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  1. Voted, twice. This thread should probably be pinned.
  2. Not a lot of natural talent; but he seems to bring his lunch pail everyday.
  3. He sounded great. Hopefully the ath dept took notes....like people paid to tout the university.
  4. Might wanna tap the breaks there. Being one of the only students wearing UNT swag, promoting Talons in an empty Super Pit and on and on have earned Emmitt quite a bit if equity in this arena. And quite honestly, his point us that we are seeing the same stuff we saw under DD and under TD. It boils down to this: We can say things are different. But there bit different until we get different results (bball under JJ versus Trilli for example)
  5. Need to stack athletic kids like they are cordwood. Some to take snaps, others to play safety or linebacker.
  6. Yeah, there was them. Torrential downpour. I remember heading down to the bleachers in the end zone to use the walk ways like a giant slip n slide.
  7. Seems like a lot of torn labias on this board.
  8. Impressive spot for Tony. Not sure II buy the Mavs at 17 (they seem to be working hard to earn a lottery pick)
  9. He is number 74 on the Orangebliods Texad top 100 list. http://rivals.yahoo.com/texas/football/recruiting/rankings/rank-3017 Guessing that would make him a three star prospect (which equates to a 8.5 Emfinger rating, I think)
  10. If I remember right UNT went through this with several years ago...someone associated with campus police, if I remember right.
  11. Please bookmark this thread, for the next debate on whether we still think like a small time school. We should hope our best basketball player does as well as he can, ans relish in all the media attention that brings.
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