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  1. On 3/30/2021 at 1:44 PM, meangreen11 said:

    Looks solid but with players from Carroll you wonder if it is a stepping stone.

    What I've noticed is that solid players from good schools want to play. If they don't see the prospect of playing time, often they do leave. This guy has enough skills to find a place for him. I want to see what he does on the field in 2021.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    Players get mad at Vito for his comments because they aren't always positive, and I love that because you have to hear the truth

    You never learn anything at the deepest level without negative feedback.

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  3. 1 minute ago, UNTLifer said:

    Yep and I selfishly want to remember them as North Texas lettermen. Not lettermen that also played elsewhere. Again, I am being selfish or a proud alum, probably both. 

    I can understand any of us being selfish, as that is human nature, but can't resent another exercising self interest.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    I want to thumb’s up and thumb’s down this post. We aren’t s stepping stone to high major. We can become one and should. Honestly, and call me selfish, but I would be pissed if they decided to take advantage of their extra year and then transfer. 

    Ah, but: “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

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  5. 1 minute ago, TheTastyGreek said:

    I mean... I had fun watching, but I'm a filthy, distant casual observer at best these days. I'm glad for people who were heavily invested in the season.

    I know if this had happened 10 years ago or so, when I was traveling to see as many as 27 games in person one year... This might have literally killed me. Stopped my heart cold.

    Anyone who was ride or die all year, I'm glad they got to experience this as a possible once a generation or once a lifetime payoff. Hopefully there's more basketball to come. 

    Yeah, they'll carry those memories with them forever, but how many will remember sitting under the court as we beat UT Arlington in their previous cafetorium home, with JJ drawing up the final play? I guess I was never truly dedicated, but got reminded by the geography professors when I changed to that major that said professors were scorekeepers in that Bill Blakely era, so began attending at the Super Pit, thinking that was a strong hint. Those were large and raucous crowds for such limited post season possibilities. Strange that I mostly remember those 1970 style jackets Blakely wore, but can't remember what they were called.

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  6. 19 hours ago, TheTastyGreek said:

    And maybe the bus back to the hotel will catch fire and the entire team will die in the explosion. 

    Take 5 minutes and enjoy things. This is a neat thing that just happened. 

    I'm just glad that you got to see it happen. I can still remember watching TV and seeing you and Matt in the stands, maybe with Matt painted green, but I'm older now and don't always trust my memory.

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  7. It sounds like the main knock on the guy is that he (may) move up from a "quality control" position to one as a full time assistant, but that seems like a path that a lot of up-and-comers seem to be taking, as indicated here: https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-best-young-coaches-30under30-151573416/#151573416_1.

    And I believe we hired Graham Harrell as OC and QB coach from a similar background at Washington State. I guess some of us didn't like what we were seeing on the field with him until we got a chance to see his successor at work, who seemed to have the traditional career path to success as an FBS OC, through success in that position at the FCS level.

    Has anyone mentioned any other promising candidates for ST coordinator out there at this time?

  8. 30 minutes ago, stl.pony said:

    Jank is an odd man. He left a HC job at Illinois state to take an assistant job at SMU. Just an odd thing to do. 

    Didn't he come expecting to be head coach in waiting, which is actually what happened? Kind of a strange way of getting a HC job, but maybe it all happened the way it was supposed to, except that Jank didn't meet the expectations y'all had.

  9. 19 hours ago, BillySee58 said:

    Yeah I don’t disagree at all. My point is I think that’s a problem, and I hate that college is touted as some land of opportunity during the recruiting process, then most schools just put these guys in easy classes so they can focus on sports. Then they haven’t gained any real opportunity that college offers for life after sports.

    Billy, this is something I've wondered about when we see new coaching regimes come in and (we hope) step up the recruiting game, much of this taking place in a narrow window of time, during which said coaching staff probably knows little about the various degree granting programs and the marketability of them in the workplace. And I'm not saying, "hey, take up accounting" to a person who make not have the desire or ability for it just because it has obvious earnings potential. 

    I doubt if many people outside of my fairly small circle are aware that knowledge and credentials available from the UNT Department of Geography and the Environment can provide meaningful work and an upward career trajectory, when combined with skills in Geographic Information Systems. I can still remember when down in the City of Dallas Emergency Operations Center, while providing staff training, one of the EOC staff bringing a group of high schoolers in to show the scope of that work, and informing them that the academic credentials could be acquired "just up the road" at UNT.

    Overall though, I agree with the need for better counseling of the sort which helps any student, whether athlete or not, prepare for a college career that lays the groundwork for success after school and athletics. And it's probably worthwhile for schools to consider how to teach students how to present themselves. But it's not hard nowadays to notice many, whose behavior would have been ill mannered at one time, apparently successful by current standards. But if you're someone just asking for any kind of work, it may be best to show good judgment, rather than just reaching the rather low bar seen on much social media content. 

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  10. 4 hours ago, golfingomez said:

    damn... not even the yearbook could get our name right? no wonder these broadcasters have so munch difficulty nowadays!

    I guess you're serious, but are you not aware that the yearbook had the name right at that time?https://blogs.library.unt.edu/unt125/2015/06/22/name-change-unt/#:~:text=On May 15%2C 1988%2C the,College and Teacher's Training Institute


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  11. 1 hour ago, ASU_Jeff said:

    Hello from North Carolina!  Looking forward to playing you guys next week in Myrtle Beach!  How many of you will be making the trip?  My family and I are hoping to get tickets; it will be interesting with the limited attendance mess due to COVID.

    If you have any questions about our team or Myrtle Beach let me know.

    I have fond memories of that part of North Carolina; I wish I could make it Myrtle Beach again (went there once while stationed at Ft. Bragg with 82nd Airborne), but too short of a notice. It would be a nice drive there from Boone, I'm sure.  I was up in Blowing Rock shortly after y'all beat Michigan, and enjoyed seeing all the pride being displayed by the folks going up there for the scenery before playing a Saturday game. I did wonder if winning in such notorious fashion wasn't a bit of a distraction from your conference play that year.


  12. 23 minutes ago, southsideguy said:

    I guess I am the one that made the comment.  I lived there for 18 years so I stick by my comment and El Paso is a great place to be from.   Lived in Euless for awhile no feelings bad or good for it.   Now I live in Denton, the only problem is growing and the roads cant handled the traffic and more crime is starting to show it ugly head.   There is no perfect place but home is where you make it.   Sorry if I offended anyone.   

    I think the UTEP game maybe cancelled , El Paso is having a big outbreak of COVID right now so we shall see

    I suspect you're right. I'd love for us to play them this year, but I'd never assume anything about us and UTEP.

  13. 10 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    But the comment above flies in the face of your first comment unless you mean this to be about everywhere except Midland/Odessa.  Look, I scored the trifecta by living in Euless years ago, now living in Midland and working in Odessa.  The beauty out here is the morning and evening skies when they aren't filled with dust.  What I do like about this area is that I am three/four hours from the mountains of New Mexico, Big Bend or the Hill Country.

    I was just yanking your chain with my comment about "eulessismore", but I did find it comical that you were critical of somewhere else when your screen name's nickname is Useless.

    We haven't heard that one here in a long time, but people are really pretty proud of Euless these days, so it doesn't matter. As I recall in my original post, I invited people to fire away, so you're welcome. Yeah, we win at football around here.

    And really, I was just responding to another poster's slamming El Paso, I place I didn't care for the first few times I went through there, but grew to appreciate it as a gateway to the desert mountains I love.

    Congratulations on loving your home, and to all you West Texans, best folks in the whole damned world!

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  14. 2 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    With all due respect, your screenname is "eulessismore."  

    Hey, my wife owned a house here when we got married. Then, the first time I took her out to Far West Texas (to the town of Marfa, home of the coolest summer mornings in Texas, she let me know she did not want to live in the desert.

    I was ok with that; one thing I enjoyed about Denton was the oak woodlands of the Cross Timbers region, especially compared to the generally treeless plains surrounding the Wichita Falls area where I grew up.

    However, I've always enjoyed being in places of scenic beauty, but never felt like I had to live next to a National Park to enjoy them. I'd love to live someplace like Estes Park, but wouldn't love mandatory evacuations such as residents there have experienced.

    And I will still tell anyone that there's beauty to be found all around you, if you'll just give it a chance. And I have nothing against anyone loving where they live; I just think some are too dismissive of places like El Paso, as I myself have been in the past.

    And I really love my folks in Wichita Falls, and wish I could be with them more often, it's just tough these days. I'd suggest that before anyone reacts too harshly to perceived criticism of their home or favorite places, they might consider that Mac Davis' hit "Lubbock in a Rear View Mirror" was seen by many as a putdown of that place he so loved, unless they listened to the lyrics all the way through, and realized it was a love song to a place he came to miss.

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