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  1. 5 minutes ago, 97and03 said:

    OT, DE, CB, S, WR, +OL depth?


    LB depth is not a problem.  Only 2 real LBs and we are at least two deep with proven players there. 


    I'd definitely count the "Devil" position as a LB, and that one is weak (although I might keep my eye on Cam Robertson here).   I'd also count the "Eagle" to an extent (depending on down/distance, he'll play a LB role sometimes), also weak.
    If something happens to KD, we're in trouble at that MLB spot.   
    Between Nixon & Wood, that OLB spot is set.  Both of those guys can play. 

    It sounds like Trieb is going to be a nice DE, which is good.  And Pickett was a pretty highly-regarded recruit, so he could be a contributor.   Willing to give him an opportunity & not panic to replace him with a transfer.

    OT... man, there are some question marks there.   Brown started at T last year, right?   I think he should be OK.
    Both lines' interiors are strengths again this year if we can stay healthy there.  I like all 5 of those starters, alot.   ...Like, they're probably 5 of the top 6 players on the team (with KD mixed in there somewhere).

    WR's...  man, it just comes down to availability.   Need those guys to get healthy and stay that way.  The addition of Maclin should be enough there.

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  2. 10 hours ago, 97and03 said:

    I mean, yes. But isn’t that the case every time the underdog wins a game against the favored team? Most fans are happy to beat a better team. That’s why we actually play the games, right?

    Should the dirty birds be a better team than us? No, and I think that is the argument we should be making, not crapping on a hard fought win by our athletes. We aren’t always going to be the best team on the field no matter how much we wish it so, so let’s enjoy when we overcome the odds (literally) and pull out a W. UTSA was having a pretty magical season and we killed it. Celebrate! Then evaluate why we were not having one. I think it is important to separate the two issues. 


    I think it's important to differentiate as well.   I thought that's what I did.   
    Did you see the part where, while I was there, I was high-fiving other fans and laughing at them?   It was fun!  I celebrated for sure!   I came on here and all everyone was talking about was the Frank Harris' fumble-itis.  Funny jokes abounded, and we were all laughing.  The moment was sweet, and definitely enjoyed by all.

    Then, the comments about how we've "turned the corner" started, and I think that's where the "evaluation" starts.  Since "turning a corner" seems to evaluate the team's state.    Some bought in.  Others did not (myself included).   The bowl game was the pudding's proof.   Yet, we're still here, trying to manufacture excitement for next season.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Wag Tag said:

    If Ruder is not going to be your starter I would bring another qb. There is a lot of qb talent in the portal. I would also like to see a 6' plus 200lb plus  safety. Looks like we made need a weak side DE with some size, based Vito's depth chart. We have seen what crappy DE play can cost you a few years ago. Then I would take 3 at what would be considered best athlete at any position.

    3 of our 25 available scholarships for CO ‘22 on QBs?   There are a ton of gaps to fill. With the way our WRs we’re just having their way… I might think about adding some cover corners from the portal.  And I’m very scared about LB & OL depth.

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  4. 1 hour ago, meangreen11 said:

    Agree but I would also say our history of coaches doesn't help in that particular regard.  Love him or not Seth's winning percentage is second only to Hayden Fry I believe.  We've really excelled in building facilities, basketball and other areas like women's soccer etc.  We have not been good at hiring coaches in the major sports.  Coach McCasland gives us hope that we can.  With the money we have put into facilities and coaching salaries we should be able to do it in football. 


    And you’re definitely right about comparing to previous coaches.  Want to accept SL’s record & “how hard he’s trying”?  Go ahead & keep those low expectations.  Just go out there & enjoy tailgating & watching a game involving your Alma Mater.  No problem!  Crank them prices back down, hire some old retread & let him retire here, or some hotshot coordinator like SL, & let him leave if he wins.  Stop trying to be anything more.

    Or, demand more out of the person that influences the product on the field more than anyone else.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, Tom McKrackin said:

    You make a valid point.  I think has made some mistakes and yet he is really trying to turn this thing around.  He had never been a head coach before and needed some on the job training.  The K-State deal really threw a wrench in things and now we have to hope that he can somehow find his way out of the darkness.

    Lol.  How cute!   Do all of you "optimists" agree with this?

    Dodge years?   Sure.  I agree with it all.     They were our loveable losers.   
    Dodge was paid 1/8th of what Littrell is making.    I was paying 1/4th of what I've been paying the past few years for my seats.

    Baker and Smatresk (and even the early part of Littrell's tenure) have changed the expectations.  Current results on the gridiron are not indicative of those changes... yet here we are exercising futility.   If you're going to demand higher expectations of the fans, don't allow a losing coach to lose for 3 straight years.   It's really simple.

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  6. 27 minutes ago, 97and03 said:

    Yes you did, but you are not the only person who has poo-poo’d the wins. And I just don’t get dismissing the UTsa win. Do we now just instantly dismiss any win in the rain? I agree that it was a major factor but we also stuck it to them and got them frustrated. Plus their coach didn’t have them ready and got nervous and pulled the QB. We were better prepared and wanted it more. I call that winning football. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    As for UTSA...    We were not the better team, that's for sure.   But we were the better team that day, and that's what the record shows.    It was a fun, miserable game to be at.   Lots of high-five's and laughing at all their fumbles.   And you're absolutely right, we punched them in the mouth early, and they laid down (fumbling on the way down).
    I truly believe if NT lined up against UTEP the day after we beat them, we'd have eek'd out another close win.
    I can't say the same VS UTSA.   I think we'll pay the price for last year's win on 10/21/22.

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  7. 14 minutes ago, UNT86 said:

    I am optimistic.  There was massive improvement the last 6 games last year.  I am expecting to be bowl eligible and competitive in every game.  I don't expect to win all 13, but that would be amazing.  

    Dang people, quit being so gloomy.  Enjoy your team and your school.  Get excited when they win and be down when they don't.  It is what makes the season great.



    You think the Frisco Classical Bowl was the culmination of 6 games worth of "improvement"?
    Records of the FBS teams we beat outside of the fluke UTSA game (and if y'all can't acknowledge that the UTSA blowout wasn't a fluke, you're drunk on green koolaid):
    Rice: 3-8
    SoMiss: 2-9
    UTEP: 6-6 (probably our best win last year)
    FIU: 0-10

    Then, we lose Torrey, Brammer, Novil, the Murphys... 

    It's just tough to get excited this year.  You'll have to forgive some of us who think critically.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:


    I look at it more like Brammer vs the Murphys. Brammer put in his 4 years and left because of a free year he never expected to get. The Murphs felt they were too big for our program. I’d put McBride in the Brammer category. Best of luck to him.

    I don't understand this pass.   
    Did the guy have another year of eligibility to play at North Texas?  
    If so, and he chose not to, he doesn't get any extra kudos from me.  He left just like the Murphys and McBride did... and likely for the same exact reason:  Opportunity to play at the P5 level.  To me, there's no difference.  Best of luck to them all.   Glad they spent time here and contributed!

    Now dudes like Darvin Kidsey, Jacob Ferrell, Deonte Simpson...  those guys can kick rocks.  Those are the guys I would think would qualify as "dishonorably discharged", or kicked out for doing something wrong, as @keith was saying.

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  9. 25 minutes ago, keith said:

    I'm more of a "once a member of the Mean Green Family, always a member of the Mean Green Family" guy.  So, that means wishing those that leave good luck and being happy when they do well.  

    Now, there are ways to depart.  To use a military analogy, it can be an honorable discharge or a dishonorable discharge, so it's not an absolute.  Leave with honor and represent the "family" in a way that makes us proud and it's all good.  Go the other way and, well......   

    Yeah.    Huge difference between Mardrez & dudes like Jacob Ferrell.

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  10. 11 hours ago, Wag Tag said:

    This is ridiculous! If Bennett and facilities can’t out recruit UTSA, then we have bigger problems than the W-L record. Also just saw they signed a CB 88 rating out of WVU!!

    Is it really?
    UTSA:  12-2.  C-USA champions.
    UNT: 6-7.  Lost in a made-up bowl game in our own backyard to a middling MAC team.
    It's pretty easy to see why anyone would rather play for them at this moment in time.

    And you seem to have forgotten what coach McCarney said about facilities & recruiting... and Bennett doesn't recruit.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:

    Is this the same board that flew a banner to get RV fired a few years ago?

    Man, are we schizophrenic.

    To be fair,
    I thought that banner was stupid.


    Also, that thread is fun reading if you have a lot of free time and have mentally prepared yourself for the a**whipping UNT90 used to be.

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  12. 27 minutes ago, emmitt01 said:

    So, back-to-back-to-back-to-back NBA Finals appearances and two titles in his first excursion away from Cleveland, and another title the second time he left, is what you’re resting your argument on?  

    Seriously man, do you just hand the keyboard to a monkey with a learning disability and say “Have at it!”??

    Yeah, but the Heat did that despite Lebron.  He was on the bench the whole time.  

    You can’t see the connection there?

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