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  1. 3 hours ago, SteaminWillieBeamin said:

    This is the trap that we fall into every single year.  Except this year we knew coming into the season that it is a very very easy schedule.

    We have beaten one team over .500.
    We have lost to three teams with losing records. 

    That means we are under performing, big time. I know that some (myself included) were even MORE down on this team and didn't think we would get over 6 wins for the year (even with the easy schedule). But we are at 6 and winning the games we need to win and losing come we should win.

    It is frustrating, every. single. year. 

    I think that is why some (myself included) just aren't radiating joy with the results. It feels like fools gold. Of course we should be beating UTEP, FIU and La Tech. They are predictably miserable. We should not be blown out by Memphis, SMU or UNLV. 

    So this all bleeds into how I feel about Aune's performances lately. Sure, they are good outings. I like seeing it. I was high fiving my friends all around. But he SHOULD be doing this against the weakest of our competition of the year. He SHOULD be doing this in year 5 in Seth's system. 

    It's definitely seemed like he had more pep in his step and things were slowing down for him. Was really nice to see him click. 

    But alas - I hope we continue! 

    facts GIF

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  2. 1 minute ago, VideoEagle said:

    I remember many thinking the Big XXII would break up so badly some of those schools would be willing to join the AAC. Not likely to happen for a while! 

    Oh yeah.  I was one of those thinking NT was needing to get our act together so we'd position ourselves to be in a conference with the "Big12 leftovers" and some other AAC/CUSA schools.   

    I suppose that could still happen depending on how greedy the SEC gets, and what it does to the ACC in addition to the Big12.  There could still be more movement and poaching.

  3. Just now, VideoEagle said:

    Didn't the University of California System board pass some kind of resolution of condemnation of the BYU code of ethics in the last couple of years? Even with UCLA out of the PAC, I find it hard to Cal or Oregon or Washington accepting BYU unless they renounce for the their LDS honor code restrictions. It's not that BYU doesn't want to join the PAC, but rather that PAC doesn't want to deal with large student protests every time a BYU team is on campus for a game. 

    BYU is already headed to a stronger Big 12 with other religious schools.   Why would they leave to jump to a sinking PAC12 where they're not wanted anyway?

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  4. 40 minutes ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:

    As of now, nobody wants out just to get out.  They specifically want into the B1G.  Cal, Oregon, Stanford, and Washington have met with B1G officials seeking an invitation, but none has been forthcoming as of yet.  But if the invitations do come, they're gone.  And if they do, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few teams (viz., the two Arizona teams and Colorado) looking to exit to the BXII.

    What would be really sad there is that Utah would be left twiddling thumbs, and they're one of the best-performing schools, overall, in the conference!   I bet they'd be a good addition with those other 3 you mention.    That leaves Wazzu & ORSt out in the cold.   Solid additions to the MWC.   SDSU would obviously have to come back too.

    The Big 12 was on life support less than a year ago.   Their overall qualify conference play this season has made them the more desirable conference. So crazy.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Wag Tag said:

    A coach can't recruit of hire assistant coaches with last year of his contract. You will have to give him at least a 2 year extension. He will either get an extension or be fired. I would imagine a new hire would want a 5-7 year deal.

    Right.   I don't think there's a way Littrell returns under his existing deal without any kind of extension at all.  That's not smart.   

    However, I don't believe he's earned a big 5-year deal just based on this season.  Hopefully just 2 years in addition to his last year.   Prove he can do what he's done the past 2 seasons in the AAC against SMU, Tulane and Memphis instead of LATech, FIU, & WKU... and pretty-please win some OOC games!

    If so, then roll out the 5-year extension because he's "turned the corner".   If no, we're not roped-in for 5 years.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, meangreenfaninno said:

    If you could guarantee me that we would could get a better coach in here that had a higher ceiling I would be game.  I just worry that all of you separatists are assuming our next hire will be a good one.  How do we know the next guy won’t be Dan McArmy?  UNT is terrible at hiring if you haven’t noticed.

    Historically, sure.

    Under Baker, nope.

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  7. Blair went out as well.   Not sure if he'll be ready.

    Shorter was no-doubt a concussion.   His head hit the ground HARD on that TD pass.   We'll see if he's ready to go next week.

    Not sure about Adeyi, but yeah, Ragsdale is fine.   It's time for Qualon to step up if Johnson and Adeyi can't get back (Adaway is seriously hurt).

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  8. 2 minutes ago, NT93 said:

    UAB.  Gives us a much better chance to host the championship.

    But then that gives UAB a shot of confidence in preparation for us next weekend.  I don’t think UTSA loses any other games after this one & theyd have the tiebreaker over us anyway.   I think I’d rather have a UAB squad who already knows they’re out of it next week.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    Probably because the last time they had double digit losses was the same season Dickey won his first conference title, 21 years ago.

    We had one the year before this first-time head coach arrived, just 7 years ago. 

    When Harrell, Choice, Koonz, and John David Baker all left in the same offseason SL had a big dropoff but he has had a better record than the year before every season he has been here except for the ‘18-‘19 drop.

    What happens when Bennett re-retires after this season and Bloesch gets a call he can't pass up?  And Clements likely gets another look somewhere as well.   Do we have to suffer through another 2-3 years of him fumbling around trying to find the right guys again?

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