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  1. 24 minutes ago, Jonnyeagle said:

    You are joking right?  Littrell had way more time to recruit that class, and half those recruits never played a down.  The top recruit of the class William Johnson was ineligible for grades at his time of signing and they kept that from the fanbase until two weeks after the season started.  There were some good players out of the class for sure and Mason Fine was his biggest recruit, but he had absolutely no competition for Fine and Graham Harrell was the one who found Fine.

    Huh?  Littrell was hired after the season just like Morris.  Remember “Lock the Gate”?  
    I love that you singled out a flop in this class & ignored the future HOF’ers.  And again, as has been hashed out over & over here… Littrell’s relationship (not Harrell’s) with Fine’s HS coach is what got us Fine.

    The boogeyman is gone now.  It’s OK to reminisce about the good times.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Green with Envy said:

    I would bet this is the case.   Signing Day is a big thing for these kids and for those that were keeping their 'announcements' secret, NSD becomes even bigger.   They want the pomp and circumstance.  I don't blame them.  

    No doubt!   He's worked hard for this his whole life.  He should be able to do this on his own terms.
    Some guys like to announce ahead of time to enjoy all of the congratulations along the way.    Some guys would rather make it a last-minute surprise and enjoy the anticipation along the way.   Neither way is wrong.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Are we going to get mad if/when he de-commits from Texas State to commit to UNT or do we only get mad when it's the other way around?

    We may not get mad, but we should certainly question his loyalty, and make fun of his idea of "commitment".  Maybe even jab him a little bit about his change of heart being only about NIL money.

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  4. 2 hours ago, BillySee58 said:

    Maybe. If he goes to FSU and can’t crack the two-deep then he probably wouldn’t be a good portal target. When we have signed P5 transfers in the past, if they haven’t been guys who could at least sniff the two deep, they haven’t done much better here. The guys who at least pushed to have their name in the mix, that’s the guys we want. Trice, Pegram, Enoch Jackson. If Brown-Turner is like that and hits the portal, yeah could be worth re-recruiting.

    Futurama GIF

  5. 14 hours ago, Cr1028 said:

    I think Cowboys from Hell would be pretty cool but with Pantera’s PR problem right now probably not a good idea.

    I’ve always liked Saliva’s “Welcome to the Show”. I think it could be a pretty cool entrance if we shot boomer and maybe some fireworks as the players entered around the 55 second mark.

    Another idea if we wanted to get away from rock music would be if we could get Lil John to allow us the right to use “Put yo hood up” with adjusted lyrics. In the beginning of the song it could be rewritten to name the DFW high schools where a majority of or our star players came from. We would need to write out a lot of drinking, smoking, and cussing but if done well this could really pop off with our new staff and DFW recruits. 

    I think it would be even better if we could get our former star linebacker Tobe Nwigwe to write something similar to the above (meaning representing for your home and listing several DFW towns or neighborhoods that mean alot to our players/recruits), not necessarily following the LJ song) and lyricize it.


    NT would be wise to stay partner'd up with Tobe.   He's an original, flying in the face of the current hip-hop scene.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Censored by Laurie said:

    and not to be leading statement guy...

    - Jeff Buckley - Grace
    - Notorious BIG - Ready to Die
    - Toadies - Rubberneck
    - Outkast - Southernplayalitikcadilacmusic
    - Nas - Illmatic
    - Portishead - Dummy
    - Digable Planets - Blowout Comb
    - Gang Starr - Hard to Earn
    - Weezer - Blue Album
    - Massive Attack - Protection
    - Oasis - Definitely Maybe
    - Blur - Parklife
    - Nirvana - MTV Unplugged
    - Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
    - Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary
    - Beastie Boys - Ill Communication
    - R.E.M. - Monster
    - Built to Spill - There's Nothing Wrong With Love
    - Tom Petty - Wildflowers
    - Green Day - Dookie
    - The Cranberries - No Need to Argue

    ...I could go on...

    Yessir!   '94 was an incredible year.   
    I spun the heck out of that Weezer Blue Album, Nirvana Unplugged, Rubberneck, & Dookie (I'd include STP's Purple album as well).  Couldn't buy Illmatic (The Greatest Hip Hop album of all time IMHO, just a masterpiece encapsulating everything Hip Hop/Rap is about, & the producers on all the tracks... a who's-who.) or Ready to Die, but man I listened to tracks off of those any time I could (I'll never forget the first time I heard/saw the Hypnotize music video.  How's this ugly fat dude flowing like this?).  Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymusic (or even ATLiens) wasn't on my radar until I got into high school & they blew up with Aquemini, but it's so great. 


    EDIT:  Ugh, Hypnotize was on Life After Death, ...way later.

  7. 30 minutes ago, tmjerm said:

    I sure hope the Spring Game is the best attended yet.  It’d be a blast to have tailgates and bands and excitement.  We need that kind of shit in the arm and without baseball that time of year it’s the best cap on the academic year we could have.  I’ve always wanted that to be a more significant event than it has been and with the right marketing it sure can be this year. 

    Excuse Me Reaction GIF by One Chicago

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