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  1. 8 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    First up is:

    Name: Jack Sorenson; 6'0" 195lbs.

    Position: WR

    Class: RS Sr.

    Stats: (12 games)

    Receiving: 69 receptions for 1290 yards and 10 TD's.  Had a six game stretch beginning with their game against Eastern Michigan where he eclipsed 100 receiving yards in each game. He averaged a little over 7 catches and almost 147 yards per game during this stretch with a high game of 14 catches for 283 yards against Ohio. 




    Bracket this dude with Gaddie over the top as the options after him are not scary.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Greenrex said:

    Does the bowl committee invite both teams for a social gathering like dinner or such? Does North Texas offer a campus tour to the visitors?
    How long will Miami be in Texas and where will they practice? Just wondering if these things are still part of a bowl event...the human/distraction stuff.


    Considering this bowl wasn't even a thing less than 2 weeks ago, I doubt they have any of this lined up.  And if they do, it's likely very generic stuff.

  3. Listening to Sterling Weatherford and he said this is gonna be the first time a lot of these guys have ever travelled to Texas.   There's not a single Texan on their roster!   

    I didn't even think about that...  The furthest these guys have travelled to play football over the past 5 years is to Minneapolis and West Point this year, and Minneapolis again in 2018.    Crazy.  That should work in our favor wouldn't you think?

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  4. Best of luck to him!   (And I mean that with sincerity)

    He’s an elite OC.   And now that he’s gleaned a lot of Briles’ system to go with his version of the Air Raid, I have no doubt his offense would be top 20 quickly.

    And I’d fully trust Baker to find a more than capable replacement.

    But I’m pretty sure if you’re a FBS head coach, you’re not gonna willingly step down a rung, even to a “better” school.  I don’t really know of any guys who’ve done that before.    
    Rocky Long “retired” as SDSU’s HC (Brady Hoke was already on staff again so I think they may were looking for a reason to elevate him), then took a DC job at the place where he started his defense, UNM.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Bash_Riprock said:

    Aside from running the ball on 2nd and 10, Miami has no offensive philosophy, lol. Running backs are very young and by committee. You'll see at least 4 featured backs. Our QB is Brett Gabbert. If the last name sounds familiar he is Blaine Gabbert's younger brother. Gabbert was hurt quite a bit early in the season, but had he been healthy he probably would have been 1st team All-MAC (He was named third team). WR Jack Sorenson is the big receiving threat. He was 1st team All-MAC and his numbers this season were pretty spectacular. The O-line is fairly young, but not inexperienced. Probably better pass protectors than they are run blockers. The defense is the strength of the team, though prone to give a big play now and then. LBs Ivan Pace (MAC defensive POY) and Matthew Salopek (3rd All-MAC) are tough as nails in all aspects of the game. We have four DEs who we rotate in and out a lot, and they are all equally good pass rushers and run stoppers. DEs Kam Butler, Lonnie Phelps, and Dom Robinson are All-MAC selections (Robinson was selected to play in the senior bowl). The secondary is lead by safety Sterling Weatherford (2nd team All-MAC). Our CBs give opposing receivers too much of a cushion in my opinion. What can I say about our head coach Chuck Martin? He has a lot of us pulling our hair out most of the time. Kind of a hard nosed guy who the players apparently love, but his game and clock management has most of us needing Rogaine (from pulling our hair out). 


    You guys sound a lot like us (Minus y'all having a WR threat, & flip-flop OL experience/strengths)!

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Bash_Riprock said:

    Greeting UNT fans. Miami fan here. Our athletic department sent out a link to the Axs website for Redhawk fans to purchase tickets. Our (Miami) options for seating were limited to Sections 103-105 and 107-109 via the Axs site. I tried multiple times to purchase tickets yesterday and it was a complete pain in the a$$. I would select my seats and then select "purchase" and kept receiving a message that time had expired for purchase. My tickets in the cart for less than a minute and they timed me out? WTF? Finally, late last night I tried Axs again, only this time using my phone and the purchase went through. Anyhow, it seems like things are being put together for this game fast and kind-of-half-ass. 

    Welcome!    What can you tell us about the RedHawks for those of us who haven't seen y'all play?

    What is the offensive philosophy?   Who are some key players for us to look out for?   Looks like your LB, Pace, is a good one!

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  7. 36 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    Miami isn't dropping 29 on us.

    They won't have enough time, unless they get a bunch of huge chunk-yardage/explosive plays.    NT's going to be running the ball a ton against them, and our DL is going to be living in their backfield.  They don't have dudes ours on MAC D-Lines.

    Should be something like:
    NT - 30
    Miami,OH - 17

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  8. 47 minutes ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    Learning on the job? The guy is a former college QB. And almost a decade of txhsfb coaching experience. I think he is more than qualified. If those don’t meet your standards than over half the coaching staff is not fit to be coaching. UnT problems at qb started before the hiring of the current qb coach. Now if they struck out in recruiting and ruder does not progress next year then I can completely understand placing the blame on him

    Being a former player doesn't necessarily make you a good coach.   Is this season not his first as a QBs coach in college football (let alone FBS-level)?   Have we seen improvement in QB play from last season?   He may wind up being a really great coach someday, but NT needs someone who can help our QBs right now.  

    41 minutes ago, BillySee58 said:

    And, more importantly, he played QB under Briles whose Veer and Shoot offense we have implemented here. Bloesch and Tate Wallis, both from that Briles coaching tree, were the ones who headlined that offensive implementation in 2020 and I think Bloesch and Littrell felt Joseph’s familiarity with the system was important in that hiring decision.

    The connections make sense, sure!
    But that doesn't equate to being a good QBs coach.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, untbowler said:

    Not speaking for EP directly, but I think his point and many others is not that Hedlund is a bad coach, but at what point do we expect more than just winning conference and being happy to just show up at the NCAA and play defensive ball. For all Hedlund has done and the numerous NCAA Trips his teams have still yet to even score a goal. Why can we not expect more? Win more games in the regular season so the team does not draw a Top 16 seed first round. Expecting more is not a knock on the coaches, but it seems clear a plateau has been reached. Much like SL, great we are going to another bowl game, but how about winning one as well. Same argument was made with DD, he won conference games but no-showed in OOC and 3 of 4 bowl games.

    I get the consistency angle here in demanding more from EVERYONE...

    But there is a cavernous difference between what Hedlund is doing with the Soccer ladies in expecting conference championships every single year VS what Littrell is doing with Football (let's be happy with #hit6!).   
    There may be an upside in replacing Hedlund, sure!   But I think it would be very, very risky because the margin is not very big (we're talking, instead of just winning a conference championship, we should also expect to knock off ranked teams at their houses in the NCAAs every year as well!)   ...Whereas the margin between 3 seasons of 41% winning football VS even competing for conference championships every single year (let alone expecting to win them) is quite a jump!   
    I can guarantee you if Hedlund turns in 3 years of 41% winning, he's gone.  Heck, if he turned in 2 seasons of winning 36%, he'd be run out with gnashing of teeth around here.    But that's because of the expectations he, himself, has set for his program.   
    Littrell set some high expectations for himself after 3 seasons, then underperformed woefully, yet is vigorously defended... it makes no sense.


    PS:   It's not as if NT is not competitive in their NCAA tourney losses either.    Can you imagine what would happen to NT Football if we played a top 25 team on their home field in the postseason?

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  10. 9 minutes ago, southsideguy said:

    I saw somewhere it could be up to 150K,  boy that will make it so hard to recruit players.  You think even Texas will be able to win with that advantage.   It is going to kill college sports.

    It's not really going to change anything.   

    The 4 & 5* guys are still going to these big schools.    There is still an 85 scholarship limit per team, and only 25 guys can sign per class.

    Now, they can definitely dangle that carrot out to transfers who are doing well at other schools, but ideally we could maybe do something similar for our superstars.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, MGNation92 said:

    Won't matter if we don't have a QB coach that's worth a damn.

    3 years of absolutely horrid QB coaching. Mason Fine is the greatest QB in UNT history, but the impact GH had on our QB room cannot be stated enough. 

    It's been all downhill since the day he left.

    Absolutely.   Whatever the HC situation is next season, we need someone on staff that can coach-up QBs.   As far as I'm concerned, the best QB coach we have currently is a GA.

  12. 10 hours ago, Cr1028 said:

    I’m not excited about his completion percentage against FCS competition. I’d like to see them closer to Zappe’s if we are bringing in a FCS transfer. This guy doesn’t seem to be measurably better than Aune and most of our fanbase can’t stand him. We should strive for better if a scholarship is involved. If he is walking on, good, we need scout team quarterbacks.

    Everyone looking for the next Zappe or Mordecai from the portal...     Leaving some really nice JUCO players twiddling their thumbs...

    Hope the coaches hit the JUCOs hard!

    Take, for instance, General Booty (Excellent bloodlines & nephew of EDIT: former NT coach John David Booty):
    Michael Hiers with his jaw-dropping 72% Completion%!!

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  13. 16 hours ago, greenminer said:

    MWC is def greater than MAC, but in terms of these two specific teams, it might not be what you're thinking.

    Just speaking from my view, SDSU hasn't been on my radar since Marshal Faulk/WAC, but Miami-OH has been in and out of my life (albeit, sparsely) the last 10 years.

    EDIT: I liked matching up with either of these teams.



    SDSU has been in & out of the top 25 since 2016 and has lived in the top 25 since the 5th week of this season.    They're a very good program. 

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