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  1. 7 hours ago, Green Otaku said:

    Uh... isn't that not a good thing? Doesn't "kicking the tires" mean to put minimal effort? 

    To me, it means a preliminary effort before negotiations get serious.   Kinda like buying a car.  You go look at it, and see if it's something you're interested in...  And if you want it, you start the real haggling.

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  2. Not a huge fan of only having either Rod or Enoch in on DL.   Those two are arguably 2 of our 3 best defensive players.
    I hope there are some packages that gets both of them on the field at the same time.    You need to be able to adjust your system to accommodate talent when you have 2 dudes like that.

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  3. 19 hours ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Aune had plenty in game too. As did Gunnell at Arizona when he had a QB coach and wasn't hurt. The world doesn't start and stop with what happens at UNT.

    Gunnell's problems while here had zero to do with the QB coach (or lack thereof).

    He is going to look fantastic when he's dropping back easy in a pocket with no pressure.   He has an amazing arm.   Unfortunately, you have to be able to move around, quickly, when the lights are on.

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    Not true although I don’t know if this is enough to qualify as a “experienced QB coach”.

    During the 2021 season, his first in the coaching ranks, he served as an assistant wide receivers and quarterbacks coach at his alma mater, the University of Incarnate Word, under Morris and UNT offensive coordinator Jordan Davis.


    If you look further down on that same page... it was as a QC coach.   
    We already had that guy in Quinn Shanbour.  And quite honestly, I wish we still had him around. 

    This is Brophy's first job as an actual coach.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:


    On Jayaire Shorter:  "He was out of sight, out of mind...."   Lol, OK coach, sure.

    There's no way you didn't examine the roster as you came in & drooled over a dude with a 2:1 Reception:TD ratio.   It's great we have WR's who can help win games, no doubt.   But no need to bring Shorter up.

    Congrats to Stone!   Go Mean Green!

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  6. Honestly,  now that CU is migrating back East to the Big12, now might be the best time to reach out again to COSt & Air Force, so we can get another Service Academy in the fold.  And COSt just built a new on-campus stadium.  They'd pair nicely together. 
    I don't know that Wazzu or ORSt, or any of the other remaining Pac12 teams (assuming AZ & AZSt go Big12) bring anything to the table that COSt & Air Force wouldn't... except for those awful, much-hated, late-night away gamez!!!!1!!!1!

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  7. 2 hours ago, Glory to the Green said:

    I’m definitely drinking the kool aid.  I wasn’t trying to be funny, though. I also dont think it’s far fetched to say we could beat UAB and Memphis.  What was funny?  1-3, or 4?

    4.  But hey, stranger things have happened!

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  8. 2 hours ago, greenjoe said:

    One can style this any number of ways.  But a commitment is just that.  A commitment.  Done.  Over.  No do-overs. 

    Here’s an example.  I want either eggs or steak for breakfast.  

    What’s the difference you ask.


    With eggs, the chicken is involved.  

    With steak, the cow is committed. 

    Do we want chickens or cows ?



    Your issue is with the diction I guess.   Because it's really not difficult to understand the business decision.   

    Lock up your best opportunity early so you definitely have it.   If other opportunities come along, you listen, but don't jump unless you're positive it's better. 

    Now, for just about every single person on this board... you can't get a better offer than our beloved Alma Mater.   But we need to understand, these youngsters do not have the same affinity for the U of NT like we do.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Tommy Gadberry said:

    Your attitude is similar to why more people get divorced than stay married these days. What is the point of a commitment?

    This is either an intellectually dishonest question, or a really naïve one.

    Here's the point:  A commitment means you have a paid ride to school, plus NIL$.   If you don't commit to a valid offer, you don't have that guaranteed.   Pretty simple.

    People on this message board have absolutely zero skin in the game of Mr. Hurth's monumental decision... yet can't wait to hold him accountable.

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  10. 3 hours ago, HoosMeanGreen said:

    Awesome read! Question - Where is the scoring coming from within the starting lineup?  At first glance, I'm not seeing point production replacement from last season's departures.  

    We all asked the same thing when we lost Javion, Zach, & Reese after ‘21.  
    Tylor & TB3 stepped right up.   
    I don’t know if Edwards is the next in the amazing JUCO guards we’ve had (really tough to saddle a guy with Javion/Tylor-like expectations) on this run, but I look forward to seeing how his game translates.   

    I said this last offseason, and was off, but maybe this is the year Rubin steps up!  And I think Buggs is going to remind us a lot of Drez, if Hodge uses them in the same way.

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  11. 14 hours ago, NorthTexasWeLove said:

    This keeps being said. It's like signing a liability waiver. I think we're in good hands, but I also think we're going to suck is really what I'm hearing. We can't be in good hands and suck. And going from something like 110th in defense this year to 99th in defense in '24 isn't the flex I want to see, but bet ya ass it's the one we'll get. 

    Caponi could just as easily surprise us all & get his defense clicking early… who knows?

    We need to pump the brakes on both sides.  Just because he was on IASt’s staff, doesn’t mean he’s going to have NT playing at that level right away.  And just because he’s a 1st-time DC doesn’t mean he’s gonna suck.

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  12. 4 hours ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    Iowa state defense has been the best D in big 12 last half decade.. and they haven’t been over ran with 5 star guys. that found guys that fit the system. I’m going to trust them till I’m proven wrong. I don’t think it will be a one year turn around. But using the same tactics they used in building Iowa state defense Kratch and Caponi will get this thing rolling

    Jon Heacock is not out DC though.

    I get the excitement of newness, & I know your role has kinda morphed over the last year or so to a more diplomatic-type, but please understand the concerns are very valid.  

    When one of the top LBs to wear Green just graduated (the guy that basically kept the defense somewhat respectable almost single-handedly), and you lose your 2nd best LB to the portal, I think it’s completely acceptable to expect some growing pains under a 1st-year DC.

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