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  1. I don't think a respectable FCS record is the bar I want to set for our coach leading us to AAC. I had Carthel on my list of top candidates, but I would make Keeler and Eric Morris tell us no before we went that route. Keeler is way more proven and Morris had better success in similar circumstances at the same level.
  2. Hasn’t beat Keeler yet either, who I view as a better candidate. Much larger body of work.
  3. I think JMU will open the checkbooks to keep him around with how they have started FBS play. They have deeper pockets than many realize. I think that job will be a launchpad for more an ACC level job.
  4. My personal Top 4 candidates: 1. KC Keeler - Veteran HC, Proven Winner with large body of work, Has done it in the State of Texas, Realistic Get, Could be our Leipold (Will he leave?) 2. Eric Morris - Did a great job at UIW and got some HC experience there, Solid now at Wazzu, Texas ties, (Sample size?) 3. Colby Carthel - Not Keeler level of success, but done a good job at SFA/Commerce, Texas ties, (Is he ready for FBS?) 4. Shawn Bell - Wild card candidate, Former TXHSFB HC, Has been on Rhule and Aranda Baylor staffs (Does not having same body of work as Traylor/McGuire make a difference?) There's a bit of a theme with the Top 3. I value prior successful HC experience, which for us to be able to get them means their HC success likely was at FCS level. To me, Keeler is the safest option. Has won his whole career (Over 250 wins as a HC), we could easily double his current salary without even overpaying, there are no ?s about how would handle being a HC. Sam is in transition right now and headed to the carcass of the CUSA. If you're him would you rather make the FBS jump in a transition process or at a place with actual resources and facilities (comparatively speaking).
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