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  1. 44 minutes ago, MGNation92 said:

    This exactly.

    Where would nUTSAck if they still had Frank Wilson this year? It's the same thing.

    Instead they brought in Traylor, lit the world on fire, and are poised for future success in a bigger conference. 

    Meanwhile we have a coach relying entirely on an semi retired DC (albeit a good one) to win him games because he can't figure out what kind of offense he wants to run, and can't find a QB to run it anyways.

    I'd prefer a 2-10 2022 with a new guy like Traylor way more than 6-6 with Littrell in his seventh year.

    It would be a catastrophe to only win 2 games this season.  I don't want that at all.  There is too much talent here for that.

    I'd much rather have the 6-6 year, but this time, we'd need Baker & Smatresk to actually do something about it instead of sitting back and waiting to see what we get in a bowl game.   6-6 can't be the bar.

  2. 31 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    There are zero comments in this thread directed at Mr. Lenard.

    Why is Alabama not going after DII? Why are 5 stars more likely to populate the the P5 rosters? Why can't junior WR John Smith from Not Real High School, California, who runs a 5.2 40, only get to play football in DII and not have any scholarship offers for USC?

    This isn't hard.  When we are going after DII, JUCO, and G5 dropouts while our peers are going after P5 dropouts and avoiding DII, there are going to concerned posts.  If I was Mr. Lenard, I would use this as motivation.  If I was WR John Smith entering my senior year, I would get in the gym and find a way to work even harder.

    If this rubs people wrong, sorry! It's sports talk.  Stay off message boards until your championship-paid coach can get to more than 6 wins and break the 4 game postseason losing streak.  Watch sports in the comforts of your AC'd home, where you aren't surrounded by beer and tailgate.  The fans care about their team and are going to speculate about why things are wrong.  It is never personal against anyone on the roster, past present or future.


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  3. 4 minutes ago, wardly said:

    Based upon his on the field results it appears he may recruit well but can't coach ? He recruiting classes have been highly ranked in CUSA the past few years but it certainly has translated to wins.


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  4. 1 minute ago, Jonnyeagle said:

    I'm saddened to read this.  Littrell may be a good man but he is acting somewhat naive.  He needs to be the one stealing other players to better us.  He may not be a good fit for an HFC in this new world order.  We need more of a Jeff Trailor salesman type in our current situation.

    Jeff Traylor is very familiar with recruiting guys off of nearby rivals' rosters.

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  5. 1 hour ago, UNTLifer said:

    Well, all we can do now is see how it plays out.  I would also bet Passwaters gets an assist from this new senior analyst.


    … at family get-togethers, yeah.  

    But Lil Bennett apparently spent his time at Hawaii as an offensive analyst. So, he’s equally under qualified for his current role.

    Poor Seth is over the barrel here.   All-in on Bennett saving his job.   Hope he’s ready for Gush to take over in ‘23.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Wag Tag said:

    We all know money is going to be a factor on what school you sign with, let’s hope playing  time is also. With this in mind I guess we could be the farm system for P5’s ( Murphy twins)

    What's sad, is this thing works both ways.   Ask Tanner Mordecai and SMU.

    UNT just sucks at getting any gamebreaking talent out of it.    So it's no wonder you would feel this way.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    The participation report from last year listed our players as DL and didn't differentiate between DT and DE.  The number of DL that played each game were 6, 4, 7, 4, 4, 6, 4, 5, 7, 5, 7, 7, 5.  None of the three that have transferred showed up on this report.

    Yeah, but if you're watching, you know who the DL guys are & what spots they play:  1/nose, 3-tech, End, & the Hybrid "Devil" position that I'm fairly certain Passwaters doesn't fully coach (Coach Petrilli mostly coaches those guys from my understanding).   
    And again, I understand the dudes who left did not play last year.   That doesn't automatically mean they wouldn't play THIS year.   They, themselves may have wanted a change of scenery, or they could have been told their spot on the totem pole, thought it was low, and left.   We don't know.    What we do know, is that if Novil or Colvin were injured last year, their backups were some studs.    We don't know that this year, and now we're relying on a dude who has virtually zero DL coaching credentials (1 year in the role) to get those backups up to speed.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    Thanks.  Wasn't trying to be an ass, but was interested in where you were going with your comment.

    It is a different time.  My comment "waxing nostalgic" was in response to the "12 Mighty Orphans" comment.  I don't ever foresee us, nor remember us rotating more than 4 DT's.  These young men that left hadn't cracked the two deep.

    Last year, the following men played DT:
    Dion Novil (now gone)
    Caleb Colvin (now gone)
    Enoch Jackson
    Roderick Brown
    Dayton LeBlanc
    Ta'Shoyn Johnson (very limited)
    Kourtlin Rousaw (very limited)

    That's 7 guys... over 3-deep.    Now that Novil and Colvin are gone, we're still going to need that depth.  Vailea should help there (he couldn't get on the field over Johnson or Rousaw last year though... so I'm not sure he's going to beat them this year.    Last year, with how well Jackson & Brown played, I would say this position is one of strength (probably 2nd strongest position group behind RB).  I certainly wouldn't say that this year.   Starters are strong, for sure.   But behind LeBlanc, the depth is severely lacking here.

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  9. 13 hours ago, texx2818 said:

    Finances forced Wren’s hand.

    That's not what we've been told by people who would know.  I know the easy excuse is the Littrell/Lovelace relationship, but I don't think that was the major factor.

    I think the UTSA win forced Wren's hand.   Because I'm betting he had the bar set at a bowl game after the atrocious start, thinking there's no way it would happen...  And without that UTSA win, we wouldn't have made one.

    Once we did, he pulled some strings to make the bowl game about as winnable as a bowl game could ever be... and the bed was fully-crapped.   Result didn't matter though, because the low bar was ever-so-slightly cleared.

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  10. 5 hours ago, outoftown said:

    With all that went on there and Holtz and them moving on from each other, I have my doubts that ll keep up.

    Right.   Unlike SMU, where the transition to a new coach should be rather seamless, LATech brings in a poor man's Littrell coming from the Leach tree. 
    Whereas Joe Sloan came up under Skip Holtz's wing at LATech from 2013-21.  So their offense is going to change a bit.   They might struggle a bit early on.   NT catches them mid-season, at home, so ideally they won't have gel'd yet.   
    If Cumbie is a good motivator & can get his guys to buy-in by mid-season though... look out, this could be a game where a perceived lesser team jumps up & bites us.

  11. 1 hour ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    I'm not actively rooting for NT to have a bad season but wouldn't be disappointed if it happens. I think we've seen Littrell's ceiling and truly feel that the longer he sticks around, the more it sets the program back. He's a solid recruiter, I'm sure a nice guy, but outside of couple of fluke seasons, not a winning football coach. Even if he rattles off an upcoming 7, 8, or 9 win season (in a mediocre conference we won't be in next year), all signs point to him getting blown out of a bowl game yet again. 

    Regarding finding a better coach, Wren is the new sheriff in town and his basketball hire was an absolute homerun. I'm actually really excited to see who he could bring in for football. I bet that not only could could he make a good hire, but it would be one that reinvigorates a fan base that could use a massive shot of adrenaline right now. 

    Another hire: Rodney DeLong (a more-literal homerun hire).

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  12. 6 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    The comment was that he would get on board when  Passwaters recruited and developed players.  Brown signed after Bennett and Passwaters arrived and played under him last year.  You mentioned he "fell in their lap", but I am not sure how you arrived at this.

    Let's take a hard, honest look at this please. 

    Who is going to sign with North Texas to play defensive line because of coach Passwaters?   I guarantee Enoch Jackson knew more about defensive line technique than coach Passwaters when they both arrived based on him spending 2 years being coached at Arkansas prior to coming here.

    Now, if you want to give coach Bennett credit for being the pull on these guys (getting to play on his defense), they by all means...  Do that, and I would agree.

    So when two studs decide to come play at UNT because they want to play in Phil's defense (in Brown's case... instead of going to a service academy where he'd owe 4 years of service afterward.  Maybe he didn't really want to do that, and NT provided a way out?), I'd say they fell in Passwaters' lap.   It's pretty easy to conclude this.

    Let's see guys like Treib & Vailea improve.  Heck, let's see Jackson and Brown improve, and I'll be on board.
    Something tells me he won't be around long enough to find out.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    I do not understand how a NT fan could opt for a bad season; no matter what.  

    First you have to assume that Littrell's team can't get better despite some 9 win seasons.  Second assumption is that NT can identify and sign a better coach.  

    Comparison to Benford, who never had a good team despite having probably the most talented player in school history is problematic to me.   He was a great recruiter and probably a great assistant coach but apparently not head coach material. 


    I understand we have a long history of poor HC hires across several sports that might have a lot of you older guys snakebit.   But I have a lot of confidence in Baker and Smatresk (and GBR) to identify a really good coach. And with NT moving to the AAC, along with paying VERY HANDSOMELY, the solicitations from very qualified coaches should be abundant.   Signing a better coach shouldn't be too difficult.

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  14. 3 minutes ago, 97and03 said:

    Thanks for asking this. I would have a hard time rooting for us to lose. 
    If I understand the position of many here (and I might be in this camp as well), it is a fear that Seth wins 6-7 against an easier schedule and gets an extension based on that. Then it is easy to imagine then tanking the next couple of seasons against the AAC and stuck with his contract or being forced to buy it out right after the extension. 
    Does this capture your thinking?



    @GrandGreen, can you define "a great season", and "a horrible season"?   
    Like, give me some records for each, because there are some here that are thrilled with 7 wins, and would consider that "a great season".   If that's the case, for me, I'll take the former.   7 wins, or "bowl eligible" cannot be the standard around here anymore.   Of course, I don't want any more 1-win, Dodge-like seasons either.   So, if that's the "horrible season" it takes to get rid of him early, I dunno if I want that for our guys either.

    If he somehow figures it out and comes up with 9-10+ wins and a West Division championship again like he had in 2017, I'll bring the pen for him to sign with.

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  15. 1 minute ago, 97and03 said:

    I might get in board when he recruits and develops talent. The most successful guys last year were experienced proven starters. So this year will be a better barometer of his abilities with no Novil or Murphys. 

    It's nice when dudes like Enoch Jackson and Rod Brown fall into your lap though.  These are talented guys & proved it early on. 

    We'll see about Treib.  He may need some coaching to catch up to FBS-speed.  I think he'll be a good barometer of Passwaters' coaching abilities.   If we see Treib start slowly, then get better though the year, then props to Passwaters.

    As for last year, Colvin was also a major force inside that often gets overlooked because of how dominant Novil was.  Losing him hurts as well.

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