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  1. Great deal for Lance and the Cowboys! Just stay Healthy 25 and next year's payday could be much larger! Imagine a healthy Romo and Bryant, with a healthy Dunbar AND McFadden for an entire season? Could be a special year for the offense. Now about that Cowboy Defense.. yikes? Just pick a good Defensive player at 4, Jerry. Drafting quality players works if you do it right. No trading down or swapping picks needed this year. 

    "And with the 4th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft,  the Dallas Cowboys select Jalen Ramsey, DB.. Florida State."

    See how easy that was????


  2. I know his injuries are a major concern for Dallas, but what if he does a "Gronk" and makes it back better than ever? 105.3 Mike Fisher reported this morning that Chip Kelly has a big interest in Dunbar. I would hate it if he was no longer a Cowboy, but I will root for the guy no matter where he plays. Lance is a great guy and should have a great NFL career.

    I cant help thinking.. If Lance signs in San Francisco and plays well without injury?, Dallas must just be jinxed. Other players struggled here and play well in other cities.(Andre Holmes, Sterling Moore, Danny Amendola, etc.)



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  3. The black jerseys worked, so those should have stayed,

    The HOD Bowl, how great that D played!

    Our coaches then fizzled and stopped showing up,

    66-7, couldn't help throwing up.

    What would it take to write a new book?,

    No more Coach Mac, we fired the crook.

    Our football was bad, it's worse now I guess,

    Sir Calvin is gone, who anchors this mess? 

    I watch Ponies practice, It doesn't seem fair,

    I go to their home games..can pick any chair.

    Black or green jerseys.. I really don't care,

    Just win a damn game, RV.. act like you care!


    (a small poem from the mind of a disgruntled Alum) 





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  4. DTCF again with blah blah blah..The truth is (and not exactly a shock to anyone) that we are starting over from scratch. New system, new coaching staff, new offensive system, new QB, Goodbye TE's, JUCO's on D must adapt to a defensive scheme that bends and wont break, and 0 all conference players. We know it's time to be realists and simply HOPE for 3 wins, but that is not a bad thing right now? We may only win a few games this year but we will show more aggressive play calling and score more points. That will be exciting football to watch, even in the games we lose. It takes time and a real financial investment to make a football team better, and this season we have committed to both.The future is where are looking now, and I'm good with it.

    Of course anything is possible. My personal request of coach Litrell.. please at least beat SMUsed AND the Highway Chickens this season. 50 -14 in each game would be nice, but I'll take a win by 3 if that seems greedy. 


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  5. Well some of us care.. I take a few of our Bat Buster Select Softball players up to North Texas a few times each year to watch college softball. (That is the only shot I have at getting my daughter to think about playing for our Mean Green) Good to see the UNT Girls are off to a good start. 

    Now before UNT90 chimes in on how RV is ultimately responsible for a Softball post on a Football forum?, it's time to R..U..N..N..O..F..T.


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  6. If Coach Litrell's offense works, we should have at least one WR invited next year. Numbers speak volumes, and that Air-Raid offense will post numbers. I have made the decision to forget the last few years of the no-draft, no-combine, no-Senior Bowl invitee nonsense and be more positive about the future. Seth will make us better and we will score a ton of points. That should get our players noticed and invited. Now, regarding the UTSA player invited from this year's Highway-Chicken's team? How can that guy get an invite to the combine after the so-so season (45 catches for 566 and 5 touchdowns?) and a losing team record. Oh, and then there's a guy named Brelan Chancellor from North Texas who didn't get an invite to the 2014 combine. Remind me again what that guy did at North Texas?

    • Rushed for two touchdowns in the Heart of Dallas Bowl victory over UNLV 
    • Made six receptions for 74 yards and finished the Bowl win with 181 all-purpose yards 
    • Named the 2013 Conference USA Special Teams Player of the Year 
    • Named first-team Conference USA punt returner and kick returner, only second player in league history to do so
    • Earned second-team C-USA honors as a wide receiver 
    • One of only 10 players in the nation to return a punt and kickoff for a TD 
    • Was named a Midseason First-Team All-American by Phil Steele's Magazine 
    • Had a single season school record 1,964 all-purpose yards in 2013 
    • Had four games of over 200-yards of all-purpose yardage 
    • Had 386 punt return yards, a single-season school record 
    • Had a 99-yard kickoff return for a TD against No. 9 Georgia, the third kickoff return for a TD of his career 
    • The 99-yard kickoff return is the second longest kick return in school history 
    • Became the first player to return a punt for a TD since 2004 when he took back a 65-yard punt return against Rice 
    • Was one of only two players in nation with three punt returns of 50-yards or more 
    • Ranked 11th in the nation in kickoff returns and fifth in the nation in punt returns 
    • Had a 62-yard punt return against Idaho and a 55-yard punt return against MTSU 
    • Had three 100-yard receiving games this season and four touchdowns 
    • Notched a career-high 135 yards receiving against Idaho, including an 85-yard touchdown catch 
    • Had four catches of over 40-yards this season
    • Had a career-high nine receptions and a TD against Ball State 
    • Ranks fifth in school history with seven 100-yard receiving games 
    • Had 16 rushes for 123 yards 
    • Was twice named the Conference USA Special Teams Player of the Week 

    Let's see what happens next year. The whole thing is so frustrating.



  7. Wow? I have to say I am truly moved by this heart-filled display of humility. No shots fired, no subliminal messaging, and no satirical overtones. A man who has come forward and admitted his short-comings and failures, and did so in the face of certain ridicule!. I would never have imagined in a million years that UNT90 could bring himself to buckle to peer pressure? In that case, I never meant to call him an over-bearing, unimaginable, annoying, dead-horse beating bastage . He has finally seen the light and is trying to ...what, he wasn't serious?

    Over-bearing, unimaginable, annoying, dead-horse beating bastage.


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  8.  http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/14666830/missouri-tigers-dismiss-quarterback-maty-mauk-investigating-video

    If you read the article, you will see the coach dismissed the kid based on current issues, not what's in the video. He clearly states.. " "As for the video appearing on social media this week, it is concerning, but we believe it is from a long time ago, Odom said." The coach also said there were recent mistakes, but the article suggests after speaking with Mauk it was decided to part ways in the best interest of all concerned. Mizzou is a SEC Program that is built for a QB like Mauk. He was there for three years and still could not hear the coach's message? Does anyone else have images of Joey Byerly dancing around their heads?

    The answer is Absolutley NO.


  9. Lance could have been a huge weapon for the Cowboys.. at least he was until he got hurt each season. From 2012 - 2015 he was available for only ONE full 16 game season. I honestly love the guy as I am a North Texas Alum and have so many great Mean Green memories of him playing here. However, as a Cowboy Fan I think the time has come to say it. I don't know if it is due to his size or just bad luck, but Lance Dunbar is injury prone. At some point his durability must be comparable to his amazing skill set. I truly hope he proves me and many others wrong this coming season, and he plays for a team where he can make a definite impact. I want him to do well, but I also want Dallas to bounce back from a horrific season and we need play-makers who can stay on the field. Dallas currently has the 4th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and could very well use it to get a top notch runner. Darren McFadden, Robert Turbin, or even Lucky Whitehead could play the receiver "out of the backfield" role for Dallas. I believe Lance has missed too many opportunities to contribute here and needs a clean start somewhere else. Having said that, Dallas will likely bring him back.  That's Jerry Jones seeing a player's "Potential".

    I know I'll catch it for this, and I hate saying it because I think the world of Lance Dunbar. Still, facts are facts and Bill Parcells said it best.. "You are what you are".


  10. LSU was my worst game experience. Not only did we get the shiznit kicked out of us, but some drunk LSU fan was dumb enough to throw his shoe at us? I kept it and showed it to the security guard, who couldn't have cared less. I threw the shoe in a dumpster outside the gate, so there was a drunk nitwit somewhere that had to limp to his car. Terrible fans and a bad game to boot, but at least I could say I have been there. (scratch that off of the bucket list) Cat-calls by the LSU students all of the way to the car.. I thought John was going to get into a fight. I promised myself no more trips to Death Valley, but that experience made me realize how much fun it would be to have an honest rivalry with someone? Certainly not LSU, but the Speedy Highway Chickens might be getting there soon. 


  11. I'm admitting to a fail, but I had to look up what a gray shirt was? I'm still impressed by the T.J. Henson (6-5, 305 lbs) signing. Coach Seth so far seems to know what he is doing. We also needed a Wes Welker/Danny Amendola type athlete to be the slot receiver in this offense. Coach Seth found us one, and I see a new nick-name coming for that guy. I can hear the commentators already.. "A 40 yard touchdown reception by Deion "The Hair" Griffin!" My apologies to former NT DB Evan Roman for taking a nick name he had years ago during the short time he played here. I think he would be okay with letting the past go. "The Hair" was a DB in the 07-08 season. They listed him at 5-10 (I dont think so), and 161lbs. He had a rough year and was picked on by opposing QB's. No ill-will intended Evan, but the memories of you in that UT game still make me cry. Limas Sweed (6-5, 210) screaming at Colt McCoy and pointing across the line at Evan. As soon as Colt nodded yes, Emmitt would say "here comes another touchdown pass". Ah, the memories..   

    Regardless of the outcomes, Evan "The Hair" Roman was a Division-I CB and not many guys get to say that. We just need to pass on the nick-name. 


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  12. For bringing up uniforms in a football coach thread you deserve a response from 90.

    But since your somehow still confused about our traditional color,..here's a link to a report ch 8 did yesterday on North Texas asking for historical memorabilia to commemorate our 125 years.  I want you to check out the colors on some of the articles already donated.  Outside of the small time of the Fry era we have carried Kelly Green the most of our history.





    Thanks Rick. This may be a GMG.com first? A "Hose-Dragger" correcting an "Airborn-Egg Beater" about school colors? Strange way to derail a thread, but okay. I was originally talking about the coaching staff and hires, but thought to get my shot in for the old Uni's. As for the color issues, I started following North Texas football as a student in 1997, so the Hunter Green was the color of our jerseys back then. We had the awful Daffy Duck helmets, but great jerseys. As for UNT90, I was also a bit surprised he didn't pounce on me? I thought my reference to him would draw at least one rifle shot, but he is picking his battles more selectively these days. 

    Thanks again for the link!


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    Norvie in 2006 when they changed the official school color of green from hunter green to the current kinda-Kelly green.

    Sure Littrell can order dark green uniforms, but they won't match anything at Apogee. Or the Super Pit. Or the new Union. Or anything else green on the campus in the last 10 years.

    Our current green has nothing to do with Todd Dodge or Southlake Carroll. The color came along with the SOW and the new typeface wit hthe rebranding in May 2005. We reused our existing New Balance uniforms for the 2005 and 2006 seasons with the darker green and put the new typeface stickers on the existing helmets. They repainted the court in the Super Pit for the 2005-2006 season with the new green.

    Yeah, I know the Kelly Green is not Todd Dodge's fault, but I can only remember seeing it about the time he arrived here. I liked those New Orleans Bowl uniforms with the Hunter Green jerseys, script helmets, and the great impressions they made. I do like the helmets better now, so it is what it is. Give us one throw-back game a year wearing the dark green uniforms. Of course, when we start winning again I honestly wont care what green we wear. 


  14. Coaching staff is rounding out with lots of energy. Good pick for a DC if we do hire Coach Ekeler. It will be interesting to see what the new coaches can do with the talent we already have? Some of the current players will feel like they have won the lottery, but others will be completely overwhelmed. That is probably the case anytime a coaching staff turns over, but sounds like lots of changes coming on both sides of the ball. Coach Litrell is off to a good start by changing the team schemes along with the mindset of the fans, but we will still be wearing those SouthLake Carroll, Kelly-Green jerseys? Do what you want with the helmets, but who do I have to sleep with to get our pre-Dodge, New Orleans approved, battle tested Hunter Green jerseys back?

    'Disclaimer - anyone but UNT90 please. I'm sure a great guy, but the 30 minute "Fire RV" tirade after an orgasm would kill the moment.

    GMG  :)

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  15. The AD job would be a great for about three years at $250,000 each. (New White Mustang Convertible, lots of time spent promoting North Texas at high schools and appearing at fund raisers) The job sounds great and hopefully we would be winning after year one. Then again, If North Texas sports are struggling?.. I'd wake up to a banner flying around my house requesting I leap off an I-35 overpass. 

    On second thought no thanks, I'll stay in the I.T. world where I'm safe. (Unless they lose access to YouTube)


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  16. I gave him an A. Here are my reasons..

    1. Runs a wide open, high scoring offense which will greatly improve the quality of football we have here. No, he hasn't done it here yet, but we know it's coming and it works based on every other place he has been. Exiting football brings in fans and re-invigorates the Alumni base, including myself. 

    2. RECRUITING - in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area he is already knocking on doors that Mac refused to approach. He has already contacted a parent in the HEB area about their son. NO ONE contacted this kid or his parents last year from North Texas. I can vouch for that first hand. If the proof is in the pudding, this coach is already cooking.

    3. Graham Harrell. I watched that kid play at TTech, and he is the real thing. Now, to address a point UNT90 is about to raise.. yes at the time he was a player not a coach. BUT who better to teach our young QB's the Air-Raid offense than a guy who has not only done it, but holds passing records at a Big-XII school KNOWN for that offense? Mike Leach thought enough of him to bring him to Washington State as a coach? I call that a positive endorsement. I believe Kliff Kingsbury is doing the same thing at TTech, and followed a very similar role to the running that offense in Lubbock. 

    4. Attitude. Seth Litrell came in knowing about the issues here, and the words right out of his mouth were.. "The past is the past and I don't care about it". THANK YOU Coach. I haven't heard him say one thing about how difficult it is to recruit here, or how many unusual challenges there are here. Aggressive and positive works for me.

    For the record, I would have given Kendall Briles an A, Sonnie Cumbie and A, and Dough Meachum a B+. Of course nothing has been done here yet, but the grades we give now are for the potential and excitement Seth Litrell brings with him. That is something we are in desperate need of. For the first time in a long time we have more than hope.. we have a coach that could bring the Mean Green Family back together. GRADE: A


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