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  1. I chug the kool aid of the Mean Green variety like the rest of this board, but I do believe "Nine wins" would be over the top. You've gone from one of the most negative people on this board to past optimistic. You've explained your reasoning before, but I don't see the additions of some coaches (we could have hired Stoops/Caroll/Brown/Tressell in the offseason and I don't think the would have the kind of effect you're expecting from coach Chico. I expect positive changes, but not 9 wins.
  2. Could you imagine this guy behind a Sr. Dunbar? Whoa! The highlight vids are really good. *EDIT: Oops, this comment is meant for the Bullock story.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks the Rice game is NOT a gimme? I am fully expecting UNT to enter that game as an underdog. It would be a fantastic guage of where we are though. If we can beat Rice, then we should look for a 6-6 or 7-5 type season. If they beat us pretty bad, then more of the same... 3 wins max.
  4. I think "Yabba Dabba Doo!" translates: "Go away whitey!" in Kickapoo. I dunnno, you can never really trust Babelfish translations.
  5. It does. And, depending on how you look at it (Bad news is we cant see the whole building with this camera...Good news is the stadium will be so huge that it won't fit on this camera!), we won't be able to watch the construction of the away side of the stadium. Time to break out the wide-angle lens for this one! Exciting times indeed!
  6. Are you saying is the "SMU" of this superconference?
  7. My reasoning was simple. There are some that are travel partners like & and & , among others... Plus, we definitely don't want academic low-lifes like to be included in this upper echelon. & would not put up with this.
  8. Here's another super conference: Division A: Division B: These 'dream scenario type' threads, although imaginative and enjoyable, give me (and I'm sure others as well) tired-head...
  9. I hope they leave that mound in the center of your screenshot exactly where it is. It will be our calling card. Like Boise St. has blue turf, we'll have "the hill". We'll host a bowl game and everything! On second thought, remove "the hill" and lets just have a nice stadium.
  10. The prognosticators can write whatever they want. Until UNT shows major improvements on the field, expect to see low rankings like this. We know in our hearts that they should be ranked higher, but the players have to prove us right.
  11. Hang on with the congratulations: "UNT is set to consider a new contract for Rick Villarreal...." I hope they consider him worthy of an extension because there are many Mean Green fans that do. This is a no-brainer! But it's not a done deal.
  12. If we're forming a super coach, then we must also have Ron Washington's resilient nasal cavities. A coach can't think well if he has a sinus headache.
  13. Oh boy... this could get ugly. Time for this thread to go away.
  14. Wow! That's great news. It should give them a little more confidence for the remainder of the tourney. Hopefully we get a re-match with ULL, with a different result of course!
  15. I can't help but think that if these guys were able to make an impact for them, that they would still be around. Instead, they need to make room for their oversigned class. This is probably the mindset of every outsider to the Troy program when they oversign.
  16. Dangit Brett!! Why do you always have to bring up SMU's record in your blog? Aren't you supposed to have a strong bias for North Texas? Quit bringing up SMU's lowly, awful program! We already know their basketball team is terrible. No need in reminding us with every post... Go Mean Green! Go Collin Mangrum!
  17. "taint" is "'Merikin". For example: Taint right fer them to repo my trailer!
  18. If those two schools were to leave, then that leaves Iowa St.(who, lets face it, are not even wanted in that conference anyway) really far away from the next closest school (Manhattan,KS?). What other midwestern schools would the big 12 draw from in order to balance the North-South alignment they currently have? If 2 more Texas schools are added, then you may as well have a "Texas" division and an "everyone else" division. I think losing these schools would be terrible for the big 12. Lose Mizzou OR Neb. and that's fine. Lose Colorado, and that's fine. But lose all 3 and you run out of Northern schools to fill out the conference. Hey, we do have "North" in our School's name!
  19. Both parties are "spaghetti-spined". They're all politicians... it goes with the territory. Talking in circles. Posturing. It's what they do.
  20. Gotta like Brooks' size. He has plenty of offers, so I'm assuming he can play. I wouldn't mind having him, but what kind of PG is he? Is he pass first, or shoot first? What would JJ do with Alzee if he brought Brooks on? I'm not very concerned with the PG position in the future. I would rather find who's gonna take over for George O after this year.
  21. Tecmo bowl is probably my favorite game of all time. If you were in the pocket longer than 2 seconds, LT sacked you... forget about extra points. LT blocked those. Walter Payton, as in real life, was the man!
  22. I agree with this. Hopefully, with the upcoming student fee increase, the T&F teams will have a little more dough to play with. Good thing you weren't on the logistics team Welch. All they do is win 3 straight National Championships and there is a 1/2 page thread for them... T&F is great. I'm sure I speak for everyone else on the board when I say I love the Mean Green Track & Field team. I don't think we're the only fans/message board in the country that show less attention to T&F than football though. There are many other UNT teams that share your same arguement. Soccer. Tennis. Heck, even mens basketball! But I don't think you can argue against Football being the sport that butters the bread at UNT.
  23. I went to the friendly between the U.S. & Guatemala at PHP in 2007. I think your observation goes for all Central American countries. Before this game, I would stand silently with my hand over my heart while the Star-Spangled Banner played, like most people do. After hearing the Guatemalans in the crowd sing their anthem, I sang ours as loud as I could, and I still sing it loud to this day every time it's played.
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