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  1. Injury update: After spending a couple of hours in the Baylor Medical Center (Irving) ER, X-rays were completed. They thought the clavicle (collarbone) muscles were bruised, but the sonagram showed both muscles were torn. The doctor gave me a shot, a sling, and Vicodin. (I dont like needles, but the Vicodin is ok) I'm out of the football business for 2 to 4 weeks. (My Crescent team doesnt start practicing again until March, so I'm good there) Sorry for letting the white team down...I should have played better. Dont worry Emmitt, I will be ready for the Spring game in March, and we get another shot. Still, it was a great time!! If you're going to take a beating, at least get it from the guys you love!!!! Thanks to everyone for a great game and a good time!! Congrats Green team for great game. (That last TD catch she made after I tipped the ball AB threw was amazing!!!) Who knew there so much talent on that team.. See you guys at the next BBall game!! GMG!!!
  2. Great job Queenie...you are the best, and thanks to all who helped get the shirts ready. Game-time is fast approacing! GMG!!!
  3. Bring Kryptonite, Green Warriors. That's the only way you stop the Blinding-White on this day!!!! GMG!!!
  4. Reminds me of the movie "Forget Paris" with Billy Crystal as a NBA official. He tossed eveybody in one game, fans, players, celebrities, even the other refferrees...hee-hee. He even tossed Isaah Thomas who was just sitting in the stands watching. Isaah Thomas asked him "Wait, what did I do?", and Billy Crystal replied.."I dont know, but your still outta here!!!" GMG!!!
  5. #37 has long since been spoken for my brother....sorry. I've had that number on Mean Green Jerseys for 6 years...(I already gave the info, but the name is Thomas, #37, White) GMG!!
  6. Saturday weather on DMN.com predicts partly sunny, with a high of 64 - low of 40. Sounds like football weather!!! GO WHITE!!! GMG!!!
  7. White team: large. (#37 if we are doing numbers)... Thanks a mil!!! GMG!!!
  8. Trash talk 101....now this is more like it!!!! See you guys Saturday... GMG!!!
  9. The best thing about this football game is that we are all still friends after this "tail-whipin" ends. I think the green team has plenty to keep their heads up for. They could play the best game of their lives..and only lose by 21. They could be watching Two Dollar Pistol (who wont be, right?) and then realize her husband is in THEIR huddle? (Good luck getting away with those comments, boys....) Just remember, when it's all over....we are supporters of the #1 team in the SBC. That makes us all winners! (Unless you are on the green team...the scoreboard will be a little depressing) GMG!!!
  10. I agree, the green team has a real chance...of course if they throw, we'll intercept. If they run, they'll lose yards or fumble. Wait, I should say something positive to lift their spirits...they should have some hope?Fear not Green warriors...you can always try a feild goal on first down. Wait, who would kick it???? You guys are soooo screwed!!!! GMG!!! (hee-hee-hee)
  11. I think the the green team has a very good chance of winning this football game. Of course, Several white team players would have to "no show"... Come to think of it, ALL the white team would have to no-show!!!! GMG!!!
  12. "Superfans": Let's say Medpilot and Ironman miss da plane and Emmitt has to play da green team by himself?" Phil:I got Emmitt by 10. Al: Emmitt in a landslide George: Emmitt scores a hundred, then sits in the stands and has a brat and beer for the entire fourth quarter. GMG!!!
  13. I may be speaking out of turn here, but the worry is not what kind of shape you will be in. My concern is that you may be seeing three of everything at kickoff. If we are on opposite teams, try to cover the one on the right. If we are on the same team, stick with the guy in the middle.... GMG!!!
  14. This athlete has fire and motivated to win. Many have observed his antics at the football and basketball games, and have been greatly impressed! The "BOMBA" chant at the basketball game last night was especially entertaining.... [side note: TDP is his wife, so comments about the green hair will do little to shake his confidence] GMG!!!
  15. A leader in the locker room, this lineman gets noticed on and off the field...mostly by the police, Sherriff's department, public defenders office, local judges, DPS, and the Department of Animal Control....(dont ask). GMG!!!
  16. A true athlete that breaks the myth that females cant play football. No one will receive as much attention, or be watched as much as, or be closer covered than this little receiver!!!
  17. Emmitt has quite a storied athletic past. After leading his first little-league football team (the "Twinkies") to their first ever winning season, Emmitt set his sites on bigger an better things. The Three-time "Best Blanket" winner of the national kniting competition, Emmitt went back to his football roots to see if his knitting successes would translate to the gridiron. After years of paying his dues, carrying towels and water bottles, and watching less talented...but more inteligent players reach the limelite...Emmitt was READY. Now, poised to make his name a household word, Emmitt took to the parking lot on a warm sarturday in Norman. Facing him would be one of the best "cover" safeties in Beer-league football!!! Scared, and unsure, Emmitt glanced across the line to face the #37 jersey that continued to haunt him in his sleep. Medpilot was there, and this was no nightmare!!! Emmitt would have to make his name against one of the best players to ever take the concrete. As the ball was snapped, a voice inside of Emmitt began to wisper the words that will forever remain the banner of underachieving receivers everywhere...."Go on...this guy cant hurt you..you are so plastered that you wouldnt feel it anyway!!!"....... Those famouse words ringing confidently in Emmitts ears, he lept across the line and started his route! Medpilot stepped into him and delivered a ferroucious JAM, but Emmitt was not to be denied. Down the parking lot he flew like a missile, and the ball was on it's way!!! All Emmitt had to do was make the catch, and make it he did!!! It was a TOUCHDOWN as the crowd went wild!!! The little Twinkie had grown up and made his dreams come true!!!! When interviewed after the game, Medpilot was quoted as saying "That kid is fast!!!, but he smells like Jack Daniels???" GMG!!!
  18. Former high school QB with a strong arm and good receiving skills. Not the best blocker, but good field vision. Has a record of one win and one loss against Emmitt in Alumni football contests. (Picked off Neon-Don MCGee in last years Almni Spring game). GMG!!!
  19. Some of you probably have already heard it, but I just browsed through the ESPN College football site. I was looking at the Sunbelt Conference page there, and stumbled onto the interview Todd did with Coach Dickey on ESPN radio. I must admit that 90% was very good for the University and great fun to listen to, but there were a couple of comments that just keep coming back when Coach Dickey does interviews. First, DD again told Todd that EVERYONE gave up on those kids two years ago and abandoned them? That simply is not the truth. We did question how effective Darrell Dickey was as a head coach (Myself included...I admit that), but we NEVER gave up on this team? I had two very good friends on that squad (Dustin Dean and Ron Paris) and I was there for every single game to support them. As I look around at the majority of the people who post on this board, I see most of the people who are there now were also there two years ago when Dickey said we all abandoned these kids? I know he has a "humble" sense of humor, but this was said on ESPN national radio.. We questioned Dickey's ability to lead the team...not the players???? Second, I realize we are not a big time program, but to keep giving the impression we are a small program is unnecessary. If you listen to the audio clip, he tells Todd that the Alum support and money "What little there is" is an issue. He is probably right , but do you say that on ESPN radio? There are noticeable improvements this season over what there has been in the past. YES, we have a larger hill to climb, but we are moving up....not down. Again, I like Coach Dickey....as most of us do. What he has done for this University and the football program cannot be praised enough...but please go easy on the alum support, Coach? We are there, and have been there for these kids. There are times when we have issues with the "Old Ball Coach's play calling", but that is the case everywhere. Lou Holtz said it best... "Half the people watching want me to run for President...the other half wants me to run for my life!!!" GMG!!!
  20. Uh???......nope. (I thought Huey Lewis was doing Tele-tubby video's now? Tough to get work, I guess...) GMG!!!
  21. Whoa??? I was hoping he just had a problem with Algebra???? I hope this turns out to be bad info. He is a really good kid. GMG!!!
  22. Good write-up Harry. I didnt see Lamario Hollis mentioned in the DB depths...did something happen with him? I am glad to hear Cass Starks is ready to play. Also, I was under the impression Joey Byerly may get a red-shirt this season? Thanks for the great work!! GMG!!!
  23. Sorry to skew the numbers, guys, but I will continue to read his posts also. I read everyones additons to the topics here. GG is a bit out there...true. However, he is also passionate about North Texas. I can sift through the posts meant for entertainment purposes to get to the ones that hit home. I realize this experiment is mostly out of jest..at least that is what I hope? GG is important to the board, and to the group. Maybe our efforts would be better spent avoiding topics like "White Squirrells" for mascots? Personally, I need a laugh every now and then. Maybe some of his posts are over the edge, but he means well and is very committed. (and maybe he should be committed). Just kidding GG. We talk Mean Green Football. That is our lot in life on this board, and all who do so are important. On the other hand, I would be more cautious about calling OU fans names when we will have to walk through them to get to and from our bus????? GMG!!!
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