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  1. Arkansas to Big 12 Florida State to the SEC. Arkansas is tired of getting their butts kicked, and they want to get back to having a presence in Texas. The two Floridas are ready to be in the same conference. And the dominoes begin...

    If I were FL St. I would absolutely shy away from joininig the SEC. They would go from priviledged in a respectable conference, to the doormat of a very tough conference.

    Good thought on Arkansas, but I think they've made it known that they do not want to part with the SEC.

  2. That school has had some bad luck. Wasn't there a carload of kids who took the turn on Inwood near Ursuline too fast, lost control and hit a pole during summer band camp or an orientation event around 1995-1996?

    That I don't know... but the girl that jumped off of a moving bus so she could watch 2 guys fight, but got run-over was from JJP. That story doesn't really reflect the student body though. Most kids at JJP would not set foot on a bus unless it were made by Mercedes-Benz, let alone jump out of a moving bus.

  3. When I think Pierce, I think of the 1999 student eye-gouging incident first, then Jessica Simpson.

    Oh, I was definitely there for that... sad story.

    How 'bout our school's namesake dying by running a red light and crashing his car at some obscenely old age?

    Didn't want to air out the dirty laundry, but since you brought it up...

  4. I tend to agree. I would rather see JJ get another big man. Don't we have enough guards? No offense to Knox, but he's another clumsy tall white guy ala Justin Howerton. What do we have? George Odufuwa, Kedrick Hogans, Cam Spencer, Jacob Holmon ... three, four guys? What happens when they get in foul trouble? Then we put the clumsy guy in? I don't like it. I also think we need some freshmen to use those scholarships on.

    OOps! Army of Mom, I'm surprised the die-hards here did not give you a free pass for this first-time offense. Lesson learned: Don't mess with the Fort Knox!

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  5. I missed this thread when it was originally posted, and we've had quite a few additions to the GMG.com family since November, so here's mine:

    J.J. Pearce High School- Class of 2000

    Red, White & Blue

    Best known for: Academics, Jessica Simpson, Soccer, snot-nosed wealthy kids.

    Football accomplishments: HAHA!! When I was there (RISD was Soph-Sr schools at the time...), we won a total of 3 games, going 0-fer my Sr. year! After I graduated, they moved down to 4-A and are doing well. Still can't advance deep in the playoffs though.

    Ray Childress, Anthony Dorsett, Chris Jacke, & Scott Turner are NFL players from JJP.

  6. Spinning piledriver. Give me Zangief every time.

    Are you kidding me? a MEAN, GREEN monster that produces it's own electricity?!?! Blanca would fit right into the University's LEED requirements, and would possibly give Scrappy the fight of his life. Of course, Scrappy would come out victorious 100 times out of 100.

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  7. I'm sure the NCAA will come to Lexington sooner or later. Can't spell Calipari without sanctions. The Bluegrass better hope it's just an APR hit when the time arrives.

    Something about the guy just reminds me of a used-car salesman...


    "Heeey, What do I gotta do to get you in dis car right here? Let me talk to my manager! Better yet, if you pay $1000 cash, I'll take $2000 offa dis price right here. How's about dat!?!"

  8. I think his credentials look pretty good. In fact, considering how all of this has transpired, I am surprised we were able to get someone looking this good. Obviously, he has an interest in athletics: NCAA Board of Directors, chair of three different conferences. Since he is interim, he has no need of being a yes man for anyone. Not saying he will not, but there is no need for him to be one.

    He also has no need of doing anything at all for the advancement of our university. Just sit there and make sure things go OK for a year, collect a paycheck, then leave. Not saying he will not, but there is no need for him to do that.

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  9. ESPN's Lunardi does a preliminary 2011 bracket for the proposed 96 team field.

    How great a deal would the expanded field be for the non power conferences? Well, here's the breakdown by multi-bid conference (compared to their 2010 representation):

    Big East (13) (5 more bids than 2010)

    ACC (12) (+6)

    Big 12 (9) (+2)

    Big Ten (8) (+3)

    SEC (8) (+4)

    Atlantic 10 (6) (+3)

    Conference USA (4) (+2)

    Mountain West (4) (NO CHANGE)

    Pac-10 (4) (+2)

    Missouri Valley (3) (+2)

    Colonial (2) (+1)

    Horizon League (2) (+1)

    Mid-American (2) (+1)

    West Coast (2) (NO CHANGE)

    So, the six BCS leagues would get 22 of the 31 additional spots in the tournament, with 3 more going to the unofficial 7th power conference, the Atlantic 10.

    Meanwhile, the other 26 conferences would, combined, get one more new berth than the ACC will add. And that's only with Kent State being the last team in the field.

    But, on the plus side... EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE ACC would qualify. Making their entire regular season and conference tournament essentially irrelevant for tournament qualification.

    Awesome. Looks like a great plan.

    They're considering dropping the NIT for this joke?

    Really, not many people care about the NIT. However, it is a good tourney, and once the final four shake out, you have really good basketball. Winning the NIT (or even a final 4 showing) is a nice momentum builder for NCAA bubble teams as well.

    I am against this. But in the end, the NCAA will do whatever makes more money... so it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks.

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  10. Thought this comment by Tune in the quarterback article deserved a seperate thread. Any thought ? Interesting comment ! :ph34r:

    “The last couple of years, leadership in the off-season has been lacking,”

    Possible to spin this quote to be a shot at Riley, but I don't think Tune is that kind of guy, so I wouldn't put much stock into it.

  11. Thompson

    I didn't catch any of the spring practices or game, but I think he gives us the best chance to win in the future years getting a year under center and growing with the team.

    This logic makes perfect sense if we weren't in a make-or-break year. That's why, for now, I have to go with Tune. Barely.

    Dodge can't be looking at the future this year.

  12. Are we going to be able to run a spread offense without a running threat at QB?

    I think this is a fair question. I'm not sure what everyone's problem is...

    However, you're thinking of the spread-option. If we're going to run the spread-option, not just the spread, then the answer is NO. We won't be able to run the spread-option effectively without a running QB.

    I know that's the formation Canales used to be so successful @ USF, but he won't be able to use that here much. We will be straight-up spread next year. And we should, because our recievers (on paper) are probably the best group we've ever had here, at least since I've been watching...

  13. I read somewhere that Couples' arm was bitten off by a loose seal that came out of that water behind him.

    Sad, really.

    What a brave man for facing his fears and going back to that place.... I don't know if I could have done that.

  14. I'm really high on Braylin Byrd, you have to like the fact that he came in early from HS. Although I'm a little torn. I think that he could for sure get on the field this season, but we have Lance and then Dunbar has been tearing it up as well. So we have the depth at the RB position to redshirt him. Either way I think that he is someone to keep an eye on over his time here at NT, he could be a great one.


    Brandin Byrd? : Lance and then Hamilton...?

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