacy worshippers in Charlottesville just because a few snowflakes got their safe spaces invaded by a Dodge bumper or a few steel poles. All Protestors Matter, damnit. We mustn't forget it. 

    So I guess violence and rioting and destruction of others property is only bad if someone is killed? Sad..

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  3. 2 hours ago, KRAM1 said:

    Might just be me, but I don't think this tragedy is anything to make light of or to use for personal reasons.  These neo-Nazi types are full of stinking thinking (a term originated by Zig Ziegler by the way) and anyone who cannot see that isn't looking.  This type of situation is nothing to make light of in the hopes of getting a shot in at someone.  These idiots are nuts and are creating a situation that can harm a lot of innocent people. It is nothing to be cute about or to use for personal reasons. These fools need to be handled by the legal authorities and procecuted in our courts of law.  Sad day, sad situation and even more sad when someone makes light of it for personal reasons.

    I agree, thelse people are complete losers  just like the fascist at Berkley destroying property because they didn't want to hear Ann Coulter speak. I refuse to call then antifa because they are definitely fascist in wanting to control what others think, say, and hear. No extremists are completely innocent of violence.

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  4. Do you think someone that donates $50 deserves to be listened to as much as someone that donates $1000? 

    1 hour ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    Why would he heck here when people tweet at him and replies that way... The AD office though should open up a spot even a part time job or an additional duty to have someone interact and bring issues posted here to him, I think. Also would provide insight into some issues that need to be fixed on gameday, etc as well that he can control

    99.37% of the postings on this board are complete and utter gibberish. Yes, that includes my stupid nonsense as well. Go back and read some of the irrational crap that gets discussed here and you will understand why WB and staff should stay clear of this constant circle jerk.

    53 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    Wonder why he thought it worth a view in doing due diligence, but is not worth the effort now.   


    Like I stated before, nothing of decent substance comes from this forum. It took him one visit to understand our lack of understanding in many areas.

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  5. 3 hours ago, GrandGreen said:

    If Baker is being truthful, he is not as smart as I thought.  

    Why wouldn't any AD check their fan site often?  I can't believe anyone in that position would not want to know what their most ardent fans think.   He may not agree with much of anything and think most of us are sports idiots, but I would think it is actually part of his job to try to follow the fan base.  

    Baker's tweet did nothing to enhance my opinion of him.   I don't believe that he can't eke out a few minutes of his busy work week to check in on his fan base.   There is only one reason for him to not spend that time and that is he doesn't want to read criticism and that is not a good trait for a leader. 

    I have a lot of acquaintances that are fans and none of them have been  on this site or even heard of it. I think a small handful of fans frequent the board, most fans get there fix other ways.

    3 hours ago, GrandGreen said:

    If Baker is being truthful, he is not as smart as I thought.  

    Why wouldn't any AD check their fan site often?  I can't believe anyone in that position would not want to know what their most ardent fans think.   He may not agree with much of anything and think most of us are sports idiots, but I would think it is actually part of his job to try to follow the fan base.  

    Baker's tweet did nothing to enhance my opinion of him.   I don't believe that he can't eke out a few minutes of his busy work week to check in on his fan base.   There is only one reason for him to not spend that time and that is he doesn't want to read criticism and that is not a good trait for a leader. 

    Most of us aren't just sports idiots, we are idiots in general.

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  6. 1 hour ago, All About UNT said:

    Don't you sell insurance for a living or some such? Next time I want your uneducated opinion on something geo-political and obviously outside of your expertise... I'll let you know. You're right I am an asshole but at least I'm not a fake ass know it all.

    I'll be stepping away from this thread and every other political thread within this forum.

    Your mad because I asked you to point out where I was wrong in stating that Barry drew a line in the sand and that Barry recanted his line. That is not being a fake know it all, it's being correct.

    Actually I am in finance but whether it's finance or insurance, you are an asshole.



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  7. 24 minutes ago, All About UNT said:

    Actually you didn't mention Barry until after my initial post Beta Man-Child.  "Butthurt"..... lol.


    Again you bring nothing to the table.  Once upon a time Kram....  I applied for 7 major intelligence agencies in that a portion of what I did for the Navy was actual intelligence-related.  Studying foreign weapons platforms was an obsession and one that I got sent to a school in Dam Neck VA to hone in on that.  Your opinion on NK is as valid as the next guy's but if someone is more informed that you on the matter then maybe you should step aside and learn a thing or two.  When 36% of the country can point at NK on a f'in map I have to be skeptical of what the next average Joe's "opinion" is on the matter.  I am not saying I am 100% correct but I won't stand down when I see morons throwing shit on a wall and hoping something sticks.

    So to summarize this entire thread, you are an asshole. 

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  8. 15 minutes ago, All About UNT said:

    Well your guess is not based in reality.  Russia is responsible for launching NK's program in the late 50's.  They trained the scientists and taught them everything they needed to know.  Roughly 60 years later those scientists have cultivated enough research to internally create bombs.  They created their first Nuke Reactor in the mid-80s and of course once they have completed that task the bomb portion is a matter of time.  Either way.......Iran and NK learned about nuclear technology from the Russians.  You know... the guys that pay Donnie to look after their interests. 

    I stated my opinion, quit being an asshole. Several news sources has stated the same. (That Iran has provided nuclear components to NK, not that you are an asshole). But if they met you, I am sure they would agree. And as far as the Russians paying anybody, look at the exorbitant speaking fees they paid slick Willy and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Many are bashing President Trump for his comments about North Korea. How many of these same people would go crazy if, God forbid this nut in N.K. fired a missile at the U.S. for doing nothing to stop them.

    P.S. - A couple of things about their missile program -

    1) it didn't just start up when Trump was elected. Why did the other nations let it get this far?

    2) I would love to see who is really behind the rapid growth in technology. My guess, China

    My guess is Iran.

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  10. 53 minutes ago, All About UNT said:

    Yeah you're right he did walk back. He walked back from engaging Assad's Syrian Arab Army which is allied with Russia who controls your buddy Donnie. I would love to pick your brain about the idiosyncrasies of the conflict in Syria but I have a feeling you don't have a whole lot to offer on the subject

    You have those feelings based on what? It's obvious my statement got you upset, I was just asking a simple, basic question. yes, there are many moving parts in the Syrian War, numerous ethnic groups working for and against each other and alliances going to the highest bidder. My simple statement was that Barry made a very stern statement and when Al-Assad didn't play along like he hoped, he walked back from his statement. Barry was well aware of the idiosyncrasies that existed.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, All About UNT said:

    Yeah cool story. You're right he's super tough and stuff. You know those bone spurs and his personal Vietnam of STDs. Real tough guy. If you're talking about Obama drawing a line in Syria that was definitely a mistake but was also during a phase in the Civil War were there actually was a slightly democratic-leaning Rebel group which later got taken over by jihadists. but you keep being an expert on shit that you're not an expert on

    Did I melt you a bit? Making a statement, a truthful one, is now being an expert.

    Did Barry make that statement, draw a line in the sand....yes

    Did Barry walk back from that statement and not follow through.....yes

    Please point out what part of my statement is incorrect.

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  12. 33 minutes ago, All About UNT said:

    China would never go to war with the US over NK.  They view NK like one would view their black sheep little brother that goes around the neighborhood wanting to fight everyone only rushing back to the big brother to get protection.

    The reason China "protects" them is because if NK becomes a failed state then all the refugees will flew north.  To the south NK has built massive minefields and when NK refugees do leave for SK they almost always go through China. They hardly need millions of refugees all clamoring for manufacturing jobs to flood their cities while China struggles to employ their own people.  It is well known that this point that many people in NK have Chinese cellphones and even are accessing Chinese internet (esp in the northern cities) as their portal to the outside world.  The black market in NK is the only reason the Kim Regime has not fallen.  Think of it as the same as the Saudi Royal Family allowing Wahhabi schools and terrorist groups to ferment on SA lands.  Don't be naive and think that the NK people are not aware of what occurs in the outside world.

    Over the course of the last 30 years the NK tactic of saber-rattling tends to intensify when they need something.  That something has almost always been food.  They will "settle down" for 2 million bags of rice.  I am not saying that we should cave in and satisfy this childish behavior but merely pointing out their tendencies to escalate conflict when they had a bad harvest.  

    President Bigly has stated that if NK persists they will see "fire and fury like the world has never seen"  which we know is bullshit rhetoric from a guy desperate for a Wag the Dog scenario.  Orange loves to speak of things as if they are the greatest of all time.  We all know that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not events to tout as if they are "fuck you we're the best" scenarios.  They were arguably necessary events to bring about the closure of the War in the Pacific.  You didn't see Truman spouting off about being super-duper powerful and bigly.  He acted presidential......which.... this clown will never be capable of.  Notice he is super quick to talk shit about NK knowing they won't ever actually go to war.... while we wait for him to say anything bad about Russia's hacking into the DNC and RNC?  Or all of the bots that Russia has employed on Social Media in order to spread false news or to hype minor events.  

    TLDR... No we won't go to war with NK because China would step in and broker the peace.  Or there is always the case that someone slips through the cracks and takes out Kim Jung Un thought he has been extremely proficient at purging his closest circle.  Either way... the Draft Dodger in Chief doesn't need to embarrass us with bigly-time statements like Fire and Fury that only make the situation worse and make us look like a circus sideshow. Speak softly and carry a big stick or some such recommendation.  

    This is not true.... NK actually sent a platoon of assassins to the Blue House (SK Whitehouse) in 1968 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_House_raid to assassinate the President of SK.  I would call that the biggest escalation since the cessation of hostilities on the DMZ.

    Or he could draw a line in the sand like someone else to only retreat from that line like a coward.

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  13. 16 hours ago, Aldo said:

    IT'S BECA- ahem. It's because we're not good at football. That's it. Kept bad administration, hired bad coaches, produced a bad product.

    Not the weird education excuse you're taking it out on.

    We have pumped literal millions into it. People have donated literal millions.

    That's not apathy.

    if that were the case, there wouldn't be a SMU helmet anywhere.

  14. 14 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    The second he decides to send a missile over the border towards Seoul or across the Sea of Japan, then it's U.S VS China... allies & all.

    No its not. China isn't getting in a war with the US over a little piss ant country like NK. Even China is getting tired of their crap along with all of the UN as shown with a 15-0 vote for more crippling sanctions. Also, Kim is ignorant but he isn't that ignorant. Blowing smoke like he does is one thing, actually following through is completely different. Before NK does anything stupid like launch a missile at anyone, someone in Kim's inner group will put a bullet in his head.

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