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  1. I haven't opened the bottle of wine I just brought home, so liquor can't explain it. Isn't Dickey falling into a free trip to a buttkicking in Hawaii shortly?
  2. I don't know, but they can be easily recognized as such.
  3. I have to admire FAU for never giving up...too bad the 2 pt conversion didn't work, but 1 point wouldn't have helped.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing, although I think 2 of the early 3 missed FGA's were pretty short. The kicking is one part of FAU's game I find suspect; not just field goals, but also kickoffs. I'm wondering how much effect the rule change concerning kickoffs has played so far this year...I bet teams put a lot more effort into the kicking game this next off season. Just my opinion, but I think UNT needs to pay a LOT more attention to special teams play.
  5. There's a line in a Dylan song where "They kill him with self confidence". Maybe that's how we started the OU demise.
  6. I'm just wondering, since FAU is hanging in there with 6th ranked USF, have there been any SBC teams ranked in the top 25?
  7. North Texas fans begin praying in their designated tailgate area upon arrival in Lafayette, as they all begin realizing that LaLa has played respectable Troy and ranked South Carolina close, and has a running game that matches up well against the NT defense. However, LaLa can't cover NT, which completes passes as often as any NT QB/receiver combination can find each other, scoring last on a Vizza to Meager flea flicker. NT is up late 4th quarter 41 to 35, having missed a 2 pt conversion attempt. LaLa, which already has 350 yards combined rushing, mostly behind lead blocking by the previousl
  8. Could you tell me more about this "Blue Dog's"? Uh, never mind!
  9. Hey, that's less than 2 months no matter how you look at it! Ok, my last question, since we've gotten MORE than ten: If we win at LaLa, and are 1-1 in conference, WILL ALL QUARTERBACKS AND D COODINATORS BE FORGIVEN FOR ONE WEEK?
  10. Hey, if I can't figure out how to delete this thread, please do so Illuvius...I must say though, KingDL1 and NCMEANGREEN did have me in stitches.
  11. I just thought this might be fun; I don't have the time to come up with ten right now, but one of mine will be" Have we hit rock bottom?
  12. What are our good matchups against LaLa?
  13. Evyn (is anyone going to correct the spelling on this thread title?), at least has been spoken well of by the North Texas radio announcers for hitting hard (and making the tackle). Who else on defense fits that description?
  14. I have to agree, based on the Euless Trinity/SLC playoff game last year, which turned out to be a defensive struggle between two otherwise very high scoring (and widely recognized) offenses, 22-21. It really wasn't a very impressive game by the SLC offense; their offensive line was having a hard time protecting Riley Dodge, who may have received a concussion during the game. It probably is true that SLC only won because of a coaching mistake-an easily read fake punt by Trinity, in the last few minutes of the game. Both defensive units were outstanding in that game; I wish North Texas could
  15. Thanks for the correction, Ibleedgreen; now corrected. I actually started doubting that sequence shortly after posting, but got busy elsewhere.
  16. That's pretty good insight, GrayEagleOne. I am aware that the desegregation was court ordered, but it seemed limited. I do wonder if Mitchell be seen as taking any initiative, or was he just responding completely to outside pressure, whether from the Court, or University administration.
  17. Thanks for that analysis, Rick. Pretty good stuff. I haven't followed the program long enough (I enrolled in 74) to know that much about the coaching, players, system, etc. for that time frame. I had suspected that late 60's era would be favored by someone; I'd love to know more details about it.
  18. I just thought this might produce some positive thoughts. Not necessarily just single seasons, but maybe spans of years like the late 50's and early 60's after North Texas was the first Texas University to integrate. Ws it coaches like Odus Mitchell who saw that the future was integration of college athletics? The players such as Abner Haynes he recruited? Support of the administration and community in the Hayden Fry era? Was the early success of Rod Rust at all related to his coaching, or just the talent base Mitchell left him?
  19. Smitty, based on the results of that game, and the way Permian has played so far, we SHOULD recruit from Permian. However, most of us Eulessers (or whatever we're called) would agree with coach Lineweaver that Permian is good, but Trinity played badly that night. I DO think that, whatever the results of this season (and Trinity's prospects are looking better recently), that Trinity has consistently had strong offensive line play. I don't think they should just be judged entirely on the Permian game, where a Trinity quarterback, starting his 2nd game, as I recall, turned the ball over 5 time
  20. I agree; no matter how anyone feels about DD, he's gone and has his own problems. Time to deal constructively with our own. By the way, are you in N.C.? I and family will be there to vacation near Blowing Rock in a couple of weeks.
  21. You know, I hear you Illuvius. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Euless Trinity FB program, and was glad to see them handle the 2nd ranked 4A team, the Waco Lions, handily 2 weeks ago. However, I really loved seeing that Waco team keep fighting and finaly getting on the scoreboard with a few minutes left in the game; that almost made me wish their star RB wasn't out from injury. There's something about that never say die attitude! Another North Texas like thing-they had a great band!
  22. I'll stick with my original post on this forum, that we need to recruit more guys from Euless Trinity! Wanted: blockers and tacklers!
  23. Well, this, in addition to the 2 blocked punts against FAU last week, makes me wonder if a little more attention needs to be paid to preparing the special teams.
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