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    1. Middle Tennessee

    Alex Gendreau is a great kicker, but thats where the sure things end. The punting game will be fine, but the return game is among the worst in the country and needs a ton of work. The coverage teams also need an overhaul. On the plus side, the Blue Raiders might still have the best special teams in the conference.

    Special Teams

    1. Louisiana

    The kicking game is excellent and the coverage teams are fine. If the return game, specifically the kickoff return game, can be better, there’s a chance the Cajun special teams could be among the best in the Sun Belt. For a team with no defensive production, having a punter who can pin teams deep is a godsend. Spencer Ortega is one of the most valuable players on the team. Veteran kicker Tyler Albrecht is back after coming up with a decent 8-of-11 season including an impressive 4-of-6 shots from beyond 40 yards.

    2. FIU

    3. Troy

    4. WKU

    5. Middle Tennessee

  2. I don't understand debating on whether or not to bring a coach back after this season when we have yet to play a down of football?

    Is Coach Dodge the coach of the future? I hope so. Does 6-6, or even 5-7 bring him back next year? Who knows what this year could hold? I don't know... His team's results will dictate that and regardless of how you feel about him, everyone here on this board should be rooting for the MEAN GREEN to win every game. I'm pretty sure that is the case with all of us.

    Say we start 5-1 with a sole loss to Clemson, then Dunbar,Santiago,Robertson & Tune/Thompson all go down with freak, season-ending injuries in game 7 and we lose out...but we're competitive. What then? Reprieve? I would hope so! We don't know the circumstances of the upcoming season. Let's just show up and support the green. If Coach Dodge deserves to stay, it will make itself apparent. If he needs to go, it will make itself apparent.


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  3. I hope this is not presumptuous to announce my own graduation, but I am very proud to let my friends at gomeangreen.com know that I am all set to receive my PhD this Friday when I "walk the stage" in front of friends, family, and colleagues. I will graduate with a degree in Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine with a emphasis in clinical psychophysiological treatment methods. My program is challenging, and I worked very hard during my 4 years of graduate education at UNT and 1 year internship at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation (2005-2010). The makes earning my degree all the more special. Along the way, I also completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2003-2005 at Texas A&M-CC. I will be at UNT for one additional year to complete a post-doc residency that will involve teaching, research, and work with patients. I will then live out another life dream when I join my father in private practice in Corpus Christi, Texas.

    I have always been a strong supporter of UNT Athletics and will remain so for life! Even after I depart for Corpus, I plan to be a season ticket holder for football, and will make as many weekend basketball games as my schedule allows.

    Great job Chris!

  4. I was in the Walmart in Corinth today and in a prominent aisle in the middle of the store there was a 40+ foot long display consisting exclusively of OU junk. It practically jumps out at you. I did not look for NT items, I had the list to follow from my wife, but saw no display of items from any other University with the exception of a few UT items. It really offends me that a store less than 10 miles from UNT would have a display that large for an out of state school 200 miles away. The economic impact of UNT students and staff extends well beyond the city limits of Denton and certainly includes Corinth. I did not have time to fnd the manager and give him my opinion, although I shop there regularly I won't be going back.

    There is no WalMart in Corinth. Do you mean Hickory Creek?

  5. Compact in the sense of how close the stands will be to the field and how close the west stands are to the east stands = because of no track.

    Gotcha! I wholeheartedly agree. The last row in this stadium will be about as good as the first row at fouts... unless you're watching a track meet, then what I said is not true.

  6. Nice photos. Again, you can't really get a feel for how compact and large this stadium is until you stand on the deck at the AC.


    To whom it may concern, if you live in the area and you haven't been to the AC deck to check out the stadium progress, you really should.

  7. Let's just hope he doesn't end up torn and calling this job his own prison. We need to take it higher and become number one. I want a coach who will stand here with me, not leave me six feet from the edge and thinkin' maybe six feet ain't so far down.

    Didn't he pick a fight with Fred Durst back in the 90's? Walker would have totally ruined Fred Durst's life.

  8. I almost added the same comment, but I have no idea what his major was.

    Of course, being a geography major could have been useful to him as well.

    I believe if you're going into the trucking industry, you would want to go into logistics & Supply Chain Management (assuming that he is going to run the company and not actually drive trucks). Did you know that UNT is the National Logistics Challenge Champions? Maybe if Flax was interested in only playing for a winner, he could have joined UNT's logistics team? Guess we'll never know.

  9. The way I see it:

    QB - 1.Nathan Tune 2.Derek Thompson

    WildcatQB - 1.Riley Dodge 2.Darius Carey

    TB - 1.Lance Dunbar 2.James Hamilton

    UB - 1.Micah Mosely 2.Jeremi Mathis

    OWR - 1.Tyler Stradford 2.Chris Bynes

    OWR - 1.Michael Outlaw 2.Bennie Jones

    IWR - 1.Jamaal Jackson 2.Alex Lott

    IWR - 1.Darius Carey 2.Riley Dodge

    TE - 1.Jamize Olawale 2.Draylon Ross

    LT - 1.Esteban Santiago 2.Troy Franklin

    LG - 1.Kelvin Drake 2.John Noble

    C - 1.J.J. Johnson 2.Nick Leppo

    RG - 1.Coleman Feeley 2.Jeremy Bean

    RT - 1.Victor Gill 2.Matt Tomlinson

    DE - 1.Brandon Akpunku 2.K.C. Obi

    DT - 1.Shavod Atkinson 2.Tevinn Cantly

    DT - 1.Kelvin Jackson 2.Kyle White

    DE - 1.Frank Gaines 2.Mike Miller

    OLB - 1.Jeremy Phillips 2.Julian Herron

    MLB - 1.A.J. Penson 2.Daniel Prior

    OLB - 1Craig Robertson 2.Forlando Johnson

    CB - 1.Royce Hill 2.Hilbert Jackson

    CB - 1.Steven Ford 2.D'Leon McCord

    FS - 1.Ira Smith 2.Ryan Downing

    SS - 1.DaWaylon Cook 2.Brad Graham

    I Wouldn't be surprised if we're losing games early if Dodge goes with Thompson before the bye week.

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