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  1. 1 hour ago, emmitt01 said:

    You don't have to "find" a team when a team has already reached out to you and made an offer ($$$MU$$$). 


    I'll friggin walk away from college football altogether if a conference mate (don't care how rich they are) buys an all-conference player off our team.    I might be in denial, but it can't be SMU.

    Texas, A&M, OU, OSU, heck even Baylor or TCU...   go get your money KD.  Thanks for everything & good luck to you in your future!
    If it's SMU, I hope they get popped for tampering, the NCAA hammers them again a-la 1987, forfeit the season & you're stuck not playing football anymore.

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  2. 200w.webp?cid=ecf05e47mv53elt0y5qu41adsp        Bennett's defense is toast.     

    He's going to have to put together his best-ever coaching season to get our defense to even resemble anything like we had last year.   Thankfully we're strong up the middle on the line with Brown & Jackson.  Those guys are going to have to control the LOS & clog any interior running lanes, because they have virtually nothing behind them at MLB or Safety to clean up anymore.  

    Sorry y'all, but you don't lose Dion Novil, Caleb Colvin, Gabe & Grayson Murphy, KD Davis, Makyle Sanders, & Tyreke Davis, and expect to have the same success as last year.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    How do you figure Mean Green Insider?

    One team is very clearly trending upward, while the other is spinning its wheels at .500 or worse for the past 3 seasons.    But obviously UTEP has been atrocious for a very long time, so it's easy to just chalk them up as a win... if you're not paying attention.   It's only a "trap" if you're one of the people calling UTEP a win because of their history.

  4. 3 hours ago, Tom McKrackin said:

    Could it be possible that he was a finalist and chose UNT over Tech?  That's what I'm thinking happened.  No offense but  Lubbock is not the best place in the world to reside.  Especially compared to Denton and DFW.

    No doubt.  
    Plus, Coach DeLong is currently making about the same amount as what Tech's former coach was making when she was fired last month (not sure what this new guy signed for).

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  5. 25 minutes ago, cousin oliver said:

    I get what you are saying and god knows filling up my truck is painful.  My only thing is can't the guy be given a chance to adjust his stated policies and be allowed to make a smooth transition?  He's clearly trying the best he can to address the gas prices and I think we should give him a chance to right the ship before demanding he step down.  Why can't the oil companies give in a little bit here for the sake of the country?

    All of this (sans the pain of filling up a truck...I just spent $100 on 1 tank!) is laughable.  There's a lot more he can do.
    And if you think the oil companies are going to cut profits "for the sake of the country", you're insane.

    24 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:


    I will say that I think pausing the federal gasoline tax would be a mistake. The cost savings for the average family would be negligible. You’d be talking less than $4 per week for each person using 20 gallons per week. There has to be a better way. Don’t throw them a crumb now and expect them to make up the cost of a full meal down the road, don’t bother with the crumb in the first place.

    Completely agree.  Again, on my $100 tank, I'd be saving ~$3.26 with this "tax holiday".   I'd rather pay $60 like I was a few months ago!
    The amount isn't significant enough to "relieve" the citizens/consumers, but losing out on all of that income, with the way government spending is already out of control, he'd be cutting off a huge chunk of government income for however long it would be enacted.  A very short-sighted move if he does it.

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  6. 2 hours ago, meanJewGreen said:

    I was wondering about the schedule. Right now Memphis and SMU are on our schedule for 2023 as noncon... does that mean we have 2 fresh new dates opened up ?

    We're getting messed-over here with Memphis though since we have a home/home scheduled with them, but we're only playing them on the road as part of that agreement.  After that, they'll be conference mates, so we'd be playing them anyway.  That basically makes it a one-time away game... which usually comes with a price.
    Hopefully we can work out some kind of small "buyout" of the 2nd scheduled return game with Memphis, while guaranteeing the 1st game between us is played at Apogee.   I wonder if maybe Wren/Neal used that as a carrot to garner Memphis' support during the shuffle ("Hey Memphis, we'll just tear up this agreement and play you as an away game in 2022 if you lobby us in...").

    We started the SMU home/home series back in 2014 at Apogee.   We've alternated each year, and now we're going to play the final game of that series here at Apogee.   So I would not be surprised to see us start conference play against SMU next season at Ford.   
    And I suppose SMU could demand the same kind of small "buyout" from us to square up the series with them 😕...

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  7. 45 minutes ago, untjim1995 said:

    Judy, its been real. Take care and enjoy your spare conference after this season. Anyone who could leave, they've left. We will send you a postcard from the AAC Tournament.

    Unfortunately for our friends in Bowling Green, that's not the case.   They were tethered to MT, who saw near-term dollar signs in collecting exit fees, and decided to stick around instead of taking a MAC invite.   Sad.

    If I'm WKU's AD, I'm demanding that each and every coach on staff beats MTSU as hard as they possibly can, with each 50-pt football/basketball beatdown getting $10k bonuses for the whole staff (hey, they'll have the money for it with these payouts!).

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  8. 58 minutes ago, jtm0097 said:

    I'm right there with you. This is the first time in 7 years that I am not a season ticket holder. 

    13 years for me.


    33 minutes ago, SteaminWillieBeamin said:

    I always chuckle at the emails I get with the threat/warning that if you don't renew by THIS DATE then your tickets will re-enter the pool for available tickets. That long line of people waiting to get the less than quarter filled stadium will FINALLY AT LONG LAST get a shot at my seats. 

    Fairly certain I'll be able to walk up and buy my old seats at any game unless sideshowjoe decides to bring friends.

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  9. 14 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    1.  Start up cost.  I do not factor this in to the equation of operating a team on an annual basis.

    The remainder are annual operational costs and can be managed,  

    For sure.   But a huge cost nonetheless.   That would definitely pay for the Athletics Center Expansion project we desperately need.

    As for the other points:
    2. If we plan to be on the same level as DBU, we'd need to pay our coaches around the same.  Currently, the NCAA allows 1 HC and 2 Assistants.    Coach Heefner at DBU makes over $350k/yr, and most assistants are around $70k here in Texas.  So I would think a $500k budget for coaching would get a pretty killer staff.  (Tangent: That's $500k that, IMO, would be better put to use right now paying off Littrell.)
    3. Scholarships would come out to around $20-25k/yr(that's IN-STATE tuition) * 11.7 =  $234-293/yr.  Let's just average at $300k assuming we might find some talent outside of Texas.
    4. I have no idea how much gameday concessions/ticketing/sanitation/security/etc... would cost per game, but we'd ideally have around 30 games/yr to pay for.   Say $2k/gm?  I dunno.  That may be wildly inaccurate, but that would be another $60k/yr.  Then, stuff like uniforms, practice gear, team equipment...  Probably another $20k/yr.
    5. Again, I don't know how much it would cost to travel 27 players, plus 3-6 coaches/equipment staff/trainers/etc... for 25 games/yr.   It would likely vary wildly depending on how far we're travelling... do we need flights?   If we're playing DBU/TCU/SMU/etc... we only need to charter busses & no hotels.  So let's average $5k/gm * 25gms = $125k/yr.
    6. Again, this could vary wildly.   If we don't have to add another sport, then it's $0.   Something like Equestrian could cost a lot!   Bowling... I can't imagine that costing much more than the scholarships + travel.   Let's say we put a ladies bowling team out there.  That's 5 scholarships at $20-25k/yr again = $112.5k/yr. and who knows about travel...  let's say another $20k/yr? (again, that could be way off).

    All of that added together would be just over $1.1mil/yr to have baseball.

    Now, I bet a decent amount could be made at the gates if good teams roll in on a weekend.  But a Thursday night game against SELouisiana or somesuch is only going to draw a handful of fans.   Of course, we'd have some sponsorships as well, so there's a little more money to be made.    Maybe $250-500k/yr.?   That would still leave us well over $600k shortfall.   
    Considering the MGSF doesn't even collect enough now to pay for all of our student-athletes' scholarships, adding another 16.7 scholarships (11.7 baseball, 5 women's bowling) at $20-25k/yr. doesn't make a ton of sense.


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  10. 6 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    I read that baseball is a "very expensive sport".  Is it really?

    Several costs:
    1.  Stadium  -  It can't be some POS stadium either.   Do it right, or don't do it.   Very pricey.
    2. Coaching Staff salaries  -  Again, do it right, or don't do it.
    3. Scholarships  -  NCAA Baseball allows 11.7 scholarships to be awarded to a roster of up to 27 players.  So obviously some scholarships are split, some guys don't have one.  But they have to be funded.
    4. Yearly operations  -  gameday staff, grounds crew, etc...
    5. Travel costs  -  There are up to 56 games played per year in regular season.  Say we have a few more home games than we do away... we'd still likely have to pay for ~25 away games per year.  And if we do well, it could be upward of 35-40.
    6. Title IX  -  RV navigated title IX really well, so we're doing OK here, but we'd still likely have to add a women's sport of some kind with a handful of scholarships (probably equestrian/bowling or something).  Then again, maybe RV had us doing so well that we could still be in compliance without having to add a women's team at all.

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  11. 9 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Ummm the son of former NBA guard Dajuan Wagner is coming to UNT?

    Cooley’s humor is low-key.  It’s his commentary on the topic.  
    The #1 recruit in the nation would be quite the “jump” in recruiting, if you ask me! 😂

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  12. 3 minutes ago, chomp said:

    This thread has some really good discussion. As someone who does work in this area, I should emphasize that the U.S. does not have a missile defense system capable of defending the American homeland from the Russian nuclear arsenal. The U.S. has a very limited capacity system based in CA & AK that might be capable of providing some protection against a very small (single digits) ICBM attack against the U.S., but even there, there is no guarantee. In fact, the one thing that would sharply increase the risk of a Russian nuclear attack against the U.S. would be a Russian belief that the U.S. was soon to implement a missile defense system capable of securing the American homeland against Russia's arsenal. As grim as it sounds, the U.S. and Russia (and, before that, the Soviet Union) have tacitly agreed to hold one another's cities hostage with nuclear weapons to prevent nuclear war.

    I only mention this because it explains some of the tightrope that the U.S. has attempted to walk in responding to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.



    Uh,  I trust you, but man I hope you're wrong and that we secretly have more.

    On the bright side, our pals in the Ukraine are actually showing us quite a bit about the capabilities of Russia's military (or lack thereof).

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  13. 14 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    And there are some stories that some in-line behind him are even more hard liners

    Of course he's going to surround himself with 'yes-men'.  It's what people like him do.   
    But if the people of Russia decide to get rid of him, they're not just going to promote one of his lieutenants.   
    Navalny has a ton of support there.   It probably wouldn't be him either, but someone in-between.

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