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  1. I was in book advertising purgatory. Anyway, Neal Brown can't #17. He has to be Top 5. There is no sign growth at WVU. His saving grace is that WVU doesn't have the money to outbid anyone, so maybe that's why he is so low on the list?
  2. I wonder how much influence CUSA had in this for the extra revenue? What is it? 500K that the schools get each year from TV?
  3. I've said many times, "UTSA is fighting an uphill battle against generationaly Aggies and Longhorns that only 3 decades of Football can only begin to solve." There's been a decent shift, but a loong way to go. If NIL doesn't come around we stand a chance, but it's putting us further behind. Good lord, SMU and Tech are completely outclassing us and they both basically suck in the landscape of college football considering their histories. People poke fun at us not having a stadium on campus, but it is a god send. It's our one leverage point.
  4. You are NOT wrong. It's discouraging. We are sitting on a silver mine that just need some effort, any effort, in mining.
  5. I would like to see howmany super seniors they have on their roster. I have suspicion that G5 teams that don't get the top level talent, nor do they lose juniors to the next level will spark up through the 2024 season. I believe that is the deadline for any player to be considered affected by the pandemic year. A school that recruits players like App State would definitely benefit from that extra year of maturity. Think of BYU and their average player being 2 years older. Most P5 Schools need that recruit pipeline to keep moving. CUSA, Sunbelt, MWC do not. This is their one shot. I wonder who is next on the hit list for App State.
  6. I saw a 14 point spread with like 7 minutes to go and I never checked back in on it. Only that Arkansas won.
  7. I thought Cincy got mauled pretty good? Houston is tough, but our dropped passes doomed us.
  8. I mean you're not wrong, but I retort...any other school consider "Come and Take It" racist? I'm pretty sure UTSA has been the only US college to make that claim, so we got that going for us! 😄
  9. There's been some hilarious posts on here. I can attest that Traylor is really always pumped up, so it's funny seeing this video.
  10. TD! UTSA! Stadium. 😄 I live in Houston and I gotta admit, most coogs take it great because it ultimately woke up the fan base and admin that led to getting Tom Herman and bringing them back to where they were.
  11. It's still a selection committee at the end of the day.
  12. I get your point, but being who I am, money is harder to come by when the team isn't playing.
  13. I'm a pragmatic pessimist. I see far more negatives than positives. Most bowls are only supported through ESPN. Do you think UNT gets a bowl invite last year with an expanded 12 team playoff? I don't unless ESPN gives up the bowls and CBS or Fox swoop in. I think a G5 Playoff happening will be better than this expansion.
  14. UTSA stuggled with this for a long time, but the Academy across from the school stepped up and made a UTSA section. I put it on our school, though. There are plenty of college kids who could design great tshirts on campus and school should use this as an approach to any marketing or business classes and give the kids a chance to earn some side income. Learn actual real life marketing and business skills
  15. "The junior college that no football fan even knew existed the last time we won a conference title." As an expert trash talker, that's a bad take. "Let’s check back in three weeks whence they are 0-3. Part of why they are pressing so hard for attendance this week is they know in 3 weeks it will become very difficult." As a season ticket holder and donor, I can assure you they are doing their level LEAST to pump up attendance. Our AD is letting us down, big time. She got lucky with Traylor, but has really turned off A LOT of big donors. It's been two years since my "rep" has called me in the off season. "if they can commit some resources to their program." See my previous comment as to why we are still struggling after 2 winning seasons in a row. We advanced too fast and our SA roots still have to overcome generational Longhorns and Aggies, whether they attended UTSA or not. "The road birds are the second most overrated team in college football this season after Texas." When did we get rated? Serious question. Yeah, we're getting some love, but no ratings. There's the smart part of me that knows we'll be 7-5 or 6-6 at the end of the year provided all players stay healthy and keep their grades up. It's gonna be hard to replace the defensive rotation we lost and the RB1 we lost. Let me ask, when y'all beat Arkansas, did you get credit for beating a terrible team or an SEC team? I know the answer. When we beat Illinois, who then beat Penn State, who also beat Auburn..."illinois was terrible", yet all the B1G teams get credit for beating Illinois.
  16. That would be tax fraud for everyone involved. Rice has very rich alumni. Would that alumni base be willing to "pay players", that remains to be seen. We know SMU has in the past. 🙂
  17. Considering Bryce Young is the heisman and a high 6 figure NIL earner, I doubt Saban or Alabama has SMU on the radar. SMU will never out do aTm with their money AND 72K students. Media trying too hard here.
  18. If you go by endowment, then Rice University will have the most of the G5s. I believe NIL will help kids on the fence and the money has to be big enough to convince a kid to choose a hot garbage team over a winning team. UTSA lost a transfer QB battle to UAB due to NIL money. Something like 35K. At the same time, one of our WRs didn't transfer - even though he was offered NIL to do so.
  19. I would think USF, Memphis, Colorado St, Colorado. Here's a question, does adding anymore Texas school bring value?
  20. I'm seeing comments that due to the Fox contract ending in 2 years and losing LA market that the PAC is extremely desperate to find big markets and they are now not caring about facilities. This is slim pickings for any "P5" conference and just 2 years absolute hard passes for invites, but now? Not so much for a desperate conference. Question is, "who actually makes the jump?" It's easy to see non-Big12 teams doing it, but would the other schools say no, if offered? I noticed they didn't list SDSU? Surely, they'd move up from the MWC and give the PAC the southern California eyeballs?
  21. Seeing is believing. Many of these writers see the current UNT as the yesteryear UNT. It's a stigma, unfortunately, but by no means an accurate one. UCF was able to make the jump for 2 reasons; success on the field and sheer size of school. There might be a 3rd one of no immediate market competition for UCF. TCU might be a hindrance to joining the "Big 12" for SMU or UNT.
  22. And yet, we are in the same conference. That's what I thought I was saying. I also thought I was saying Rice's and SMU's "money" won't make any conference more money than UTSA or UNT.
  23. UTSA's first trip to Rice was their homecoming in 2012. The class of 1962 donated 12 million dollars at halftime. Our endowment at that time was only like 80 million. I believe schools like SMU, Rice are dinosaurs, but they just don't know it. Both were in the SWC for decades and they're now in the same conference as UNT. It isn't about the big donations, of course that helps, but it's about the constant donations. Do you believe when it comes to dollars and sense that conferences are really looking for small schools like SMU and Rice or that future potential in UNT, UAB, and UTSA? I'm not being disrespectful with this statement, but for years UNT/UAB was the doormat game for big programs while Rice and SMU were considered "premier". Tides have turned and I believe for forever.
  24. It's amazing and really an odd flex to be in a conference and pull this stunt. I understand not saying no because that's a lot of scratch, but SEC and B1G have their networks and it works perfectly for them. Of course, it didn't help the PAC, but I remember a lot of PAC football games not being shown. I do remember all the other non-revenue sports being shown though.
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