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  1. 49 minutes ago, MrAlien said:

    Next season with AAC teams visiting the Super PIt, I think 5500 might be possible. 

    No doubt.
    Can you imagine when NT excels in non-conference next season, starts well in conference, then Memphis comes to Denton with division championship implications on the line?

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  2. 1 hour ago, MrAlien said:

    We can not assume that the next coach will be any better, until we hear the AD come out and state that the university will seek out and hire an established coach that can improve the program.   

    I mean,  obviously we're not going to hear him say that ... right now.
    When the time comes for Baker to make the move, what are you thinking he's going to say?
    "Well, uh, we're lil' ol' North Texas.  I guess we'll just give this $2million/year to whoever is generous enough with their kind heart to come on board and coach us."

    This isn't youth rec football.  We're not desperate for volunteers.  This is one of 130 jobs in America, and we're paying VERY WELL!   There will be a myriad of well-qualified coaches who desire this job.

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  3. 46 minutes ago, MrAlien said:

    Littrell might not be a great coach but hes not terrible either... I do not understand why so many people are ready to fire him with out knowing who the next coach will be, or even what direction the AD would like to pursue in the search for one. 

    You fire because he's not meeting expectations.  Plain & Simple.  You cannot know who the next coach will be until the current one is gone.
    The AD has proven in other hires that he can identify good coaches.   Why would we doubt him regarding a football coach?

    You're thinking along the lines of The-Devil-You-Know-Is-Better-Than-The-Devil-You-Don't.   This isn't going to get us anywhere but where we're at.   If you're happy with that, so be it.   But you're in an ever-growing minority.

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  4. 1 hour ago, 2020 Sucks said:

    ....  Seth needed to learn how to be interactive with fans and not just spit out the same tired cliche's.  Seth needs to win all 3 phases more often than not.  Seth needs to execute.  Beating an FCS school, Southern Miss, Charlotte, ODU, Rice and UTEP are 6 wins.  But those wins don't gain recruits and they don't generate bowl berths vs teams that you can beat.  Seth needs to show passion about beating SMU.  Seth needs to show passion about playing in conference championships.  He needs to engage fans instead of running from them.  He makes too much money to produce 6 low tier wins.  For $2M a year, he should be able to perform better and he hasn't gotten the job done.


    There are a lot of people that will look at wins VS mediocre-to-bad C-USA teams and think, "Hey! this is so much better than Late-Dickey, Dodge, & McCarney!  We're in a better place now!  We're going to bowl games almost every year!  Be careful, because change could put us back to that previous level!"
    And this is true.

    However, if we're truthful in thinking forward, we'll see that in less than 1 year, we'll be moving into a much more difficult situation to achieve that same kind of .500 football success. 
    We're also stuck with very stagnant fan engagement.   Most of that is due to a lack of football success, but some is also due to the fact that the football coach could give 2 practice swings about their/our engagement, and his wet-mop personality doesn't pair well with middling football to win fans.   This aint Nick Saban or Bill Belichick (some of the common names people throw out there when this point is made).
    We're also seeing recruiting put on the back burner because the coaches know they must win right now in order to keep their current employment status... which means pour all time/effort into winning the next game on the schedule.   In other words, we're robbing the future to keep the middling going.

    Don't be surprised with a win at home VS a struggling LATech team in 2 weeks.
    ...The fun starts 10/22 at the Alamodome and continues the following week.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Can anyone rationally explain why Seth will not hire a legitimate QB coach? 

    He tried to.   3 different times after Harrell left.   

    All of them (for whatever reasons) were abject failures:
        Bodie Reeder
        Tate Wallis
        Blake Joseph

    If I understand correctly, after 3 strikes, you're out.   
    Just go get the best available coach you can get.   Clements is a pretty good get.   
    Fortunately, it means we now have 2 really good OL coaches on board.   One of them happens to be a pretty bright Xs & Os guy in the Briles tree, so he gets to call plays and be the "QBs Coach" too.

    For intents & purposes, we have 2 "QBs coaches", via analysts Cole Johnson & Quinn Shanbour.   Definitely not the best way to do it, but again, I'd rather have Clements than have Littrell somehow find another bum QBs coach (which he definitely would have).

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  6. 4 hours ago, peanuts104 said:

    Not for me.

    Wait, “win out” means you don’t lose another game.

    Do you mean to say (purely hypothetical) that if NT won CUSA, then won a bowl game against what should be a really good team, you’d still want to fire Littrell?  

    I couldn’t get behind that. That kind of turnaround wouldn’t be smoke & mirrors like last year’s late run.

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  7. 15 minutes ago, UNTcrazy727 said:

    I agree with you on the first 20 years of your experience, but I think its easy to see things have changed a lot since about 2012.

    He has about 8 years on me, but I totally agree with you.  I think some are just myopic in what they see happening in front of their face.    It's painfully obvious Littrell is being retained too long.

    That said, his 30 years (and my 22) explains why it's so frustrating to see football sink back down to sub-par, and just spin wheels for 4 seasons when you watched it climb out to 9-win seasons and a Conference championship game appearance not that long ago.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Pellom said:

    I’m not confident enough to say Fuente is definitely the guy, although it makes a ton of sense. 

    But if he is, and there’s an agreement behind the scenes, I don’t think Fuente would want to step on Seth’s toes. I think there’s more respect in the coaching community than that. And for that reason I don’t think a move will be made until there’s zero alternative (or until the end of the season when there can be a mutual parting of ways). 

    It would be Wren's job to step on Seth's toes.    THEN bring Fuente (or whoever else) in.

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