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  1. We had them in the upper deck of student side.
  2. Albino Squirrel shows up and UNT wins a close one against MTSU. Maybe there is something to it being lucky. When the Texas Rangers run out the Dot races and the folks come out as Red, Blue, and Green it doesn’t mean the Rangers are going to embrace the Dots as mascots. They serve their purpose, but we see them at EVERY Rangers game. As long as the University isn’t referring to itself as the Albino Squirrels, I don’t have an issue with it. We’re still the Mean Green and the Eagles. Having the Talons fire a cannon at the game doesn’t make Boomer any part of our mascot. Yes it’s stupid. Yes it’s funny. Kids will still want to get their picture taken with Scrappy. And apparently it really is lucky!
  3. This is how the arms race goes. New conference and new facilities (and new coaches) have improved recruiting by leaps and bounds the last few years. Now our expectations have raised to where we should be winning recruiting battles and winning games against higher teared schools. Being in a higher level conference would help. We are better off than where we were. It’s. It even close. But now that’s not enough. Go Mean Green! Ever higher!
  4. Conferences matter to recruits. Perception is reality. The worst P5 school will still have better recruiting options than the best CUSA school. This is a MUCH better conference than the SunBelt, and gives us better recruiting interest, but it needs to be a stepping stone, and I think Wren realizes that.
  5. Kade Renfro May be a 4* before he arrives on campus. Could step in as a Freshman.
  6. Houston sucks. Even if they win, they still suck. UNT 38 Houston 21
  7. The penalties killed us. Some of that is youthful inexperience and some of that is just poor discipline. You can't give up 90 yards in penalties.
  8. I put this on the OC as well. TE's catching the ball was essentially nonexistent, and no adjustments were made to get Fine moving on designed rollouts and quick slants.
  9. My 12 year old daughter heard that on Saturday night and she said we definitely had to come back for that. Didn't remind her that we have season tickets so we'd be coming anyway. I was amused that she was that interested.
  10. Biggest difference was getting rid of the reserved seating right behind the visiting bench. When the students can fill that in and be rowdy it keeps the whole section engaged. I know it was CuSA rule but I’m glad it’s gone.
  11. I didn’t hear Fly Like An Eagle 74 times last night.
  12. LOVE that we offered the kid! Would have been unheard of 10, 15, 20 years ago.
  13. Excited to see how the new TE usage increases opportunities for the with other WR's and the running game. I think this will be a fun game. Would love to get a win on the road, but the UNT fan in me (late 90's and through the Dickey/Dodge era) hopes for something competitive and not getting blown out by 50 points.
  14. Love this kid, and this class!! Go Mean Green!!
  15. Love seeing big time donations happening more often and with higher dollar amounts. The ship may actually be turning.
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