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  1. Hey, I actually saw some of the tips in the game plan. 14. Throwing the out route to wide side of field near our goal line is a bad idea.
  2. To be honest, I don't think he needs a confidence booster and his accuracy will likely not improve much. However, when they open the playbook and allow him to throw the ball it changes what defenses can do to us. Balancing our weapons at receivers with our rushing attack will make us really strong in conference play. We don't need him to be perfect in order to compete in conference play. And yes we should have definitely beaten Memphis.
  3. Well, actually getting a bowl game is a big deal. I say that because not getting one means you really really really suck. Look at TEXAS last year. Regardless of how many of you may feel UNT constantly winning six games when the recruiting program is terrible is absolutely amazing. For the most part the kids come here and work their asses off and you can actually see them getting better. I understand high expectations, but the reality is that UNT is a long way away from being powerhouse that some of you are expecting every week. Was I pissed yesterday afternoon, Yes because we had them on the rope and a three bad plays made a huge difference in the game. And at the time I would have liked to see Aune get pulled. But, after a few drinks and some rest, I am glad they did not pull him. This experience will be huge for conference and I am ready for them to turn him lose and let him play without worrying about his mistakes. I trust that he is the best QB that we got and will get even better. For the first time he was like a kid in the candy store will all the weapons that we have on offense. The game was a huge step forward for the Defense, Offense, the OC, and the DC. The best overall game plan that i've seen from them in along time.
  4. You gotta get the dude out the game. It is not fair to the team at this point
  5. Punt the damn ball, an play the field position. We still have a lot of game left
  6. how to you listen live, to players and coach at Rudy's and what time does it start
  7. 10. Practice the fade route in the Red Zone with our 4* 6'5" wide receiver and the QB that has shown tremendous growth of the summer. Then execute the play in a real game situation.
  8. 5. If we every get into a 4th & 5 on our side of the field with plenty of time left in the game, the logical thing to do in punt the ball.
  9. I am creating this thread because I know that somebody associated with UNT Football is reading it. It is my hope that this person will share some of the thoughts with the coaching staff because what we saw in Las Vegas was trash. I have no intention for anyone to use this thread to bash the coaches, request their firing, or tell them who to start at any position. I simply would like people to provide insight on areas to improve and offer solution that will put our player in better positions to highlight their talents. ex: Tips 1. Incorporate some running plays that forces defense lineman to run sideways. 2. Try throwing the ball to a WR in the Red Zone, it has worked well for us in previous years and it helps to keep the defense honest. 3. When the put eight and nine in the box, allow the QB to check to another play, that has a chance to work. 4. Our offensive line is not the Dallas Cowboy Line that Emmitt Smith had.
  10. This is way kids are transferring and hitting the portal
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