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Status Updates posted by CMJ

  1. Well 8:11 pm has passed. I am assuming SkyNet just became self aware. It was fun knowing you all!

  2. is hollow inside

  3. is cautiously optimistic.

    1. Mean Green Matt

      Mean Green Matt

      At the very least it is a step in the right direction!

  4. hopes thisULL game tonight goes our way.

    1. Quoner


      Stop doing these posts

    2. NT03


      Don't say $h!t about the Denver game

    3. CMJ


      Made no difference.

      Besides, I made a post several weeks back about going to 3-1 in league play -- and we did. So, I can't be blamed for the jinx.

  5. wants to go 3-1 in SBC play tonight.

  6. was just kidding about looking forward to that MTSU game.

  7. was just kidding about looking forward to that MTSU game.

  8. is looking forward to MTSU

  9. is most pleased to be 10-2.

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    2. Mean Green Matt

      Mean Green Matt

      I'm still pissed about the SHSU loss.

    3. CMJ


      I'm not - totally anticipated a loss in that one.

    4. NT03


      I'm glad we lost that game the way we did. I bet we never play like that again for the remainder of the season

  10. is rather optimistic about our basketball team

  11. says "Beat UTA"

  12. is excited he'll be in DFW soon.

  13. is trying to decide when to visit NT this fall.

  14. wonders why this update thingy doesn't seem to work anymore

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