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  1. ummm If we werent first....how much did we pay for that?
  2. I would like us to go back to our 3rd down music/ chant. And I would also like to hear more from the drumline, isolated in game. Having said that, this year was the best brigade I have seen/heard in decades. Loved the UNT JAZZ routine the first time I saw it.
  3. Mean Green Chile Chicken Tacos w Mex Slaw. Word
  4. Hello lover. For valentines day I got you...
  5. All freshmen park at Stadium Blue lot. I know, I have a freshman there now.
  6. The irony, it was North Texas that basically started the Snyder era.
  7. He broke his foot 2nd game of the season. He's had all season to rehab. He'll be good to go.
  8. I was there, and may have been among those that took the field after for assorted measures of disrespect. I went down with about 70 dudes, huge caravan. We had a big crowd and were loud as hell. I had a headache for days from all the yelling. Hell of a game. FFR can go into more details about the screw job, but one thing I seem to remember was the terrible offset in penalties. I think UT only had one flag thrown and it was for holding. To this day it was one of the best and worst games I have ever been to.
  9. Fighting Irish to Big 12 allows them to keep their indy TV deal. Big 12 is the only conf in a position to offer that. If Irish join, then the idea of Big 12 poaching from the SEC (Ark, Mizzu), Big 10 (Nebraska, Penn St) or Pac (CO) is not that far fetched. It aint all over yet.
  10. I have 4 Tix & Parking for ODB. 1st row, corner of endzone...very fresh will trade for booze, $20 Torchys gift card or vigorous high fives
  11. Sooo...does that mean we are to wear black as well?
  12. I have 4 tickets and parking available for UTSA game. First row, corner of endzone. Trade for booze. PM me, Ill check back on Wed.
  13. And yet it is still used on the athletic letter jackets...
  14. You were lucky to have a hole in the ground...we were evicted from our hole in the ground and had to go live in the lake!
  15. The Collective here in the Fort is an interesting choice, given that Rahr, Hop Fusion, Chimera & Wild Acre are all within a couple miles on the South Side. The Collective specializes funky sours. And it is a really tiny space. I like sours, so I hang out there often, but unlike other breweries, they have no answer for the guy who says "what do you have thats like coors lt or corona". Ill be there, pucker up.
  16. I've preached on this before. Jerry building his tomb in Arlington it has forced him to brand any big events as North Texas Superbowl, North Texas Final 4...etc. By default we get name awareness for North Texas to hundreds of millions for free. We would be idiots to go solely with UNT. Now, a rebrand...I have never been a fan of the give it to me lance font or the judas priest eagle we use, but any trip through the Union says the eagle is here to stay.
  17. Went to frog game last night. Their $72 Mil renovation is beautiful. They have a really cool all sports hall of fame / all american / trophy section. Amazing how much smaller their 7K seat gym feels than our 10K seats.
  18. This kid can fly. I've been watching him for 4 years. Track Stud. 247 profile
  19. I bought mine through the HOD website. Gameday - Parking - look in the bullet copy for link. But it says they were on sale till 12/16. You can pay to park on game day, be sure you have $20 cash. No cards.
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