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  1. 13 hours ago, texx2818 said:

    Finances forced Wren’s hand.

    That's not what we've been told by people who would know.  I know the easy excuse is the Littrell/Lovelace relationship, but I don't think that was the major factor.

    I think the UTSA win forced Wren's hand.   Because I'm betting he had the bar set at a bowl game after the atrocious start, thinking there's no way it would happen...  And without that UTSA win, we wouldn't have made one.

    Once we did, he pulled some strings to make the bowl game about as winnable as a bowl game could ever be... and the bed was fully-crapped.   Result didn't matter though, because the low bar was ever-so-slightly cleared.

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  2. 5 hours ago, outoftown said:

    With all that went on there and Holtz and them moving on from each other, I have my doubts that ll keep up.

    Right.   Unlike SMU, where the transition to a new coach should be rather seamless, LATech brings in a poor man's Littrell coming from the Leach tree. 
    Whereas Joe Sloan came up under Skip Holtz's wing at LATech from 2013-21.  So their offense is going to change a bit.   They might struggle a bit early on.   NT catches them mid-season, at home, so ideally they won't have gel'd yet.   
    If Cumbie is a good motivator & can get his guys to buy-in by mid-season though... look out, this could be a game where a perceived lesser team jumps up & bites us.

  3. 1 hour ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    I'm not actively rooting for NT to have a bad season but wouldn't be disappointed if it happens. I think we've seen Littrell's ceiling and truly feel that the longer he sticks around, the more it sets the program back. He's a solid recruiter, I'm sure a nice guy, but outside of couple of fluke seasons, not a winning football coach. Even if he rattles off an upcoming 7, 8, or 9 win season (in a mediocre conference we won't be in next year), all signs point to him getting blown out of a bowl game yet again. 

    Regarding finding a better coach, Wren is the new sheriff in town and his basketball hire was an absolute homerun. I'm actually really excited to see who he could bring in for football. I bet that not only could could he make a good hire, but it would be one that reinvigorates a fan base that could use a massive shot of adrenaline right now. 

    Another hire: Rodney DeLong (a more-literal homerun hire).

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  4. 6 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    The comment was that he would get on board when  Passwaters recruited and developed players.  Brown signed after Bennett and Passwaters arrived and played under him last year.  You mentioned he "fell in their lap", but I am not sure how you arrived at this.

    Let's take a hard, honest look at this please. 

    Who is going to sign with North Texas to play defensive line because of coach Passwaters?   I guarantee Enoch Jackson knew more about defensive line technique than coach Passwaters when they both arrived based on him spending 2 years being coached at Arkansas prior to coming here.

    Now, if you want to give coach Bennett credit for being the pull on these guys (getting to play on his defense), they by all means...  Do that, and I would agree.

    So when two studs decide to come play at UNT because they want to play in Phil's defense (in Brown's case... instead of going to a service academy where he'd owe 4 years of service afterward.  Maybe he didn't really want to do that, and NT provided a way out?), I'd say they fell in Passwaters' lap.   It's pretty easy to conclude this.

    Let's see guys like Treib & Vailea improve.  Heck, let's see Jackson and Brown improve, and I'll be on board.
    Something tells me he won't be around long enough to find out.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    I do not understand how a NT fan could opt for a bad season; no matter what.  

    First you have to assume that Littrell's team can't get better despite some 9 win seasons.  Second assumption is that NT can identify and sign a better coach.  

    Comparison to Benford, who never had a good team despite having probably the most talented player in school history is problematic to me.   He was a great recruiter and probably a great assistant coach but apparently not head coach material. 


    I understand we have a long history of poor HC hires across several sports that might have a lot of you older guys snakebit.   But I have a lot of confidence in Baker and Smatresk (and GBR) to identify a really good coach. And with NT moving to the AAC, along with paying VERY HANDSOMELY, the solicitations from very qualified coaches should be abundant.   Signing a better coach shouldn't be too difficult.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, 97and03 said:

    Thanks for asking this. I would have a hard time rooting for us to lose. 
    If I understand the position of many here (and I might be in this camp as well), it is a fear that Seth wins 6-7 against an easier schedule and gets an extension based on that. Then it is easy to imagine then tanking the next couple of seasons against the AAC and stuck with his contract or being forced to buy it out right after the extension. 
    Does this capture your thinking?



    @GrandGreen, can you define "a great season", and "a horrible season"?   
    Like, give me some records for each, because there are some here that are thrilled with 7 wins, and would consider that "a great season".   If that's the case, for me, I'll take the former.   7 wins, or "bowl eligible" cannot be the standard around here anymore.   Of course, I don't want any more 1-win, Dodge-like seasons either.   So, if that's the "horrible season" it takes to get rid of him early, I dunno if I want that for our guys either.

    If he somehow figures it out and comes up with 9-10+ wins and a West Division championship again like he had in 2017, I'll bring the pen for him to sign with.

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  7. 1 minute ago, 97and03 said:

    I might get in board when he recruits and develops talent. The most successful guys last year were experienced proven starters. So this year will be a better barometer of his abilities with no Novil or Murphys. 

    It's nice when dudes like Enoch Jackson and Rod Brown fall into your lap though.  These are talented guys & proved it early on. 

    We'll see about Treib.  He may need some coaching to catch up to FBS-speed.  I think he'll be a good barometer of Passwaters' coaching abilities.   If we see Treib start slowly, then get better though the year, then props to Passwaters.

    As for last year, Colvin was also a major force inside that often gets overlooked because of how dominant Novil was.  Losing him hurts as well.

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  8. 51 minutes ago, Wag Tag said:

    This will be the largest transfer class of D1 players ever so far this year. If we are ever going to sign D1 talent and size it should be this year. We should not be signing for depth at this point, but for upgraded starters with size, Our current class is rated in the bottom of C-USA, think how we would compare with the AAC? Recruiting always shows the perception and future of a program. 


    Maybe all the D1 guys in the portal aren't interested in NT.   

    SURELY we're at least reaching out to these guys, right?   Maybe they're just saying, "no thanks".

  9. 1 hour ago, Graddean said:

    Strange isn’t it.  We get a D2 transfer in basketball with no negativity.  We get an all-conference D2 football transfer and get plenty of negativity.

    So strange.    I mean, VERY strange.

    D1-FCS scholarships (130 teams X 63 scholarships) = 8,190 scholarships available.
    D1-FBS scholarships (130 schools X 85 scholarships) = 11,050 scholarships available.
    Total D1 football scholarships = 19,240 scholarships available.

    D1 Basketball scholarships = 358 schools X 13 scholarships = 4,654 scholarships available.

    Can you really not see the difference between getting a D2 football player (after going through over 19,000 D1 players) VS a D2 basketball player?

    I hope like heck Mr. Richards is the real deal and is ready to contribute at the Devil spot at this level.

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  10. 5 hours ago, BillySee58 said:

    Sure, but they played the same position. Brown was doing what he did while Novil was on the sidelines.

    I’ll take Sophomore Rod Brown over Senior Richard Abbe, which was my point of you saying we don’t have an Abbe on this roster. 


    Make no mistake, interior DL is very talented w/Brown & Jackson.   Hope we have enough behind them.

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  11. 40 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    That would be a surprise.  I've always thought Grant leans small/more guards, and doesn't like playing two bigs.

    Having said that, he has adapted before.

    The game has changed.   
    The days of having a true PG, SG, SF, PF, C have departed.   It's hard for some old folks to understand though, as they see through the lens they know.
    Putting both Sissoko & Ousmane on the floor at the same time could lead to some terrible terrible outcomes against fast-paced teams that would just spank us in transition waiting for those two to get back.

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  12. 15 minutes ago, SUMG said:

    You left out Kai Huntsberry....is he a senior????

    Yeah, you're right.    I bet we're done, and this is the roster!   Huntsberry has played 3 seasons so far with no redshirt, so with the Covid year, I think he has 3 years to play 2.   A "Senior" academically, but he should have 2 years of eligibility.

    If so, it looks like we backfilled Bell with an athletic stretch F guy like he was in Jayden Martinez (hate to put Bell's expectations on Martinez, but he filled it up at UNH).
    Got Huntsberry to take Drez's spot as a sharpshooter (again, hate to put those kind of expectations on Huntsberry, but he actually shot a better 3pt% last year than Drez).
    Replaced Wright with Sissoko (I think it's fair to say the expectations are low here.  Should be a clear upgrade if he can even contribute at all behind Abou).   
    Then Eady replaces JJ, and with his own emphasis on defense (at least, in his interviews he says this), plus the ability to actually create his own shots (scored over 1kpts in 4 yrs at NDSU), I think could provide an upgrade here (and that's tough to say when replacing an all-conference defense 1st-teamer in JJ).

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  13. 12 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    The point was we are not only returning the same RBs that couldn't move the ball against that juggernaut, Miami OH”.

    I guess you're speaking to the thread title, right?  Adaway is going to be a contributor, or depth?  If so, I agree!  But it doesn't encourage me that we were unable to run the ball against Miami, OH... at all.
    Or are you trying to say he's going to tear it up and be the difference-maker Torrey was?  Because, again, I don't think it's fair put those expectations on him right now, simply because we haven't seen it.

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  14. 3 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    You forgot one thing, Torrey was supposed to be a hybrid slot receiver last year. Our starting running back was supposed to be this young man who will be ready to go this fall.


    Mr. Adaway has a ton of promise, I agree.   But the injury bug has bit him pretty hard.   I don't want to heap a bunch of expectations on him right now.   He's gotta stay healthy first.
    If he can be Jeff Wilson-lite, then that would be awesome, because in order to see the kind of success we should be demanding, he's gonna have to be.

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