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  1. 8 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    They are likely still taking classes to maintain eligibility but TP is headed to Lubbock. They wanted a ring, they got a ring and national exposure. Now they are looking for their next move. The portal has essentially killed any allegiances to universities for many players unless somehow they end up at their dream school. The days of the Josh White’s are behind us. 

    Are you also breaking news here?   

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    How do we know they haven’t already been asked and said that?

    First, aren't these dudes in grad school?   Surely they're still in classes.  Maybe they're in online programs, I dunno.
    You know, I don't really know enough about Eady & Martinez, or even Huntsberry to say they haven't already gone home (especially Eady, who is from Massachusetts), but I'm pretty sure Perry is not going to say no to the Denton Community/fans.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    The North Texas athletic department knows it is a bid deal. But it is not ideal with everything else going on with the program. Are they satisfied with a NIT title... no. They are trying to get Coach Hodge the best opportunity to get on the road. I think him getting on the road and not only recruiting our own players and building staff and recruiting other portal players in more benificial in the long run... than having a 3 hours hand shaking cermony during the middle of a school day.. with is the very timing we are already complaining about. This team will be recognized and celebrated. once transfer portal season and staff building is complete. 

    Here's a great way to recruit our own players:
    Let's shoehorn a mini-celebration/get-together for the biggest basketball achievement of your life so far into the Coaches' introductory presser!   That should be good enough.

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  4. 1 hour ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    0. I hear what you are saying. But how many coaches are left to show up? How many players are left to show up? How many actual fans are showing up? It would be a great argument if the Pit had been packed most of the year. But that isn't the case. I'm not discrediting the fans that actually showed up. But the quanity wasnt there. How many teams have thrown a parade for NIT winners? WSU is the only one i have found. WSU averaged 7100+ in attendance. North texas averaged 3600. I honestly think it is more important to the future of North Texas basketball to allow coaches to continue to build than host a parade/celebrations that maybe 1000 peoples show up with 1 staff member and maybe 8 members of the team..

    Do you honestly think Tylor Perry (if he leaves), Jayden Martinez, Ty Eady, Kai Huntsberry (if his eligibility is up), ...not sure who else you're referring to..., would say "No thanks, I'm not interested in a parade for my team's accomplishment.  I'm too busy packing up my apartment."?    Get outta here!

    And I don't think anyone should ask Coach Hodge to plan out the whole thing.  Just show up for a few hours and bask in the accomplishment.  I highly doubt he'd fall behind in assembling a staff or recruiting for that.

    There's a lot of minimizing of the NIT win around here, and that's too bad.   No wonder we might think no one would show up.

    Also, you're kinda burying a lead here..., it sounds like you're breaking news that only Coach Hodge will remain.   Is that true?

    Heck, if you're worried there won't be many people, just make a parade up Highland, starting at Ave C, to Ave A, then back down Maple.   Surely there are enough students and fans that would line those streets.   Go really slow to make it seem like it's taking a long time!  Give the players baskets of mini foam Mean Green Basketballs to throw out to the fans.  You know half the fans who were lined up on Highland would walk across and line Maple too!  
    Then, congregate on a big stage in the greenspace in front of Clark Hall for a quick little shout out to the fans, and promise "This is just the beginning!!".   Bask in all of the cheers from all of those fans for a little while.   Give guys like Rubin and Aaron Scott some mic time to.   It's all so easy if anyone would put 1/2 an ounce of thought into it.

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  5. 1 hour ago, CMJ said:

    Well, it's a bit weird to make a video about team and not include the architect in the victory celebration.  In the moment I understand not featuring McCasland, but if we watch the video five years from now, it will seem strange.  It's like, if I watched a historical retrospective about the Dickey conference champ years and not showing DD...I mean it'd be bizarre, right?


    Anyway, here is the evidence that Mac did cut nets down.



    Any time we see the 2013 Heart of Dallas Bowl highlights, there's Dan McCarney telling us "This is just the beginning!"    ... and, of course, it wasn't.   
    But those were his good times, and it's good to see him basking in that win, instead of remembering him not even getting to the locker room after Portland St.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, RiseUNT said:

    So make your own video all about Mac

    No one is asking for a "video all about Mac".  That's stupid.  
    But it's petty to leave such an instrumental person out of all of these more recent social media posts, or hardly include him like he was an alternate waterboy.

    Very few people are more excited about Coach Hodge being the new HC than me.  I, and a few others on here, have been calling for it ever since the "Coach Mac to <XYZ School>" threads really started rolling after the Purdue win.

    It just seems spiteful by whoever is putting these together.   Want to throw in more Coach Hodge (which they did)?   By all means!  I'm all for that!   But no need to minimize coach McCasland.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, meaniegreenie said:

    The fact that the new coaches press conference and the NIT celebration are mixed up on a Wednesday noon press conference is all on Mosley and UNT.

    HOWEVER, the fact that (as far as I can tell) there's been NOTHING planned from the city of Denton is the biggest slap, even though it's not surprising.

    The Twitter accounts for the City of Denton, CoC, etc. should be on fire right now with people demanding a parade/celebration be setup by the city.  They need to be hounded into oblivion for this explicit example of the attitude they have shown for decades.

    Why wait around for something we know is not going to happen?

    Neal & Jared should be planning a parade through campus, ending with a celebration at the Super Pit.   Folks who live anywhere nearby can attend with enough notice.   But don't try to shoehorn in a convenient "celebration" for such an accomplishment with your coaches' introductory press conferences... that's just lazy.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, drex said:

    Hey, he chose to leave, so good bye and good luck.  Of course, he will always be remembered, but we are on a new mission now.

    Hey, we already played the NIT, so stop posting any videos for it on social media.    Of course, it will always be remembered, but we're on a new mission now.

    Make sense?

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  9. Did coach participate in cutting down the net?  If so, I don't know how or why you'd purposefully leave him out of that montage.

    Heck, Wren Baker had almost as much screentime in that video as Coach McCasland.   How jilted-lover is that?

    I know he's gone, but let's not pretend like the guy wasn't even here!

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  10. Moseley's first fumble.   
    Let's hope he keeps these to a minimum, but it's pretty disrespectful.   Especially when compared to the clip CMJ posted.

    ...unless there's some other kind of celebration to come.  But if so, don't even mention the NIT championship in this "celebration".   Make it just about the new coaches for this one so you can go all-out on the NIT championship celebration.

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  11. 1 hour ago, UNTRedRaider91 said:

    They could have forced McCasland to leave during the NIT run…


    No they couldnt have.  He would have balked your offer.

    That’s the kind of guy you got.  He’ll do the same for you guys too if/when Baylor comes calling.

    A lot of us here will be keeping up with the Raiders this year & beyond.

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  12. 2 hours ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    3??? It was really 1 and they called a shot clock on us when there was one second left. Refs hosed us with UAB accounting for 7 missed free throws 

    I also don't recall 3, but I certainly remember 2.  Both in pretty critical junctures that we wound up getting 5 points off of instead of it being UAB ball.

    The first, at the 9:26 mark in the second half (18:48 mark in the Youtube clip above), where Moulaye pulled down the offensive rebound, then TP hit that LONG 3 pointer to regain the lead 50-49.   HUGE PLAY.
    The second, in crunch time at the 1:19 mark in the second half (24:48 mark in the Youtube clip above), where Moulaye got the offensive rebound, then TP hit a midrange jumper for what was basically the game winner to put us up 6 with under a minute left.
    If we turn the ball over on both of those possessions, as we should have, instead of scoring points & taking more time off the game clock...  who knows what UAB does with their possessions, and we definitely have a completely different game.   Regardless, I know the Toughest Team Wins, and there was no way NT was going to be denied.

    I suppose the 3rd one was the one that was actually called (when it shouldn't have been called) with 1 second still on the shot clock that TP missed anyway, so it didn't really matter.

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  13. Coach Hodge's assistant coaching hires are going to be huge in the quest to keep these guys.

    Hopefully Sissoko doesn't see any value in wasting a year of eligibility in transferring after already using his free transfer to come here from Dayton.    But Rubin, Aaron, and obviously Tylor all still have their free/immediate transfers to use.   Still wondering about Abou.  Not counting on him coming back, but it sure would be nice if he did!

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  14. 17 minutes ago, TheTastyGreek said:

    One day soon, he'll have his name hanging in our Hall of Fame, right between Derek Thompson and Diet Coke Boy. 

    It’s going to be great visiting the HOF wall & seeing his picture nestled there in between Dan McCarney & Andrew McNulty!

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  15. I’m not going to say we lose if those shot clock violations were called, but we definitely weren’t winning by 7.   Huge blown calls by the refs that altered the course of the game.

    And guess what?  Only people in Birmingham will remember those calls in 5 years… as the hardware rests proudly just off Bonnie Brae in Denton, TX!!

    So proud of this team!


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  16. 15 minutes ago, GMoney said:

    Remember this the same fan base that cried like bitches when Chris Beard left them to go back to his alma mater.

    Interestingly, in that same vein, it appears our fanbase (save a few zealots that have their heads in the sand) has learned from our mistake of whining/crying when the same thing nearly happened with our football coach in December of 2018.

    Fly away coach.    Best wishes.

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