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  1. Throw some 'southern lawn' weed & feed out on your neighbor's lawn and watch the St. Augustine take over. It makes a very nice lawn if you keep it watered.
  2. Just a guess, but Greeneagleone only has 3 posts on gmg.com and all of them are to introduce an "Article on ..." that's linked to this site. Good stuff for sure. Greeneagleone, don't be a crop duster... banter with us!
  3. Looks like Middle gets it this year, but so far, a very nice showing by UNT. Hopefully, next year...
  4. The ladies' quick turnaround is a testament to coach Lama's great recruiting and fantastic coaching. Great Job ladies! Great Job coach! Now, make some noise in the NCAA's!
  5. This is excellent news. Hopefully the kid can produce at the big-league level right away. His numbers @ AAA are very good, but so were Davis'. We'll see...
  6. I don't think the big12 is going anywhere. The fact that this bozo thinks they will be "annihilated" is beyond ridiculous.
  7. I heard the Raddison's dad was being meddlesome and is going to transfer it to A&M so it can be thier next big hotel star!
  8. I like Tune to start @ Clemson/Rice/Army and hopefully get Thompson some playing time somewhere in these games before conference starts. Hopefully Thompson is starting by conference play.
  9. So when these two decide not to join the Mean Green, can we start referring to them as "quitters" again? If they join us... WELCOME TRANSFERS!!
  10. If I were FL St. I would absolutely shy away from joininig the SEC. They would go from priviledged in a respectable conference, to the doormat of a very tough conference. Good thought on Arkansas, but I think they've made it known that they do not want to part with the SEC.
  11. So just to clarify, Carmouche was only on a campus visit and he has not signed yet. Correct?
  12. Yeah. Doug Free. He's gonna be awesome next year! The Cows definitely need WR help, but is there a stronger word for "need" at the LT position for them?
  13. OOps! Army of Mom, I'm surprised the die-hards here did not give you a free pass for this first-time offense. Lesson learned: Don't mess with the Fort Knox!
  14. If Lama does not win the conference championship, he should be processed through a noodle-maker and used for stringing the next coach's tennis racket. WIN OR GO HOME! Just trying to see if the basketball mojo works the same for the Tennis Ladies... GOOD LUCK LADIES!
  15. Are you kidding me? a MEAN, GREEN monster that produces it's own electricity?!?! Blanca would fit right into the University's LEED requirements, and would possibly give Scrappy the fight of his life. Of course, Scrappy would come out victorious 100 times out of 100.
  16. Something about the guy just reminds me of a used-car salesman... "Heeey, What do I gotta do to get you in dis car right here? Let me talk to my manager! Better yet, if you pay $1000 cash, I'll take $2000 offa dis price right here. How's about dat!?!"
  17. So Cooley, are you thinking Babb is heading to Baylor? Or, are you just playing devils advocate?
  18. Assuming he's back... He's going to say it again next year too. Then he'll say it after the 2012 season... Then, we'll win the BCS NC in 2013, and he'll say the same thing during THAT offseason. Coaches always say this kind of stuff. Nothing new here. Coach-speak by the book.
  19. He also has no need of doing anything at all for the advancement of our university. Just sit there and make sure things go OK for a year, collect a paycheck, then leave. Not saying he will not, but there is no need for him to do that.
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