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  1. 3 minutes ago, chomp said:

    This thread has some really good discussion. As someone who does work in this area, I should emphasize that the U.S. does not have a missile defense system capable of defending the American homeland from the Russian nuclear arsenal. The U.S. has a very limited capacity system based in CA & AK that might be capable of providing some protection against a very small (single digits) ICBM attack against the U.S., but even there, there is no guarantee. In fact, the one thing that would sharply increase the risk of a Russian nuclear attack against the U.S. would be a Russian belief that the U.S. was soon to implement a missile defense system capable of securing the American homeland against Russia's arsenal. As grim as it sounds, the U.S. and Russia (and, before that, the Soviet Union) have tacitly agreed to hold one another's cities hostage with nuclear weapons to prevent nuclear war.

    I only mention this because it explains some of the tightrope that the U.S. has attempted to walk in responding to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.



    Uh,  I trust you, but man I hope you're wrong and that we secretly have more.

    On the bright side, our pals in the Ukraine are actually showing us quite a bit about the capabilities of Russia's military (or lack thereof).

  2. 14 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    And there are some stories that some in-line behind him are even more hard liners

    Of course he's going to surround himself with 'yes-men'.  It's what people like him do.   
    But if the people of Russia decide to get rid of him, they're not just going to promote one of his lieutenants.   
    Navalny has a ton of support there.   It probably wouldn't be him either, but someone in-between.

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  3. Lol.   Seeing lots of, "we have a difficult schedule!!" vibes in this thread.     Yet, when the schedule originally came out, most were basically assuring 6-7 wins based on how easy it is.

    If you think NT's offense took a nose-dive when Graham Harrell left, WKU's about to ask you to hold their beer.   
    Losing Kittley and OL coach Hamby to TXTech, and replacing them with a 3-headed monster as "co-OC's" (a 2nd year WR coach who was coaching in HS in 2020, and 2 former Offensive Quality Control guys).   Not to mention, they don't have Zappe anymore.   WKU is primed for a huge dropoff, but I assume most would think we're going to lose to them... and we might, but I think this game is more of a tossup.   And even if we lose to the other 4 teams on this list (highly likely), that still leaves 8 winnable games!

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  4. 2 minutes ago, untjim1995 said:

    You know, not that long ago, I said this was gonna happen--that we would start seeing a G5 Top25 poll, just as a means of continuing the divide between the power leagues and the rest of us. 

    This is the best thing that can happen--make this schism occur ASAP. Let our programs get a REAL chance at being a national champion--the players, coaches, and fans of these institutions deserve to have that opportunity every year. We are the ONLY level of football, from pee wee to the NFL, that doesn't crown a champion at the end of its season, all because of money. 

    This isn't a poll.  it's literally 1 dude's opinion.  "@biggameboomer".

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  5. 11 hours ago, greenminer said:

    How close are we to these P5 guys just ratting each other out, disclosing everything they know about their rivals?

    Watching intently for this.  It's only a matter of time.   You already have Deion threatening it.  Boosters setting up funds has been going on for forever.  It's just been under the table.   You'll see a bunch of P5 schools be very very silent about all of this, careful not to hurl any accusations like Saban did.

  6. 16 minutes ago, emmitt01 said:

    Now, now, let's not loose our cool over this.  

    Well, are you going to be watching this when their trotting out there little team full of dudes who didn't attend UNT, let alone set foot they're?    I to, am with Andrew on caring less.   As a matter of fact, I could care A LOT less!

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  7. 10 minutes ago, MeanGreenHoops said:

    When in our history have we had consistent 6-7 win seasons?

    D1-AA days.  Fry days.  Mitchell Days.  Early 2000's.   Lately.    A lot, believe it or not!

    Are you happy with that?   If yes, don't worry!  You're not the only one!   
    And again, if that's the expectation, drop the prices, drop the Coaches' salaries, drop the expectations, etc... because this can be achieved rather easily nowdays with competent planning, which we've seen Baker display (Take a look at this upcoming season's schedule!).

  8. 1 hour ago, 97and03 said:

    I forget which position between Eagle and Devil was the more of a rush position one of the twins had but I don’t see Faulkner or Whitlock in that role. If anything they would be competing for Davis’ former role. The configuration you laid out looks to be almost like a 3-2-6 formation. I think that position is more likely to be a mobile DE or big LB. The other more of a safety. 

    "Devil" is the hybrid OLB/DE.
    "Eagle" is the hybrid OLB/S.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Udomann said:

    you lost me on that rationalization. He wasn't good enough to start. Everyone else was bad enough that its was our only passable choice.

    Just cause you have the job doesn't mean you deserve the job. Just ask coach mumbles.

    Problem is, they’ve brought in 4 guys to unseat him so far, and none of them (we don’t know about Gunnell yet) have been able to. 

  10. 2 hours ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    Riley Dodge wouldn’t get close. Gunnell actually had decent numbers in the Pac 12 against WAY better defenses than Dodge faced in the Sun Belt. Gunnell also has a better coach…

    We'll see.  Dodge went first.  The bar is set.   And statistically, it's very, very low because we all know about that HC's tenure.    Even Aune has already cleared most of them (comp% looks to be a tough hurdle).   But considering the supporting cast, Riley was one of the best I've seen in my time following the team.

    Gunnell also certainly does NOT have a better QBs coach than Todd Dodge.   It's important to differentiate HC Todd Dodge with QB-whispering Todd Dodge.   Unfortunately, Gunnell's QB coach is an OL coach.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    I disagree with your premise and many on your list. 

    If someone has the time they could make a list of transfers that made a positive difference at NT. 

    On the current team for example, Aune is a transfer from Arkansas; good enough to start 2 and probably 3 years, Davis a two year starting in the DB from Texas Tech.  Add in very promising players like Maclin (Missouri) and Jackson (Arkansas).

    Pegram at the top of your list, was IMO one of the best RB's ever at NT.  Didn't have the numbers, but a fantastic player; remember NT playing at A&M and how much better Pegram was than their All American Williams. 

    Many on your list, played little because of injury or grades not because they were not very talented.  English a prime example. 

    Morris was beaten out by arguably the best QB in NT history, Fine.  Ferrell had off field issues.  Many on this list were very highly recruited out of high school like tops in the nation.   I think if I was coach I would give them a second chance, Terrell and Feidt fall into this category. 

    If you're one of those who are fine with 6 or 7 win seasons, then great!   These guys will get us there consistently because they're good!   I'm not saying Gunnell will be Aune 2.0.    ...but I'm also not saying he won't be.   We don't know.

    Also, I think you're talking about Erric Pegram.  Not Reggie.  Surely you don't think Reggie is one of the greatest RBs you've ever seen in your time watching the Mean Green?    But the fact that you would confuse the two (forgetting about Reggie, who, again, wasn't BAD, but wasn't the gamebreaker we hoped as a P5 transfer), is proving my point.

    And there's a reason I didn't include Jackson.   Excited about this guy.

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  12. Just now, UNTLifer said:

    WB stepped up, I believe last year, when teams came a calling.  I seem to remember DeLong stating that he really liked it at North Texas and believes this program can be something very special.

    Texas is a hotbed of Softball talent.   
    And if you get a good program together, the sky is the limit.   Look at UL-La's softball dynasty.   There is NO reason NT can't do that.

  13. 5 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    Well it’s a theory and it was an hour to two after he did commit.

    Cant take social media that seriously, but I found this interesting.


    Something tells me Jyaire isn't scared of any transfer taking his job.   He just has to stay healthy.   2019 is the only full season we've got out of him so far.  Hopefully he blows up this year!

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