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  1. 51 minutes ago, Wag Tag said:

    This will be the largest transfer class of D1 players ever so far this year. If we are ever going to sign D1 talent and size it should be this year. We should not be signing for depth at this point, but for upgraded starters with size, Our current class is rated in the bottom of C-USA, think how we would compare with the AAC? Recruiting always shows the perception and future of a program. 


    Maybe all the D1 guys in the portal aren't interested in NT.   

    SURELY we're at least reaching out to these guys, right?   Maybe they're just saying, "no thanks".

  2. 1 hour ago, Graddean said:

    Strange isn’t it.  We get a D2 transfer in basketball with no negativity.  We get an all-conference D2 football transfer and get plenty of negativity.

    So strange.    I mean, VERY strange.

    D1-FCS scholarships (130 teams X 63 scholarships) = 8,190 scholarships available.
    D1-FBS scholarships (130 schools X 85 scholarships) = 11,050 scholarships available.
    Total D1 football scholarships = 19,240 scholarships available.

    D1 Basketball scholarships = 358 schools X 13 scholarships = 4,654 scholarships available.

    Can you really not see the difference between getting a D2 football player (after going through over 19,000 D1 players) VS a D2 basketball player?

    I hope like heck Mr. Richards is the real deal and is ready to contribute at the Devil spot at this level.

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  3. 5 hours ago, BillySee58 said:

    Sure, but they played the same position. Brown was doing what he did while Novil was on the sidelines.

    I’ll take Sophomore Rod Brown over Senior Richard Abbe, which was my point of you saying we don’t have an Abbe on this roster. 


    Make no mistake, interior DL is very talented w/Brown & Jackson.   Hope we have enough behind them.

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  4. 40 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    That would be a surprise.  I've always thought Grant leans small/more guards, and doesn't like playing two bigs.

    Having said that, he has adapted before.

    The game has changed.   
    The days of having a true PG, SG, SF, PF, C have departed.   It's hard for some old folks to understand though, as they see through the lens they know.
    Putting both Sissoko & Ousmane on the floor at the same time could lead to some terrible terrible outcomes against fast-paced teams that would just spank us in transition waiting for those two to get back.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, SUMG said:

    You left out Kai Huntsberry....is he a senior????

    Yeah, you're right.    I bet we're done, and this is the roster!   Huntsberry has played 3 seasons so far with no redshirt, so with the Covid year, I think he has 3 years to play 2.   A "Senior" academically, but he should have 2 years of eligibility.

    If so, it looks like we backfilled Bell with an athletic stretch F guy like he was in Jayden Martinez (hate to put Bell's expectations on Martinez, but he filled it up at UNH).
    Got Huntsberry to take Drez's spot as a sharpshooter (again, hate to put those kind of expectations on Huntsberry, but he actually shot a better 3pt% last year than Drez).
    Replaced Wright with Sissoko (I think it's fair to say the expectations are low here.  Should be a clear upgrade if he can even contribute at all behind Abou).   
    Then Eady replaces JJ, and with his own emphasis on defense (at least, in his interviews he says this), plus the ability to actually create his own shots (scored over 1kpts in 4 yrs at NDSU), I think could provide an upgrade here (and that's tough to say when replacing an all-conference defense 1st-teamer in JJ).

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    The point was we are not only returning the same RBs that couldn't move the ball against that juggernaut, Miami OH”.

    I guess you're speaking to the thread title, right?  Adaway is going to be a contributor, or depth?  If so, I agree!  But it doesn't encourage me that we were unable to run the ball against Miami, OH... at all.
    Or are you trying to say he's going to tear it up and be the difference-maker Torrey was?  Because, again, I don't think it's fair put those expectations on him right now, simply because we haven't seen it.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    You forgot one thing, Torrey was supposed to be a hybrid slot receiver last year. Our starting running back was supposed to be this young man who will be ready to go this fall.


    Mr. Adaway has a ton of promise, I agree.   But the injury bug has bit him pretty hard.   I don't want to heap a bunch of expectations on him right now.   He's gotta stay healthy first.
    If he can be Jeff Wilson-lite, then that would be awesome, because in order to see the kind of success we should be demanding, he's gonna have to be.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    John Fields from 247 putting in more solid work.


    “Ultimately I just felt like UNT was the best spot for me, my mindset and my game,” Eady said. “I love playing defense, love sharing the ball with my teammates and most of all I love winning. I like to say I’m a very unselfish player. At the end of the day, my main goal is winning, whether that’s me scoring the ball, making the extra pass, supporting a teammate. My main goal is just to win, make some noise and do something special.”

    The bolded area above is slightly concerning.

    “Honestly, it was just the feeling I had when I talked to the coaching staff and got on-campus,” said Eady of how he decided on UNT. “All of them are genuinely like family. [...] I felt like I could come here, be myself and be successful. Not just individually but also help the team win and get to the goal and vision they have next year.”

    I lol'd.

    I'm really excited about this addition. 

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  9. 28 minutes ago, untjim1995 said:

    I know that everyone is beaten right now, but again, look at the schedule ahead. This is as soft as we have EVER played.

    @ UTEP--definitely winnable, they are not better than we are.

    SMU--new coach, although their talent level is much higher than ours, but it's our Super Bowl, too.

    TX Southern--FCS spare

    @UNLV--see UTEP above

    @ Memphis--this will be a colossal ass-kicking by the Tigers

    FAU--usually talented, but we play them at Apogee where we are pretty good against CUSA teams

    La Tech--new coach, usually talented, but we get at Apogee

    @ UTSA--lost a ton of talent, but this is their Super Bowl and revenge is on their mind

    @ WKU--this will be a loss, although I could see us squeaking one out if things fell right

    FIU--they ae absolutely awful

    @ UAB--ass kicking coming here, they usually dominate us at LOS on both sides of the ball, incredibly well-coached

    Rice--last game, tough to lose on Senior Day

    To me, I can see us getting 6 or more wins. I'm telling you all now, if SL gets 7 wins, he's getting his extension. The Lovelace's will throw in extra cash if it means he gets 3 or more years going forward. The administration knew that they couldn't fire SL last year once he got to 4 wins--they can't even imagine not having the Lovelace $$$ getting removed from here. No chance. But the Lovelace's also know that SL has to finish better than last year, too. And no way they let SL go into a make-it-or-break-it season in his final year of the contract, as recruiting will look like something a D-3 school would sign.

    Again, SL is the luckiest SOB alive. Go into a season needing 7 wins and you play this schedule...amazing

    You guys saying UTEP is a win are going to be in for an unfortunate shock.  They have a lot of talent returning, and are on an upward trajectory.    Whereas it took NT a last-second, fantastic play by Detraveon Brown to secure the win at Apogee last year... this year, we have to go out to the Sun Bowl.   They're looking for revenge too.  This is a L.

    And again, just because the nameplate at HC changed at SMU, doesn't mean it's going to be some kind of rebuild or philosophy shift.   Lashlee is the architect of the offense they run at SMU.  You know, the one that's been kicking NT's a** for the past few years?  This is most-definitely a L.

    For me, if things go right, it's another 6-win season.  TXSo, UNLV, FAU, FIU, Rice, and one of LATech/WKU.   If NT happens to lose that UNLV game, look out.  This could be a 3-win season.

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  10. 1 minute ago, UNTLifer said:

    I spelled it out after looking at the players that have decided to leave.  Here's my breakdown:

    Murphy's: All about themselves.

    Brammer: Graduated and chose to try his hand elsewhere.  I don't care for it, but he is an average OL that put in four years here.  

    Hutchings: Never sniffed the two deep and passed over by others.

    Greene: Never sniffed the two deep and passed over by others.  Recently celebrated an offer from ICW.

    Ward: Hadn't sniffed the two deep and was passed over by others. Recently celebrated an offer from McNeese.

    McNeese: Walk-on punter.  Dime a dozen

    Amani Gilmore: Never sniffed the four deep.  I know through a source that SL was pissed that UK's Stoops recommended this young man to him as a transfer. Still in the portal

    Kason Martin:  Should have, but never received playing time. Signed with ENMU.

    Chris Cassidy: OL that wasn't on the two deep. Still in the portal

    Edward Bautista: LB.  No comment needed.

    John Brunner: OL that wasn't on the two deep after a number of years.  Passed over by younger players.  Hasn't signed.

    Simpson: His own dumpster fire for beating up his girlfriend.

    Kenneth Dotson: Passed over, not signed.

    Jacobi Johnson: Hated to lose him because he arrived highly rated.  Never sniffed the field.

    Rayvon Crum: Arrived out of shape, never got in shape, but he never plays anywhere else.

    Jordan Rucker: Moves around alot.  Not signed anywhere.

    Kody Fulp: Who new.  Has to be close to 30 by now.

    Cinque Williams: Curious if you see him show up somewhere else.


    Now, look at that list and tell me who's entry in the portal would indicate a dumpster fire?  I don't see players like KD Davis, Gaddie, any of our RB's, none of our TE's.  Nothing indicates a problem

    Now, you want to address where we are as a program under SL?  I think it is a different matter all together.  No, not happy that we lost another bowl, not happy that Aune is still under center (although I will be shocked if he starts next year), not happy with SL's lack of effort in selling the program to the fans, etc....


    The reductions of the Murphys around here is baffling.   By reading some of y'all's takes on those guys, you would wonder 2 things:  #1. How on Earth did they ever get playing time here?  #2. How on Earth could they possibly transfer to UCLA (or a host of other P5 options they had on the table)?    Could it be because they are actually really talented players, and it sucks to lose them?

    And when you reduce your 2nd-best OL (at least, by C-USA All-conference voters' standards) "an average OL that put in four years here.", that is troubling for the rest of those guys.  The guy who was voted better than Brammer?   Also a 5th year guy who exercised his extra year of eligibility to play... AT UNT!!   I wonder why Mose decided to return to UNT, but Brammer didn't.   Oh well, I'm not complaining about Mose.  Our interior OL is very, very talented!  I think Clements should be able to work with those guys.

    The other guys... I 100% agree with you.  The only reason I cringe a little on those guys is due to the lack of depth behind the guys they were behind.
    But the depth of the team is not the only dysfunctional part, and we all know that.   It's just another problem in the dumpster being consumed.  That's what I was referring to in my original post about it.   Not the laundry list of transfers.

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  11. 8 minutes ago, DeepGreen said:

    Guess we can kiss Hodge goodbye after this year. Or sooner

    I was really worried (and I guess I kinda still am), that he might get an opportunity THIS offseason.
    I don't know if McCasland will leave for another school outside of Baylor, but if he does, and Hodge is still here, he 100% has my vote to make the jump to HC.
    But yeah, there should be suitors lining up for Hodge after next season as well.

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  12. Just now, Cr1028 said:

    I mean he was a quarter of our offensive production for the season, so yea, losing him made a big difference.

    Uh oh.    So what does that mean for this season?   We return the same RBs that couldn't move the ball against that juggernaut, Miami OH.    I don't believe the dropoff is that steep, but if it is, we're in serious trouble this year.

    C'mon.    Everyone is talking about how amazingly deep the RB room is.    Are you saying that all of those dudes' success last year was predicated on Torrey being in front of them?   I don't buy it.
    When you fully identify yourself (complete with a cute hashtag "#rUNThedamnball") as a Run-First team, and Austin Aune is your leading rusher for the game with 28 YDS!!, you have a problem.  And it ain't the RBs behind Torrey. 

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  13. 1 minute ago, UNTLifer said:

    Really?  What is going on in there?

    You're the most active person around here Lifer.  Pretty sure you know what's going on in the dumpster fire, even if you don't want to acknowledge how terribly things are going.   I shouldn't have to spell out anything for you.

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  14. 7 minutes ago, meangreenfaninno said:

    Why is Wren sticking with this?


    1 minute ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    You're right. No need to panic here. Things are absolutely rolling smoothly for this team, just because other teams are losing the same if not more than us. We are all just paranoid. 

    We clearly don't have a lame duck head coach, questionable Strength and Conditioning program, a lack of quality recruits, no QB coach,  questionable starting QB's, a lack of depth, etc. 

    Sorry for our paranoia. Glad to know other teams have the same issues as us. 

    Guys, Chill!    
    We obviously turned the corner last year when we beat the tar out of UTSA.   If there was any fluke, it was the loss to Miami, OH in the bowl game.   I mean, how can we expect to beat those guys if we don't have Torrey?   Just unlucky there.

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  15. 7 hours ago, NT93 said:

    You guys who think this thing is a dumpster fire based on players entering the transfer portal are clearly not paying attention to college football as a whole.

    Dumpster fires don't usually burn on one piece of small trash.   There's a lot going on in there.

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  16. 2 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    3 interior DL signed under a DC and Dline coach were fired less than 1 month after they signed their letters of intent. 3 interior DL that fit the scheme and talent requirements of a pair so poor at their jobs they merited firing after a single season. Bennett and Passwaters are trimming the fat, nothing more.

    If Rod Brown (who signed after Bennett and Passwaters were hired) enters the portal because of “what he thinks of the coaches”, I’ll jump off with you.



    Although, Brown is a definite starter, so the only reason he'd likely leave is to "upgrade"... like the Murphys.

    Also, I'm sad to find out that Passwaters is unable to develop guys who were signed before he joined.

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