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  1. 37 minutes ago, BillySee58 said:

    I always come back to that when SMU fans start talking about their Big 12 dreams. I just find it incredibly hard to imagine a school that clearly inflates its attendance numbers and still struggles to break 20K would have much viability in the Big 12.

    That's why the state schools left them behind when the SWC broke apart. Baylor too, if it hadn't been for Ann Richards. SMU still lives and dreams they are still in the forty's and still relevant.


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  2. 7 minutes ago, I Always Mean Green said:


    Here's a great one. Most of the comments regarding UNT here are not great. 

    Ex: "North Texas, Rice, and UAB are good fits institutionally, but not athletically. UNT and UAB are big R1 schools, and Rice is prestigious/massive endowment. But the sustained on-the-field success hasn’t been there (as a UNT alum I can attest)"

    "UNT and Rice are just absolutely awful awful adds. Aresco messed up.

    "...You already have SMU in the Dallas Metroplex so North Texas makes no sense. ..."


    I'm not going to go find every negative UNT comment because that's absurd but the Athletic is my go to. But the general public thinks we don't belong. You may not care about the public opinion of the school (which you probably do) but its just disheartening. 

    "Just win, baby!" - Al Davis

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  3. 52 minutes ago, Tom McKrackin said:

    I have it from a very good source who is a season ticket holder at SMUt that there is a last minute uprising of their big money donors to force Rick Hart the SMU AD to disavow NT from joining their conference.   Please keep Wren and company at the AD in your prayers as they and their lawyers battle to fend off this last minute attack from the Hilltop.  SMU wants nothing to do with NT and I will not believe that we join them in a conference until I see it in writing and duplicate.

    Screw them! I think Arresco(SP) has the bigger picture in mind. smut is only looking out for themselves so they can suck it!


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  4. 2 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    Just my take.

    1.  Entirely mismanaged the QB situation this year.  You have Aune returning that had a pretty good 2020 season.  Not great but not terrible.  He has had all summer to work with his receivers building rapport and timing.  He has quietly bided his time, shared the position last year with Bean who up and left for KU, so his expectation is that the job is his.  Ruder shows up via the TP a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of the season and he "earns" the starting position.  Here's the issue.  All the work Aune put in is gone.  The WR's now have to build timing, etc. with Ruder.  The worst part is the results and what it has done to the QB's mentally.  Ruder was thrown into the fire when he wasn't ready, failed, forced the issue and continued to fail only to get benched.  Aune probably felt like the position was given away and all his hard work was wasted which can be tough mentally.  Ruder fails, Aune is pressed back in to the starting spot and is a mess.  This all falls at the feet of Littrell.  The mismanagement of the QB room has ruined two QB's confidence and thus the offense.  Plus, if I were Martin or Gilmore, I'm gone.  Next year we will be lucky to have Aune or Ruder with Drummond as the backup and I am not sold on him.

    2. Entirely mismanaged Bloesch.  He should not be calling plays.  I understand wanting to hold onto him, but make him AHC/OL but not OC.  The play calling is stagnant and the OL has regressed.  Another sign of SL's mismanagement.

    3.  Defense.  I don't think Reff was that bad, but he wasn't given much to work with as SL really focused on offense when he arrived.  Due to SL's lack of roster management and oversight of the entire program, he was left with no choice but to fire Reff, and then he put zero effort in finding an upgrade and we ended up with Bowen who has spent his career at that defensive juggernaut, KU.  In desperation, he lures Bennett out of retirement to fix this mess.

    This all points to the inability to manage the program.  We need a Mack Brown type HC.  A great spokesman for the program, builds relationship, knows how to manage the entire program, hires strong coordinators and assistants to do the day to day coaching.  SL looks like a coach at a dead end who can't figure out how to turn it around.  His postgame quotes reinforce this when he basically says he doesn't know how to fix the problem.

    Which illustrates why we need a young, experienced, successful HC to lead us.

  5. 16 minutes ago, emmitt01 said:

    1) Is this season going well?

    2) Does it seem like the team has quit?

    3) If the team has quit, is it a coaching problem with Littrell?  

    4) Did we perhaps overpay for Littrell, making it hard to let him go?  

    5) Is it Wren Baker’s fault Littrell hasn’t been let go?  

    6) If I state ad nauseum that Wren should let Littrell go, in every thread, will it make the situation magically better?   Do these things work on a quantity of words system?

    7) Are we happy in our current conference?  

    8. How does everyone feel about black uniforms?  How about gray?  


    If someone could just answer all of these for me, we could shut the board down for the next month or so until basketball season.  




    You forgot helmet talk!

  6. 29 minutes ago, Side.Show.Joe said:

    I say there are a lot of losses over the past few season that could have been avoided had Wren dealt with this situation. Wren has a lot to answer for. It is time to fire people. At this point, there can be no other outcome.

    I believe Wren will fire Seth when the time is right. However, getting our asses kicked in an empty stadium may accelerate things a bit. I hope we hire the Sam Houston coach soon so that recruiting isn't affected too much. As someone mentioned, the buyout for conference realignment might be the sticking point. Seth is not helping our cause and looks totally defeated on the sideline. This is a bad time to be sucking and we'll probably suffer for it for years to come.

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