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  1. Still a good idea, but perhaps TCU and SMU feel it would be a comedown to have to play their larger neighbors.
  2. Thanks for the open-minded comment, @SteaminWillieBeamin. As for the rest of you, it's fun to see the responses to "the story we hear every year," as if your comments were not as repetitive as the repetitious story. "Not enough interest." "Not enough money." "Commuter school." "Can't compete for the DFW dollars." I'm not sure what was the point of the references to UTSA, UTEP and the other UT's. Just like UNT, UT Arlington is stuck in a governmental amalgamation that exerts control over our school in return for a fraction of the funding. I mean, I'm not feeling the love, and have to assume we would have a really good, bitter, nasty rivalry with UNT in football, just as we almost have had in basketball. (Maybe your basketball team can finally beat us this year, and after that, maybe we can call it a rivalry. Oh wait. Maybe we should cancel the game, like UNT did a few years ago when we were favored.)
  3. Scott Cross' problem this year, in addition to the thin bench, was that he had no replacement for Jorge Bilbao. For the previous 3-4 years, the Spaniard was the heart of the team. You guys had a great team this year - almost beat UT Arlington. Maybe next year, but I kind of doubt it. :0)
  4. We sure appreciate UNT being willing to play us most years. It's too bad Smew and Teeceeyou are afraid to play us, but I guess that's normal. We're pretty good and those guys don't want to share glory in the DFW market.
  5. 620am on tunein works if you search for UT Arlington....
  6. UTA is 4-1 against CUSA thix year, having blown a 10 point lead vs LaTech. El Paso was pretty good, but otherwise, I would agree it is a down year for the conference, especially San Antonio!
  7. UofH would never get in the XII as long as UT-Austin could stop them. The Bevoites have never forgiven Houston for outshining them once they got into the SWC.
  8. You guys are being too nice. How can a UTA fan talk smack in such an environment? Good luck the rest of the season!
  9. Dang. I wish we could say that. Oh well, at least we have baseball and men's tennis.
  10. As a Maverick Alum, I am really disappointed. I very much doubt that JJ would ever have backed down from this rivalry. Sure, UTA has "owned" UNT 7 of the last 9 times we've played, but I'm old enough to remember the 70s and 80s. From 1973 to 1983 North Texas beat us 8 of 11 games, yet nobody in Arlington even considered giving up on the series. Streaks happen: That's just the way things go with good rivalries. I hope this is just a temporary setback and that the series will be renewed. It's bad enough that TCU and SMU are afraid to play. I never thought UNT was like that. We'll really miss you guys next season at College Park Center. I'm particularly sorry not to see Alzee Williams play again. He, unlike Benford, is a class act.
  11. It was a rough time for UNT, but you weathered it and came through better and tougher. We, on the other hand.....
  12. I think there was an era when that was an attitude that accounted for some of the best and brightest students at UTA, perhaps ten years ago. Only speaking for myself, I never considered Arlington a stopover, unless it was a stopover on my way to law school. Now that about 5,000 students live on campus, with a majority of the others in apartments within 5 miles of campus, it's hard to apply the old paradigms. During my era when we were playing winning football (late 60s), attendance was good, interest was high, and community support was significant. If you came later, your reality was different, and I get that. As for whether or not UTA would support football, I doubt that UNT had good crowds during the latter years of the Dodge era. That doesn't mean North Texas cannot or does not support football. I'm sorry to hear from any UTA exe who thinks we could not support a competitive team. That's absurd.
  13. Is it possible that I am the only UTA alumnus to reply on this topic? I agree with Silvereagle. It just doesn't make sense. We have lost a quarter century of fun we could've been having if "Dr. Pohl's window" had only been kept open at UTA. I'm afraid we are under the control of the same kind of leftist tree-hugging commie bastards that are attacking UNT from South Dallas. A thin sliver of hope is starting to shine into our bunker as the arch-anti-football president Spaniolo is finally closing out his career. We have a search committee that is just now forming up and I am very hopeful that they will be looking at candidates who are not anti-football.
  14. No poser here, but thought I would dispel the talk about swTSU not being D-1. They have been giving the full FBS allotment of scholarships and are thus ineligible for the Southland football championship this year. Granted, their team is probably not the best one in the SLC, but they are giving those 21 extra rides, so they are not an FCS program. Like the rest of the lower half of the SLC, they would have trouble competing with McNeese, SFA or Sam Houston, but that probably puts them on a par with some of the Sunbelt bottom dwellers as well. :0)
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