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  1. Breaking school records is great. Congrats to all involved.
  2. Now check this out! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...2170738770&rd=1 It'll look good framed on my wall.
  3. Maybe he had family near there or something. You can never be sure what all affects a kid's decision.
  4. There's usually alot of cool NT stuff on ebay. You just gotta look for it.
  5. No kidding. Actually we need just about everything.
  6. I think the Lakers will have a tough series. The Timberwolves are tough at home and they split this season.
  7. Can't say I ever "liked" him...but I sure as hell respected him. I'm sorry to see him put up the sneakers.
  8. At the very least he sounds like he'll be an excellent role player.
  9. Can't say the Mavericks will be televised here..though I'm sure the Lakers or Clippers will.
  10. ESPN...and I'll probably watch as well.
  11. It's almost shocking he turned it down the first time.
  12. Roy was in a win/win situation. He couldn't go wrong with either place. Still people in Kansas are ready to jump off a cliff.
  13. I think we're bringing in a shooter in the recruiting class. However finding players who can hit from the perimeter will be a big problem more than likely.
  14. Usually it's free CaraBear.
  15. Historically they do. Northridge isn't too far from where i am...I shoulda tried to go, but it was a bad day.
  16. They did pretty well out here in California a few weeks ago.
  17. Eh Coach Knight has a knack for this...no surprise.
  18. Augusta should be able to have whatever admission standards they choose...but this public battle is making them look very bad. I find it kinda unfair actually.
  19. Sad to see for the Hilltoppers. No dount a great oppurtunity for Felton, but it's painful when a respected coach in a non-power league jumps ship for the Big Boys.
  20. I never meant to sound critical Cerebus.
  21. Not necessarily with music. People can debate and discuss that without getting heated. The others...I generally agree with.
  22. No doubt you are a funny guy when you want to be. Maybe they mixed it up. Or maybe they harbor a grudge. I can't speak for them. The again, like you said...even if I tried they wouldn't read it anyways.
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