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  1. There is no scenario in which Cal will ever be included in the B1G. With the addition of USC there is really no need for the B1G to include UCLA. USC would give them the LA market. UCLA is just sprinkles on top of the sundae. The key will be the final make up of the P2. Will it be 2 conferences of 20 teams or 24 teams. Originally USC and UCLA would have brought the B1G to 16 teams. Then Oregon and Washington would have brought it to 18. Notre Dame would certainly be the 19th team. There are just too many options in the ACC to even consider Cal. With the addition of Texas and Oklahoma that would bring the SEC to 16. So there will be 5 spots to fill in the P2. There will be North Carolina, NC St, Clemson, and FSU that are all but guaranteed to be an addition. That would leave the likes of Duke, Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma St, Virginia, and Miami to fill a single remaining spot. Think the P2 would have to go to 24 teams each for Cal to be even considered. 80% of the P2 will be in the eastern and central time zones.
  2. Hope everyone enjoy the non football part of your visit and am looking forward to playing y'all again soon. Would ask for one favor. DESTROY THAT GAME VIDEO AND NOT SHOW IT TO ANYONE. I swear your DC must have had someone in our huddle. What ever scheme he devised had us looking like a monkey fornicating with a football. Do not know what small signs y'all picked up in scouting but please don't share that information. This was easily Seth's worst game in his 15 games as a Tiger. Best of luck the rest of the season.
  3. Y'all won first match up. Then we won 14 straight. In late 70s early 80s y'all won 3 out of 4 we won the most recent bowl game. Leading to our current 16-4 series lead.
  4. The day after the state championship game, Seth was on the road to Memphis. Enrolled and took part in spring practice. So he already had learned a lot of the offense when Gunnell went down. He played in all but one game, learning more key details of the offense. Seth and Grant battled evenly in their second spring practice together. When Grant transfered to UNT he arrived at fall camp with little to no knowledge of the offense. A newcomer with no knowledge of offense is going to have to be head and shoulders better in order to beat out a senior returning starter. Just give Grant time to learn offense.
  5. Here is a little something i do on the Tigers forum and Facebook for all Tiger games. Tigers vs Mean Green by the numbers In our return to the old Missouri Valley rivalry, there is good news and bad news. GOOD NEWS: 16-4 is the Tigers' record against North Texas. BAD NEWS: North Texas has won 3 out of the last 5 games. GOOD NEWS: 4 of the last 5 games were in the late 70s and early 80s a period of very bad Tigers football. The North Texas defense makes the Tigers' defense look invincible in comparison. BOTH teams have the ability to put up big numbers. North Texas' strength has been their running game, which so happens to be the strength of the Tigers' defense. North Texas should have a slight advantage in special teams. Especially their coverage teams. Their OL is solid as Tigers could find it difficult to pressure their QB. But if we do find it possible to pressure him, he has trouble securing the ball and tends to throw it to the opposing team. If this occurs we could see a live game version of the Tigers' spring camp, as former Tiger Grant Gunnell is on the North Texas bench just waiting to try to prove to the Tigers that they made the wrong choice. This would give the Mean Green an insight into certain keys to the Tigers' offense and defense. Everything on paper trends to the Tigers getting their 17th win against North Texas in 21 games. ON PAPER. Who knows, clean up mistakes and Tigers should even cover the spread. Continue the same mistakes from the first three games or come out flat and the Tigers could be handed what could only be considered a bad loss. Our running backs must have a better game than they've had so for this season. At the same time, our defensive backfield must win the one-on-one battle with the North Texas recievers in order for the Tigers to bring a safety down into the box to slow the North Texas running game. The Tigers have so far failed to put together 3 full strong quarters of football, much less a full game. Based on a few of his post-game comments there are some who may accuse coach of being a miserable. You can tell that not being able to correct the same mistakes game after game is getting to him. Our OL must block better, open holes for RBs, and protect Seth better. The defense has got to wrap up better. Yards after contact has been way too high in the first three games. Someone must keep an eye on the RB out of the backfield in the passing game. While at the same time the defensive backfield MUST keep everything in front of them and not blow assignments. On a side note, both teams have made national highlights in recent years by humiliating SEC teams, catching them asleep on punt coverage which resulted in a TD. Total Offense Memphis 50th NT 35th Total Defense Memphis 96th NT 126th Passing offense Memphis 18th NT 56th Rushing Offense Memphis 90th NT 25th Passing Defense Memphis 110th NT 122nd Rushing Defense Memphis 64th NT 120th Red Zone Offense Memphis 1st NT 116th Red Zone Defense Memphis 77th NT 111th Net Punting Memphis 44th NT 25th Punt Returns Memphis 89th NT 81st Punt Return Defense Memphis 45th NT 4th Blocked Punts Memphis n/a NT n/a Blocked Punts Allowed Memphis 1st NT 111th Kick Off Returns Memphis 60th NT 19th Kick Off Return Defense Memphis 120th NT 125th Turnover margin Memphis 10th NT 112th Fumbles Memphis 24th NT 53rd Fumbles Recovered Memphis 27th NT 7th Passes Had Intercepted Memphis 1st NT 119th Passes Intercepted Memphis 42nd NT n/a Sacks Memphis 98th NT 108th Sacks allowed Memphis 84th NT 11th ToP Memphis 123rd NT 109th Scoring Offense Memphis 56th NT 73rd Scoring Defense Memphis 99th NT 115th.
  6. Do we play there next year? Would be interesting to see Seth return to play in his home town. How did y'all let him get away? In just 13 games he already 9th in career passing yards. We've had a streak of three great QBs before him, Lynch, Ferguson, and White. All three broke some Tigers passing record while playing here. But Henigan is on pace to own all the records if he plays three years.
  7. The old Missouri Valley rivalry renewed. https://csnbbs.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=446
  8. While both have good food the Rendezvous is more of a white collar tourist destination. Locals usually eat elsewhere. As far as Interstate, all locations are good but wouldn't suggest tourist visit the original 3rd street location. Main parking is behind restaurant in dimly lit lot. They do have a Southaven Miss location on Stateline road east of 55. Central has a local off south Main St across from National Civil Rights Museum, but wouldn't suggest tourist visit that location after dark. For something different I suggest Paynes BBQ at Lamar and Walker (about a mile from stadium). Ms Emily has a sweeter sauce and mustard based slaw. Kinda quaint place located in an old gas station. And uses rejected potato chip bags instead of regular paper bags for to go orders. Great BBQ Balogna sandwiches. It's embarrassing to say but the head of our Chamber of Commerce was shot and killed a few years back because he wandered too far south off Beale St. Oh yea, we do have a What-A-Burger location open in Southaven on Goodman Rd east of 55. I would suggest Southaven/Hornlake for those plan on getting motel room over night. Or maybe a casino hotel in Tunica. BTW some of the casinos have sports books. Forgot to mention Tobey Park doesn't have electrical hook ups. If you tailgate there you'll need portable generator. Tobey is located just to north west of this map. Map facing west. Preparing for major upgrade to stadium so some lots may not be available. Going 100% e-ticket and e-parking passes this year, being only second home game there could be delays and screw ups.
  9. For those traveling in for the game. Space on Tigerlane is sold out for the season. So visiting tailgaters usually set up in Tobey park north east of stadium. If you're not tailgating yourself, take a stroll through Tigerlane located at west gate of stadium. Heck you might even be invited to join those set up there. Lots of friendly fans. Central BBQ a local favorite is located on central Ave one block NW of stadium. Applebee's is on union just west of cooper. Suggest taking E Parkway heading north and Union is first overpass exit. Another local favorite the BBQ Shoppe is on Madison Ave which is next street past Union. It dead ends into E Parkway right past Union overpass. There's an I-Hop on Union for those that want breakfast but don't want to drive far from stadium. For those who do I suggest Bryant's on summer Ave just west of Graham. Or Pancake Shop on summer just west of 40/240 intersection. Be alert at all time. We have a well earned dubious reputation. Post game for those who partake of music and adult beverages there's always Beale Street. For those who chose more family activities the Fall Nationals will be taking place across the river at Riverside International Speedway. They will have 360 winged sprints, 305 winged sprints, late models and stocks. Suggest you sit in east side stands and bring OFF to ward off skeeters. West Memphis has a casino located at the old dog track. There's also a cluster of casinos south of Memphis in Tunica Ms. Take 55 south and take the 69 exit west right before you get to Hernando. Drive safely
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